Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Cute My Son Is?

Best Moment of My Life

Some times we capture unique and extra ordinary moments of our life which we never forget and they always remain the “Best Moment of our Life” for the entire family. I took this video with Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T110 16.1 MP Digital Still Camera with Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar 4x Optical Zoom Lens and 3.0-inch Touchscreen (Black) which gave the extra ordinary result, you will find yourself amazed.

I also capture one similar moment of my life with my Little Son Muhammad Hussain Junior and I can bet with all of you, “This is the Best Moment of My Life” which you will also endorse after seeing the Video Below:

I wish you can express your feelings about this video and will also share your “Best Moment of the Life” with me.

Monday, April 23, 2012


First let me elaborate it why my title of this post is showing hate for International Cricket Council? And Love for Angelina Julie.

Angelina Julie is the bravest Women on this whole planet who came to Pakistan when everyday in Pakistan was burning more than yesterday and the way she visited the most affected Province NWFP of Pakistan without any proper Security I felt in Love with her like every Pakistani loves her from that day and We respect her more than Our own President.

But on the other hand International Cricket Council is nothing but a frightened “CHICKEN” for me who are not ready to come to Pakistan even if we provide them the security equal to Barak Obama. What a CHICKEN….ooOh I am sorry I think Chicken is braver than ICC. So I apologize to Mr. Chicken.

Tigers has refused to come to Pakistan – Are the really Tigers? Or they are also CHICKEN’S? I think they are Rat’s just like ICC (Invisible Chicken Council).

Why I hate ICC? Simple – Kut Kut Kattak ………. CHICKENS – ooOh no - Rat’s

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is Tagvillage?

First of all I want to thank you for joining Tagvillage the first Tithing Corporation, Maybe some of you are still thinking, “What is Tagvillage?

Tagvillage is an online advertising distribution system through which advertisers place advertisements on webpages throughout the World Wide Web, publishers monetize their webpage’s by publishing these advertisements, and individuals partake in the online advertising industry by trading Tags (keywords) in an exclusive trading exchange.

There are three primary types of members that utilize our services. Advertisers are businesses and website owners who pay money to place advertisements through our network to attract customers to their goods and services. Publishers are businesses and website owners who join our network so that they may publish advertisements on their webpages and earn a share of the revenue advertisers pay. Tag Traders are businesses and individuals who buy and sell Tags (keywords) amongst each other so they may earn a share of the revenue advertisers pay. Additionally, all members earn a lifetime royalty for bringing other advertisers, publishers, and other Tag Traders to our website.

Tagvillage is uniquely chartered as the world's first official Tithing Corporation. By mandate of our corporate by-laws, we are required to give a minimum of 10% of our gross revenue to humanitarian causes. We fully intend to produce strong, growing humanitarian returns for our world. Our primary cause is global poverty. We address this humanitarian issue through the Banded Yoke, a non-profit charity we established to fight global poverty through mentoring, funding, and opportunity.

Tagvillage aims to develop one of the most vibrant, feature-rich online advertising distribution systems. It is our goal to become one of the largest and most powerful providers of global online advertising solutions.

What will be next? Some Hints about Coming Things

I don't want to give away too many secrets, but here are a few updates. The original idea for a social network that benefited Causes will be integrated throughout our new advertising platform. Advertisers will be able to support Causes, Publishers will be able to support Causes, and Tag Traders will be able to support causes. It is going to be very unique and special. We are building very useful widgets that Publishers will be dying to have on their pages. And, we feel, advertisers will be lining up to use.

In addition, we are enhancing the tagvillage website a lot over the next few weeks. We are adding almost all of the research data you can find on websites such as Google Adsense, KeywordSpy, and others. So, when you search for a Tag, you will see complete detailed information you would expect to see on many other keyword research sites. 

If still anyone of you is not Member of Tagvillage yet, than you must Join Tagvillage before its too late.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pakistan is Made to Live Forever

Pakistan is made to live forever no matter how strong our enemies are, they all will be face the taste of defeat because Pakistan has the people who love, live and ready to die for it.

Let me quote one example to testify what I am saying above is already proven and establish facts based on true incidents.

We all know Dr. Samar Mubarakmand who is working on Thar Coal underground gasification project is facing all kind of difficulties which a common man can imagine.

You can estimate the negativity of the people from one example which I am going to share with you is, Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Yousuf Raza Gillani has chaired meeting of Council of Common Interest held in Islamabad on Thursday February 9th 2012 in which they considered six items on their agenda and one was “Thar Coal Underground Gasification. In this meeting Prime Minister on the presentation by the Sindh Chief Minister directed the Planning Division and Economic Affairs Division to provide full support in arranging funds for Thar Coal Project on top priority basis as this being national project for power generation.

Shameful part of this story is our Finance Minister Mr. Hafiz a Sheikh and Deputy Chairman Planning Commission Mr. Nadeem ul Haq who are more loyal to US and International Monitoring Fund (IMF) rather than Pakistan from where they are belong, they did not provide a Single Cent (Tady Paisa) to Thar Coal Gasification Project till now. They both are criminally against this Golden project which can bring a massive change in the life of common Pakistani people. This project has the capacity to kill the specter of load sharing which the whole nation is facing right now. You can imagine the mind set of these blood suckers who are playing with our future by another very little incident in which they refused to pay a single penny to those HEC Scholarship projects on which our future is depending. The whole world is copying our Higher Education policies to get maximum benefits for the futuristic benefits and these criminal minds are throwing away the hard work of Dr. Atta ur Rehman who got the genius mind award from the world.

But there are plenty of hope is also around us like, one overseas Pakistani fellow sent Compressors for Thar Coal Gasification Project as a gift from Germany and another patriot overseas Pakistani has donated the money to build the plant to make electricity from Thar coal gas and there are several multinational tycoon of Pakistan Industry who are backing up Dr. Sahib for this Nobel Cause and that is why I always say, “I believe Pakistan is made to live forever”.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sialkot Stallions Lift the Super Eight T20 Cup Once Again

Pakistan is a very rich country in terms of Cricket Talent and has produce extra ordinary cricketers of cricket world. Pakistani Cricketers always ruled the world with their performance and unique Stardom qualities. 

Since the T20 formate introduce in Cricket Pakistan emerged as a dominating force of this format and become first T20 World Champion. After that when India started First T20 tournament in Private Sector with the Name of IPL (Indian Premier League), Pakistan's T20 Team Lahori Badshah which was presenting Pakistan in IPL Win the Tournament with unbeaten Record and lift the First IPL Cup. The whole world who loves cricket they love Pakistani Cricket Team for their natural Boundary Hitting quality but they all also afraid of Pakistan as well. That is why IPL organizers always tried to avoid Pakistan they started political conspiracies to hide their fear behind these political tactics.

Right now Pakistani Cricket Lovers are missing International Cricket in Pakistan but I salute Faysal Bank and Pakistan Cricket Board the way they organized this thrilling, exciting and quality T20 Tournament it was amazing. I must admit one more thing the way Rawalpindi and Islamabad's people has response to this tournament was awesome and I never seen this kind of huge, disciplined and having complete fun. Overall this was a really great effort of Pakistan Cricket Board and GEO Supper which provided such beautiful event to the People of Pakistan who love cricket more than anything. Faysal Bank T20 Cup was real fun and we hope they will continue this beautiful event in the future as well.