Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why You Think We Must Believe on US Versions All The Time? | Newsflavor

Any citizen of any country is free to establish his opinion on the published information. But he has the right to know the reality of the published information if he is fed the false information, how he could develop a realistic opinion. So in the nut shell, the facts should be put before the world.

It is not a matter of believing in any version of any event. Just putting the absolute reality before the world at large. America lied so many time in the past that no one going is to believe in heries. Many examples of her lies could be quoted from the history of the past sixty to seventy years. Korean, Vietnamese, Iraqi, Afghani wars are proofs. She started wars on false pretexts just to advance here nefarious interests. She has not respect to human life and she did not even to bother to kill either her own people or millions of human beings of the so called rogue states or so called foes.

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