Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is Tagvillage?

First of all I want to thank you for joining Tagvillage the first Tithing Corporation, Maybe some of you are still thinking, “What is Tagvillage?

Tagvillage is an online advertising distribution system through which advertisers place advertisements on webpages throughout the World Wide Web, publishers monetize their webpage’s by publishing these advertisements, and individuals partake in the online advertising industry by trading Tags (keywords) in an exclusive trading exchange.

There are three primary types of members that utilize our services. Advertisers are businesses and website owners who pay money to place advertisements through our network to attract customers to their goods and services. Publishers are businesses and website owners who join our network so that they may publish advertisements on their webpages and earn a share of the revenue advertisers pay. Tag Traders are businesses and individuals who buy and sell Tags (keywords) amongst each other so they may earn a share of the revenue advertisers pay. Additionally, all members earn a lifetime royalty for bringing other advertisers, publishers, and other Tag Traders to our website.

Tagvillage is uniquely chartered as the world's first official Tithing Corporation. By mandate of our corporate by-laws, we are required to give a minimum of 10% of our gross revenue to humanitarian causes. We fully intend to produce strong, growing humanitarian returns for our world. Our primary cause is global poverty. We address this humanitarian issue through the Banded Yoke, a non-profit charity we established to fight global poverty through mentoring, funding, and opportunity.

Tagvillage aims to develop one of the most vibrant, feature-rich online advertising distribution systems. It is our goal to become one of the largest and most powerful providers of global online advertising solutions.

What will be next? Some Hints about Coming Things

I don't want to give away too many secrets, but here are a few updates. The original idea for a social network that benefited Causes will be integrated throughout our new advertising platform. Advertisers will be able to support Causes, Publishers will be able to support Causes, and Tag Traders will be able to support causes. It is going to be very unique and special. We are building very useful widgets that Publishers will be dying to have on their pages. And, we feel, advertisers will be lining up to use.

In addition, we are enhancing the tagvillage website a lot over the next few weeks. We are adding almost all of the research data you can find on websites such as Google Adsense, KeywordSpy, and others. So, when you search for a Tag, you will see complete detailed information you would expect to see on many other keyword research sites. 

If still anyone of you is not Member of Tagvillage yet, than you must Join Tagvillage before its too late.