Friday, September 21, 2012

How should a Good Muslim respond to the anti Islam movie?

How should a Good Muslim respond to the anti Islam movie ? It's heart breaking. What should we do?

Answer: Every Muslim would naturally feel hurt by the movie depicting the Prophet of mercy in the most negative way. For a Muslim, the Prophet (peace be upon him) is dearer to him than his own soul, parents, children, and all of mankind. Our love of the Prophet is second only to our love of Allah.

Therefore, we ought to condemn such despicable acts by using every peaceful means possible and seek to protect the honor of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him).

It is necessary for us to remember, however, that those who have done it, has a singular agenda: to spread hatred against Islam and Muslims and to provoke Muslims to react emotionally and violently, and thus give fodder to the Islam bashers to justify their negative portrayals of Muslims and perhaps to justify the wars of aggression and occupation of the Muslims lands.

Muslims cannot give in to those who call for endless wars. War for us is not an option, for how can we justify wars that result in wholesale destruction of innocent lives, environment and virtually devastating the entire countries as the occupation of Iraq has demonstrated? The sheer toll of such wars incalculable: how many thousands (if not millions) have perished? How many millions of children have been orphaned? How many millions have been displaced? How many children have been born with birth defects?

Therefore, we cannot afford to give in to the agenda of those who spread hate and provoke violence, thus calling for endless wars of aggression and occupation.

So, the only response from Muslims should be not to give in to such provocations but to counter evil with that which is good. Allah says, "But [since] good and evil cannot be equal, repel thou [evil] with something that is better and lo! he between whom and thyself was enmity [may then become] as though he had [always] been close [unto thee], a true friend!" (Qur'an: 41:34)

Thus, we may do well to think of creative ways of channeling our anger in positive directions, which would alone defeat the hate mongers and turn the tables on them. Here are some tips we effectively use to counter them and ultimately defeat them:
Arm yourself with the sound knowledge of Islam; learn about the noble character of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and mold yourself by it. And do so solely sake of your love of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and your love for Allah. In this way, you would save yourself, and influence others positively.

Take this as a challenge to show the true message of the Prophet through your acts of compassion, for it is a fact that people will only value us for our actions and not for our words. Allah asks, "O You who believe, why say what you do not practice?" (Qur'an: 61:2). So, our priority is to improve our performance.

Get to know your non-Muslim neighbor or colleague at work through your amicable and friendly demeanor, and prove that he or she can trust you and count you as a person who can be of help in time of need: Show that you care for others through your small acts of kindness. The Prophet said, "best of people are those who people can look up to for their goodness and others feel secure around them".
Try to engage in good works that would make a real difference in the life of the people around you. Take the initiatives to feed the hungry, to help the homeless, and help those who are unemployed to get jobs, etc.

Condition yourself to channel anger in positive directions. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "The strongest person is not the one who can knock out someone in a physical fight. Rather it is he who can master his anger when provoked." (Reported by Bukhari).

In conclusion, it behooves us to think of the positive ways of defeating the Islamophobs, and thus turn the tables on those who wish to fight Islam. This was the example of the Prophet of mercy as, in a short span of 23 years, he managed to win over his enemies and bring peace and reconciliation to a milieu ravaged by internecine warfare.

I pray to Allah to bless us to be the ambassadors of peace and reconciliation in a world torn asunder by hatred, greed and xenophobia.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stop the Killing of Muslims in Burma

After reading and watching helplessly the recent massacre of minority Burmese Muslims by the Buddhist majority, let not another hypocrite sing that phoney and repugnant 'song' about Buddhists being "peaceful." 

In June 2012, hundreds Burmese Muslims have been butchered, and many more injured and made homeless in Burma as a result religious intolerance by the Buddhist majority. The Burmese military government, far from trying to resolve the problem and protect the minority, has been silently conniving with the rioters by creating greater hardships for the Muslim minority. 

The reason of this June 2012 riot is unknown except for the periodical outbursts of the Burmese Buddhists to show their might and vent their anger on the helpless minority. It is commonly accepted that the June 2012 massacre of Burmese Muslims was intentionally orchestrated by the rioters in collaboration with the government. Yet the world, including the UN, is conveniently silent. The brazenly hypocritical and unscrupulous woman, Aung San Suu Kyi, is very prompt at accusing the Burmese military of human rights violations when she is under house arrest. But she finds nothing wrong when the military helps the Buddhist mobs to murder the innocent Muslim minority of her country.

As in India, anti-Muslim riots are nothing unusual in Burma. Violence in Burma against Muslims have been erupting periodically since the 1920s based simply on religious intolerance by the Buddhist majority.

The Muslims of Burma mainly belong to the Arakan state in western Burma. They are known as Rohingya or Burmese Muslims. The term "Rohingya" has been derived from the Arabic word "Raham" meaning sympathy. Muslim settlements began being established in the Arakan province of Burma since the arrival of the Arabs in the 8th century. Presently about 800,000 Rohingya live in Burma. The United Nations describes them as "one of the world’s most persecuted minorities." Yet it has never bothered to help them. 

Religious freedom for Muslims in Burma has been systematically curbed. In the post 9/11 era, random accusations of "terrorism" against Muslims have become a common form of persecution and harassment by Burmese Buddhists. Burmese Government does not consider Rohingya Muslims as citizens and they are hated by the Buddhist majority. Rohingya Muslims in Burma have long demanded recognition as an indigenous ethnic group with full citizenship by birthright. But the Government regards them as illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh and denies them citizenship. 

"Nobel Prize winner," Aung San Suu Kyi, does not consider Muslims as citizens. Speaking at London School of Economics meeting on June 2012 during her visit to the UK, she said "Rohingya Muslims should not be considered citizens." Later during her press conference at Downing Street, she did not condemn the killings of Rohingya Muslims taking place in Burma. Instead, she simply said that this "ethnic conflict should be investigated and dealt with wisdom." It wasn't just an insufficient response but a very shocking one from someone supposed to have won a "Noble Peace Prize."

The notorious master hypocrite and undercover CIA agent, Dalai Lama, continues to globe trot without mentioning a single word of the dangerously growing Buddhist intolerance in Burma, Thailand, Tibet and across the world. Such intolerance and persecution invariably result in resistance by the oppressed. Many Muslims have joined armed resistance groups, fighting for greater freedom in Burma. 

On June 3rd 2012, eight Muslims returning to Rangoon in a bus after visiting a Masjid in the Arakan province were attacked by a mob of hundreds of Buddhists and slaughtered brutally. An eye-witness reported that after the mass murder "the culprits were celebrating triumph spitting and tossing wine and alcohol on the dead bodies lying on the road."

"These innocent people have been killed like animals," said Abu Tahay, of the National Democratic Party for Development, which represents the country’s much-persecuted stateless Muslim Rohingya community. 

The Rohingya Muslims of Burma have continued to suffer from human rights violations under the Burmese junta since 1970s. Over the years thousands of Rohingya refugees have fled to neighboring countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Bangladesh etc. Even as refugees they have been facing hardships and have suffered persecution by the Thai government. In February 2009, a group of 5 boats packed with Burmese Rohingya Muslims were taken out and abandoned in the open sea by the Thai army. Four of these boats sank in a storm and one was washed ashore near the Indonesian islands. The few survivors who were rescued by Indonesian authorities told horrific stories of being captured and beaten by the Thai military and then abandoned at open sea.

Being "peaceful" or "humble" (as claimed by their biased supporters) is a far cry concerning the Burmese Buddhists. Their vindictive temperament prowls for vendetta, waiting to use even the most insignificant occurrence as an excuse to perpetrate violence on Burmese Muslims. At any time, if there's some ethnic disturbance between Muslims and Buddhists/Hindus in any other country, the Burmese Buddhists waste no time going on a murderous spry killing the Muslim minority in Burma. If there is the slightest of trouble between Muslims and non-Muslims in Indonesia, it's taken as a pretext to kill Muslims in Burma by Buddhist mobs. The destruction of the statues in Bamiyan (Afghanistan), created an immediate excuse to commit violence against Muslims in Burma in 2001. The firebrand Buddhist monks demanded a Muslim masjid to be destroyed in retaliation. Mobs of Buddhists led by monks, vandalized Muslim-owned businesses and property in Burma, and attacked and killed Muslims in Muslim communities.

Gruesome images of murdered Rohingya Muslims in the recent June 2012 riots in Burma have been circulated on websites, resulting in protests in several Muslim countries and by various human rights activists around the world demanding justice & protection in Burma for the minority, but has fallen on deaf ears as usual, getting little or no coverage from mainstream news channels.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Islamabad - One of the Greenish Metropolitan City of the World

I am glad you chooses Pakistan to visit well I will love to be your guide and will share all kind of information with you. I am living in Islamabad which is a metropolitan city very well planned surrounded by Green Margalla hills, valley's and full of sky scraper buildings.

Islamabad has a diversified culture which include people from all over the country and from abroad as well. Being a capital it has artistically approached in all developments which has the given a unique and classical touch. 

Islamabad has everything which a modern city demand from night clubs to Food Streets, from five star hotels to medium staying guest houses for family adventures. Islamabad has the some prominent places to which falls in must watch category for example, 3rd biggest Park in Asia, Biggest willed life park of the world stand in top 10, more than 3000 years old village with look of old and modern at the same time which is located in valley and called Saidpur. Monument park of Pakistan which show the entire historical life of Pakistan.

Pakistan's biggest Sports Complex is also located in Islamabad which have witnessed SAARC Games twice and a big number of international events as well. Islamabad has the biggest Shopping Market of the Asia which is based on more than 6 km long area. Islamabad has the recognition in the category of Biggest Mosque of the world where it stand in top 10 with namely, "Shah Faisal Mosque" an artistic design.

Now Islamabad is witnessing some amazing stylish sky scrappers which are going to be ready within few months and some will be in next year as well.
As per your need I want you to google some of prominent hotels in Islamabad or you can visit this blog about Islamabad which is full of all kind of information regarding the Capital of Pakistan.

I hope it will show you the real picture of Islamabad, Pakistan and you will take a good look of your distination. Looking for reply


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mehdi Hassan : King of Urdu Ghazal's Passed away

Mehdi Hassan has been passed away just now. He is one of my favorite Ghazal and Filmi Song Singer from my childhood and will remain till my last breath. According to wikipedia:
Mehdi Hassan Khan (Urduمہدی حسن خان ) (July 18, 1927 - June 13, 2012) was a Pakistani ghazal singer and a former playback singer for Lollywood. He is famously known as the 'King of ghazal' (Urduشہنشاہِ غزل). He has ruled the Pakistan film industry along with Ahmed Rushdi. He was honoured with Tamgha-e-ImtiazPride of Performance and Hilal-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan, and Gorkha Dakshina Bahu by the Government of Nepal. He died On June 13, 2012. Legendary Pakistani ghazal singer Mehdi Hassan passed away after a protracted illness in a private hospital in Karachi. [1]

Some of best Songs are:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Cute My Son Is?

Best Moment of My Life

Some times we capture unique and extra ordinary moments of our life which we never forget and they always remain the “Best Moment of our Life” for the entire family. I took this video with Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T110 16.1 MP Digital Still Camera with Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 4x Optical Zoom Lens and 3.0-inch Touchscreen (Black) which gave the extra ordinary result, you will find yourself amazed.

I also capture one similar moment of my life with my Little Son Muhammad Hussain Junior and I can bet with all of you, “This is the Best Moment of My Life” which you will also endorse after seeing the Video Below:

I wish you can express your feelings about this video and will also share your “Best Moment of the Life” with me.

Monday, April 23, 2012


First let me elaborate it why my title of this post is showing hate for International Cricket Council? And Love for Angelina Julie.

Angelina Julie is the bravest Women on this whole planet who came to Pakistan when everyday in Pakistan was burning more than yesterday and the way she visited the most affected Province NWFP of Pakistan without any proper Security I felt in Love with her like every Pakistani loves her from that day and We respect her more than Our own President.

But on the other hand International Cricket Council is nothing but a frightened “CHICKEN” for me who are not ready to come to Pakistan even if we provide them the security equal to Barak Obama. What a CHICKEN….ooOh I am sorry I think Chicken is braver than ICC. So I apologize to Mr. Chicken.

Tigers has refused to come to Pakistan – Are the really Tigers? Or they are also CHICKEN’S? I think they are Rat’s just like ICC (Invisible Chicken Council).

Why I hate ICC? Simple – Kut Kut Kattak ………. CHICKENS – ooOh no - Rat’s

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is Tagvillage?

First of all I want to thank you for joining Tagvillage the first Tithing Corporation, Maybe some of you are still thinking, “What is Tagvillage?

Tagvillage is an online advertising distribution system through which advertisers place advertisements on webpages throughout the World Wide Web, publishers monetize their webpage’s by publishing these advertisements, and individuals partake in the online advertising industry by trading Tags (keywords) in an exclusive trading exchange.

There are three primary types of members that utilize our services. Advertisers are businesses and website owners who pay money to place advertisements through our network to attract customers to their goods and services. Publishers are businesses and website owners who join our network so that they may publish advertisements on their webpages and earn a share of the revenue advertisers pay. Tag Traders are businesses and individuals who buy and sell Tags (keywords) amongst each other so they may earn a share of the revenue advertisers pay. Additionally, all members earn a lifetime royalty for bringing other advertisers, publishers, and other Tag Traders to our website.

Tagvillage is uniquely chartered as the world's first official Tithing Corporation. By mandate of our corporate by-laws, we are required to give a minimum of 10% of our gross revenue to humanitarian causes. We fully intend to produce strong, growing humanitarian returns for our world. Our primary cause is global poverty. We address this humanitarian issue through the Banded Yoke, a non-profit charity we established to fight global poverty through mentoring, funding, and opportunity.

Tagvillage aims to develop one of the most vibrant, feature-rich online advertising distribution systems. It is our goal to become one of the largest and most powerful providers of global online advertising solutions.

What will be next? Some Hints about Coming Things

I don't want to give away too many secrets, but here are a few updates. The original idea for a social network that benefited Causes will be integrated throughout our new advertising platform. Advertisers will be able to support Causes, Publishers will be able to support Causes, and Tag Traders will be able to support causes. It is going to be very unique and special. We are building very useful widgets that Publishers will be dying to have on their pages. And, we feel, advertisers will be lining up to use.

In addition, we are enhancing the tagvillage website a lot over the next few weeks. We are adding almost all of the research data you can find on websites such as Google Adsense, KeywordSpy, and others. So, when you search for a Tag, you will see complete detailed information you would expect to see on many other keyword research sites. 

If still anyone of you is not Member of Tagvillage yet, than you must Join Tagvillage before its too late.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pakistan is Made to Live Forever

Pakistan is made to live forever no matter how strong our enemies are, they all will be face the taste of defeat because Pakistan has the people who love, live and ready to die for it.

Let me quote one example to testify what I am saying above is already proven and establish facts based on true incidents.

We all know Dr. Samar Mubarakmand who is working on Thar Coal underground gasification project is facing all kind of difficulties which a common man can imagine.

You can estimate the negativity of the people from one example which I am going to share with you is, Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Yousuf Raza Gillani has chaired meeting of Council of Common Interest held in Islamabad on Thursday February 9th 2012 in which they considered six items on their agenda and one was “Thar Coal Underground Gasification. In this meeting Prime Minister on the presentation by the Sindh Chief Minister directed the Planning Division and Economic Affairs Division to provide full support in arranging funds for Thar Coal Project on top priority basis as this being national project for power generation.

Shameful part of this story is our Finance Minister Mr. Hafiz a Sheikh and Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Mr. Nadeem ul Haq who are more loyal to US and International Monitoring Fund (IMF) rather than Pakistan from where they are belong, they did not provide a Single Cent (Tady Paisa) to Thar Coal Gasification Project till now. They both are criminally against this Golden project which can bring a massive change in the life of common Pakistani people. This project has the capacity to kill the specter of load sharing which the whole nation is facing right now. You can imagine the mind set of these blood suckers who are playing with our future by another very little incident in which they refused to pay a single penny to those HEC Scholarship projects on which our future is depending. The whole world is copying our Higher Education policies to get maximum benefits for the futuristic benefits and these criminal minds are throwing away the hard work of Dr. Atta ur Rehman who got the genius mind award from the world.

But there are plenty of hope is also around us like, one overseas Pakistani fellow sent Compressors for Thar Coal Gasification Project as a gift from Germany and another patriot overseas Pakistani has donated the money to build the plant to make electricity from Thar coal gas and there are several multinational tycoon of Pakistan Industry who are backing up Dr. Sahib for this Nobel Cause and that is why I always say, “I believe Pakistan is made to live forever”.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sialkot Stallions Lift the Super Eight T20 Cup Once Again

Pakistan is a very rich country in terms of Cricket Talent and has produce extra ordinary cricketers of cricket world. Pakistani Cricketers always ruled the world with their performance and unique Stardom qualities. 

Since the T20 formate introduce in Cricket Pakistan emerged as a dominating force of this format and become first T20 World Champion. After that when India started First T20 tournament in Private Sector with the Name of IPL (Indian Premier League), Pakistan's T20 Team Lahori Badshah which was presenting Pakistan in IPL Win the Tournament with unbeaten Record and lift the First IPL Cup. The whole world who loves cricket they love Pakistani Cricket Team for their natural Boundary Hitting quality but they all also afraid of Pakistan as well. That is why IPL organizers always tried to avoid Pakistan they started political conspiracies to hide their fear behind these political tactics.

Right now Pakistani Cricket Lovers are missing International Cricket in Pakistan but I salute Faysal Bank and Pakistan Cricket Board the way they organized this thrilling, exciting and quality T20 Tournament it was amazing. I must admit one more thing the way Rawalpindi and Islamabad's people has response to this tournament was awesome and I never seen this kind of huge, disciplined and having complete fun. Overall this was a really great effort of Pakistan Cricket Board and GEO Supper which provided such beautiful event to the People of Pakistan who love cricket more than anything. Faysal Bank T20 Cup was real fun and we hope they will continue this beautiful event in the future as well.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pakistan is now Asian Cricketing Champion

How crucial was that performance from Sarfraz Ahmed? That's made the difference, and well done to Cheema for keeping his nerve in that final over. Quiet, silent, sombre faces in the Bangladesh dressing room but this has been some tournament for them. Just short by three runs in the end, they walk out to shake hands with the Pakistan team. Will this mark the turning point for Bangladesh in all cricket? They have won the respect of the cricketing world, beating India and Sri Lanka on their way here and giving Pakistan a run for their money twice. Tears in the eyes of Mushfiqur Rahim, the captain and there's Shakib consoling him. Pakistan have won this tournament for the second time. Anyway Congratulations to all Pakistan for becoming Asian Champion.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Muslims Hate USA?

My So many American Friends ask me why Muslims hate United State of America, What we have done? What is wrong with them(Muslims)? We send millions of Dollars to support them by trying to remove poverty, providing them sources to get basic education, Jobs so they can also get the basic necessities of daily life. 

I tried my best to share my personnel experience to elaborate it with accurate words but still unable to make them satisfy. My Simple answer is, "Why not your Government mind there own business and let us live the way we want."
Now I am going to shares some burning issues which was happen due to US Solders in last 3 to 4 weeks. They Burned Holy Quran copies to make fun of Muslim Believes and than people were demonstrated public rallies they open fire on them and killed more than 30 civilians. These are the criminal acts of US forces which spread hate against them. More importantly this kind of news never get attention of so called Liberal Western Media. So how people of USA can understand about that why Muslims Hate them more than anything on this planet. 

These pictures which I share below this article are from Qandhar Afghanistan where American Solders killed old men and women's along with their little children's while they were sleeping at their home peacefully. why they done that? according to Afghan News Agency, they said "Just for Fun". "If I ever found this Bastard, I will Never Spare his Life" father of a child which was killed expressed his feeling on National Television of Afghanistan. What will you do if your kids killed just for fun?

This is only 2 incidents which I shared from recent weeks, there are so many other incidents are happening similar to above mentioned which are generating Hate for US. I hope now some of my friends will understand, "Why Muslims Hate US more than anything on this Planet".

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Banks are making Billions of Rupees within 1 day – How? Let me Explain.

From last 2 months I am observing one major problem which Banks are using as their incentive and who knows how long this Fraud is going on.

How they are Making Billions of Rupees?

First let me quote very famous wordings of Leonardo Di Vinci who said once, “Simplicity is a very sophisticated within itself”. I think our local banks has understood these words and planned that, “How they can Use this Simplicity?” .

Previous month I went to my UBL bank ATM Machine to take out some money. One person was already in the cabin that was using it. He came out of the cabin and he was counting money which he withdrawal and in his hand I saw HBL Visa Debit Card which is another bank. But when I put my card in the ATM it disallowed my withdrawal. I went to the Manager and told him the situation he replied with very childishly, “You can not withdraw your money from this machine right now because our network is down but others can because there backend has no problem right now.

I was unable to absorb this unprofessional response; I went towards another nearest bank ATM which was HBL and when I put my card in the ATM and ask for withdrawal, “That ATM Machine withdraw the required money immediately”. I went back to UBL bank and ask to the Bank Manager why HBL Machine worked properly for my withdraw instead of my own UBL? He gave me another very stupid reply which I was expecting already, “I think Backlink is established now so that is why you got the money” I asked him to come with me to the ATM, where I put my Card and asked for another withdrawal and guess what? ATM Machine replied, “Your backlink is not connected”.

So I call to my another friend who have Visa Debit Card of HBL to use any ATM machine of HBL near him and reply me if he get the money from it. After 5 minutes he replied with this answer, “My Backlink is not working right now” I asked him to wait over there for anyone else who have card of any other bank and check if they can get money form the same ATM?. After 10 minutes he replied, “One person Came with the MCB Visa Debit Card and got cash from the same ATM Machine and further questioned to me, “What is Going on?” I told him the story and response of the Manager of My bank and requested him to go and ask the similar questions to his Bank Manager, “LOL” he heared the similar story which I have mentioned above.

Now the Real Point is, “Banks Charge Rs.20 if the user is using other Bank Card” so banks are making money on the name of service charges from every person who is using ATM Machine. Most important thing is this situation can be witnessed during the 1 to 5th days of every month because these days are the busiest days for ATM Machines.

Now if we assume, “200,000 People use ATMs and paying Rs.20.00 as service charges in one day than it will be = 200,000xRs.20=Rs.4,000,000 per day banks are making in terms of Service Charges. Now Imagine if this number be 2 crore than, “20,000,000xRs.20 = Rs. 400,000,000 in just one day.

So did you ever notice how you are loosing your money without knowing that you have been robbed on the name of Service Charges?. This month I asked almost my 40 friends who are living in different cities from Karachi to Peshawar and Islamabad to Quetta to observe this problem and report me if similar happened on the 1st of March 2012.

Yes you are thinking in the right direction, All of my friends replied with one Word “YES” you are right. They are doing the same Trick on this month on the starting too. So If you are also using any ATM Card than keep an eye on this growing problem and must complain to Bank Manager because growing demand will remove this problem because our Administrators are sleeping. Nero Chain he ke Bansri Bata hai.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What a Waste of Resources by Recent Politicians and Bureaucrats

I was watching a Program of GEO Television Network namely, “CAPITAL TALK” host by Hamid Mir and program was about Thar Coal Gasification Project. In the Panel was Dr. Samar Mubarikmand, Khurrum Dastigir PMLN, Nebator Baber Khan Ghauri MQM, Jamshed Dasti PPP and Shafqat Mahmood Khan of PTI.

Senator Baber Khan Ghauri of MQM gave guarantee of Funds by saying that; He will ensure that Thar Coal Gasification will get the required Funds.

Now I am going to share one “Very Sad News” from today’s meeting regarding Thar Coal Gasification project. Dr. Samar Mubarikmand was saying to the participants that, “For God Sake please provide me the require machinery otherwise this whole hard work will be wasted (Allah ke wastey mujhey Machinery provide kar de warna humari saree mehnat Zaya ho jai ge).

According to him, “Rental Power suppliers Mafia is not ready to provide cheap electricity to people of Pakistan and they are throwing huge money towards Politicians, Bureaucracy and every decision making platform. He was very disappointed from Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission who is not providing him the backup which he needs very badly right now.

He was literally crying and begging and my heart is Coming out of my chest – But I do not want to be part of this criminal act of those who always get the credit of Peoples Voice – Hamid Mir always bring burning issues but he also never took care of the victims till the end similarly Baber Khan Ghauri just shout on Television and never been part of any proper issue or solution. I am also fedup from Pakistan Tehreek Insaf “Imrans Khan” who is playing like a puppet and not taking any real peoples issue into consideration, I can assure anyone of Political leader one thing, “Who Will stand Behind this Nobel Person only he will survive” otherwise “Youth of Pakistan is Very well Aware and Educated Now” we know how to get our right”. Please make sure you spread this voice to all of “Pakistani Peoples – They Must Act Now”.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Prime MInister of Pakistan is NO MORE

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has been indicted by the Supreme Court in the much-talked about contempt of court case, Geo News reported.

Gilani is the first prime minister of the country who has been indicted.

He was indicted over not implementing paragraph 178 of NRO verdict spreading over two pages.

The court asked PM Gilani have you read the charge sheet upon which he replied in affirmative and said he understands the indictment.

Attorney General (AG) Maulvi Anwarul Haq has been asked by the apex court to act as the prosecutor by the SC.

All the judges signed the charge sheet one by one. Aitzaz begged time till 24 for submission of reply as he was going out of the coutry and will come back by 21st.

The apex court asked the prosecutor to submit the required documents till Feb 16.

A seven-member larger Bench of Supreme Court headed by Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk and comprising Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, Justice Sarmad Jalal Osmani, Justice Ijaz Afzal Khan, Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Athar Saeed will hear the contempt of court case.

Heads of the coalition parties are accompanying the prime minister.

Source : The News

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Women’s Life in Pakistan and Powerful Women’s of Pakistan

Today I want to start my article with disagreeing with all of those people who always saying, “Pakistan has a tradition of degrading women’s” because I think over the years this trend has been changed totally. It has turned into a tradition of accepting her abilities, knowledge and skills which can be seen in the shape of their presence in decision making corridors.
Today I am going to share some prominent and powerful Pakistani Women’s who are playing leading role in Pakistani Society and Politics.

Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto
Who can forget First Women Prime Minister of Islamic World Benazir Bhutto she was elected twice as Prime Minister of Pakistan and she was the most powerful women of Pakistan without any competition. Although she was assassinated in a terrorist attack during a public rally in Rawalpindi but she left a legacy of a huge followers and people who admire her political career and recent PPP government was not able to rule Pakistan right now.

Mrs. Asma Jahangir
Former President of Supreme Court Bar and one of the Leading Layer and Human Right Activist in Pakistan’s History, Asma Jahangir is one of the most powerful women in power corridors of Pakistani Politics. She is also leading Civil Society’s different organizations.
Right now she is enjoying Media’s Lime Light with full gloom due to playing a key role as defender of Mr. Hussain Haqqani who is facing massive pressure due to Memo Scandal case and has been removed from his position of Ambassador to USA.
She was an active protestor during Dictator Gen. Parvez Musharraf and was detained several times in prison because of his human rights movements.

Mrs. Fahmida Mirza
Fahmida Mirza is Speaker of Pakistan National Assembly right now and we can imagine how powerful women she is right now who have to powers to silence any popular leader of the country. She is a regular General Elected Member of National Assembly.

Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar
Our famous and beautiful Foreign Minister and she always remain in the lime light due to his political and fashion moves but she is not only a charming lady but she is very dedicated and hard working also. She is one of the most active politicians in last decade and serves on several key posts. Young Pakistani girls admire her and look her as a role model not only to get success but learn fashion tips as well.

Ms. Kashmala Tariq
Kashmala Tariq is also a very beautiful and charming Political figure of Pakistan who has a very sharp and positive political mind. She is elected 2nd time Member of Parliament. She is very active on local public issues and always raises her voice in people of Pakistan support. She is right in opposition and we have to yet see her progress as Federal Minister.
I must admit, “Her beauty catches everyone towards her without any age restrictions. Some gossips were also circulated some times but still there is no evidence regarding these events which was attached with her.
She came in lime light when Parvez Musharraf was in power and he approved women empowerment bill. We have witnessed some beautiful faces after this bill in Parliament. I think she has very powerful and bright future in coming years.

Mrs. Sherry Rehman
Sherry Rehman is one of the all time seasonal political figure of Pakistan. She has served on several key posts during PPP’s all recent governments and right now she has the portfolio of Ambassador of Pakistan in United Stats.
I am a great admirer of her political career and her school of thought and also the charm she has in her personality.
Sherry Rehman is one of the key figures in our recent political history and has tremendous achievements in life.
There are plenty of other political women figures are in our National Assembly and I love to share about them as well, which I will share in my next episode.