Friday, May 6, 2011

A Hoax Choreographed to Prop Up The Plummeting Popularity of Obama | Socyberty

Since I have entered in the age of understanding the surroundings around me I have seen War’s and lies about these wars. Most of the time, these wars have been initiated by USA on wrong pretexts.

First war which I have witnessed was the war of Afghanistan against Russia. When Afghan’s blocked the movement of Russia with the help of Pakistan and they were near to defeat them, US put their foot in the war to take the credit of their hard work. Still they are claiming victory against Russia in their pocket. This was the first lie I have ever heard.

Second war which was against Iraq was also started on a lie that “Saddam Hussein was developing “Weapons of Mass Destruction” which US and her allies pretended to destroy. They killed more than 10 million innocent Iraq’s Women, children and men and still they are mired in this bloodshed.

The incident of 9/11 has now been proved to the biggest choreographed event of the war history made by George Bush and his team. In the aftermath this incident, USA and her allied rushed towards Afghanistan blaming Osama bin Laden for 9/11 incident who was at that time living in Afghanistan. They have also killed millions of innocent Afghan people in revenge.

Now USA is claiming that Osama bin Laden has been killed and killed in the vicinity of Pakistani capital and questions are also arising as to who provided him save heaven there. The fingers have already started to point at the Pakistani Army/ISI. If you keep in mind their above mentioned lies and their killings in as the follow up to these lies, can any one believe them blindly? No! Certainly not. They have not provided any solid proof of their actions or physical proof of Osama’s death or shown his dead body to the world. The evidence so for shown to the world seems to be rather concocted as expressed by the ex-ISI chief General Gul his own words, “A choreographed hoax” and could be a great piece of photo shop art.. Therefore, I think we must not and we can not believe them as long as they do not provide any solid proof of Osama bin laden death at Abbotabad – the dead body.

I think it was very well choreographed hoax to victimize Pakistan and its Security Forces and pressurize them to meet the demands of furthering military operations to so far untouched areas of Pakistan like Northern Waziristan and ultimately surrendering her nuclear capability. It would be a suicidal move. Pakistan has already lost its unity to the War on Terror – the ultimate strength to thwart the nefarious designs of her open enemies and so called friends like USA and I think in the wake of any misadventure by USA and her allies, Pakistan will scatter like a house of cards where the situation has been manipulated by USA and her allied and seeds of hate has been sown on ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious basis. The situation and Balochistan is witness and still USA is our friend. Afghanistan is in the occupation of USA and her allies and chain of consulates has been established by here covert ally – India – with the full length of Pakistani border to advance here nefarious designs against the solidarity and existence of Pakistan. What is the problem with the Pakistani civilian/military leaders? Are they all goofs or are they running after the worldly gains? Yes! They are. Otherwise Pakistan, by now, would have a well established economic/financial and military super power. Alas we have put to the dust bin the 63 years of our independence.

Now something about the Pakistani inability to intercept a deep penetration surgical strike. The raid was conducted with the full connivance of the Pakistani civilian and military authorities and they had full knowledge of the attack. If they were not in the picture and kept ignorant deeming untrustworthy, how they can count upon USA as the history has proved many times – in 1965 and 1971 wars, at the wee hours of Afghan war and so many other events. Pakistan has spent billions of dollars to put in place the defence infrastructure and has 5th largest army of the world. If all this investment in defence and such a large army (all the three forces) could not a guarantee to her sovereignty then all this huge investment is futile and the forces should be disbanded and the responsibility should be entrusted to masses and a defence should be erected on the Israeli model and the individuals/institutions responsible for failure of the Pakistani defence should be simply eliminated. You do not have the second chance. It is the lesson of the history. It has proved itself many times. That is why we have been languishing for 200 years in serfdom.

This whole painstaking choreography is to prop up Obama’s abysmally plummeting popularity rating but, I think, it would miserably fail, even backfire and tarnish his image further. History is witness to it. The reader would readily recall that whenever the American leaders found themselves in the troubled water, they have been stage managing such like dramas in the past. Coming out of video messages by Al-Qaida leaders from time to time and particularly near the general elections are examples of their filthy endeavors to artificially prop up their popularity for winning the elections. Actually, the so called most civilized nations of USA and Western Europe are blood thirst brutes having no regard to the human life. Blood of millions of human beings on their hands is witness to it and, I hope, the time is not far away that a Moses is taking birth for this Pharaoh.

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