Sunday, November 28, 2010

Movie the BOL (Speak) New Poster Released

The much Awaited movie for mylife is Shoaib Mansoor's "BOL" (Speak) which will change the Direction Level and will open new doors for Pakistani Cinma. Here is some New Released Posters of the Movie.

Shoaib Mansoor's Latest Movie - BOL (Speak)

Islamabad: Once a lucrative business, cinema culture in Pakistan has been on the decline for a long time due to a variety of reasons, including poor quality of films, mushroom growth of the cable industry, as well as terrorism. Resultantly, many cinemas have been turned into shopping malls or marriage halls. Then a time came when prospects of the revival of cinema grew brighter. Yet, it will probably take some time before cinema culture revives in Pakistan, full throttle.
Filmmakers tend to release their films on occasions like Eid to draw maximum audiences as watching a film in a cinema is definitely one of the items on many people’s agenda on the festive occasion. However, this tactic is not getting the desired results in Pakistan.
Four Punjabi, three Pushto and one Indian film were screened in cinemas this Eid. Not a single Pakistani Urdu movie was released on the occasion. Same was the case with Hollywood movies. Unfortunately, not a single movie, other than the Indian one, succeeded in pulling audiences.
Talking to this agency, Waqas Ibrahim, who was in a multiplex of Rawalpindi with his friends said, “Well, who will be attracted if you are going to show films like ‘Ilyasa Gujjar’ and ‘Ghundi Run’? Such cinema is dead now; this is an era of multiplexes, and such multiplexes would not tarnish their image by releasing films like ‘Taxi 707’ et al.” “I have come to watch the Indian movie as it was a much-awaited one, and such movies, along with Hollywood blockbusters, should be shown here to revive the cinema culture in Pakistan,” Sohail Abbasi recommended.
A family, which had come to watch another Indian movie, said they would definitely promote Pakistani films, if Shoaib Mansoor comes up with his film ‘Bol,’ which is expected to release on January 2011. “Coming to multiplex, along with your family, is really fun, but one should not spoil this fun by watching ‘Ilyasa Gujjar.’ “Who sees such movies,” Hanif Raja questioned.
Rizwan Azeem, one of the managers of the multiplex, said, “We are focused on providing healthy entertainment to customers. So we only show movies that would entertain people. Being a Pakistani, we will also love to show Pakistani movies with pride, but what can we do when people on the other hand are not producing quality work,” he regretted

Young people urged to be passionate about their goals

The ‘Junior Youth Summit 2010’ held at the International Grammar School & College (IGSC), Islamabad, gathered youngsters (aged 15 to 19 years) from Rawalpindi, Islamabad and other parts of the country to discuss the issues faced by the Pakistani society. Moreover, it gave young people an opportunity to forge friendships and convert ideas into actions through interaction. 
Organised by the IMPossible Trainings and Management Consultancy and hosted by the International Grammar School & College (IGSC) and supported by the Techure Foundation Org., UK, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), Hawk Adventure Club and Transnational Education Services (TE Services), the Junior Youth Summit 2010 was held from November 26 to 28. 
The event provided participants of different schools and colleges with a common ground to exchange ideas and interact on specific issues affecting Pakistan at the time of recession. With the theme of ‘Social Entrepreneurship,’ the participants proposed their business ideas and discussed their practicality. 
The International Grammar School & College (IGSC) principal said, “Each one of us has that undeniable significant power within us to impact the world around us, but it has to be conscious endeavours by us. Give the fullness of your brilliance, be the best you can be at all times and be wildly passionate about your commitment!” 
In spirit and numbers, the junior youth from the twin cities, with the help of mentors and guest speakers created a dynamic atmosphere of diversity. A large number of delegates from the International Grammar School & College, Beaconhouse School System (both from Beaconhouse Educational Complex and Beaconhouse Margalla Campus), ASAS (F-8) and Roots (DHA) participated in the vibrant event. 
All participants were given an opportunity to listen to a variety of renowned guest speakers on various topics related to ‘Social Entrepreneurship’. 
The invited speakers included Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Mahfooz Elahi, Salman Shahzad, project manager of the Vocational Trainings South Asia British Council, Moazzam Iftikhar, director of the Riphah Business Resource Centre, Usman Zahid, CEO of the Snow White Dry Cleaners and Shaheen Chemist, and Khuram Idrees, director of marketing and commercialization at the Nust.
Salman Shahzad said the curiosity and inquisitiveness makes one think how these young people observe and question today’s problems. “They are the change-bringers and I very surely see them bringing change. The summit is a start but I see no end to this initiative, which has been taken. It has triggered change.”
To inspire and to motivate young people, sixteen-year-old Huzaima Amin was invited to the event as a special guest. Talking about his courage and bravery, Huzaima Amin is the youngest person in the history of Pakistan to get ‘Tamgha-e-Juraat’ on his audacious act of saving lives of small children and Major General (r) Muhammad Yusaf, in the tragic Parade Lane incident earlier this year in Rawalpindi.
The panel of judges included ICCI President Mehfooz Elahi and Iram Rehman, managing director of the Westridge SMC Limited, judged the ideas of summit delegate teams on the criteria of creativity, practicality, sustainability and presentations. Judged by the panellists, the groups worked in a competitive environment trying their best to win. The overall scores of the teams included different activities carried throughout the summit and their business idea presentations. 
On the concluding day of the summit the winning team from ‘XYZ School’ was announced. The winning team was rewarded with Rs100,000 funding for their idea by the Techure Foundation and a voucher for a free paragliding experience with all team members. 
After the second day’s proceedings, the Junior Youth Summit concluded with a memorable musical night and a grand dinner in which delegates enjoyed themselves fully. In the end, the participants returned feeling more inspired to continue the learning process.

New Year Gift - Zero Point interchange to be ready by December 31

Zero Point Interchange (ZPI), one of the on-going mega projects of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), would be completed by December 31 this year, said Project Director Mumtaz Hussain.

“We have planned to open the interchange by December 31 and hopefully we will achieve the objective within the stipulated time,” he told this agency.
However, the monument-loop down towards Islamabad Highway from Kashmir Highway would be opened after December 31, as work on this portion was started late. He said around 98 percent construction work had been completed and rest of the work was going on with satisfactory pace.

The construction company, Maqbool Associates, started the construction work in September, 2008.

He said the link roads between Faisal Avenue and Khayaban-e-Suharawardy, Faisal Avenue and Kashmir Highway, Kashmir Highway and Faisal Avenue, Islamabad Highway and Kashmir Highway, second lane of Khayaban-e-Suharawardy and Kashmir Highway had already been opened for traffic.

Mumtaz Hussain said that the CDA’s Environment Wing was making efforts to ensure utilisation of the spaces available between the loops and link roads of the project by beautifying these patches with attractive landscaping and plantation to reinforce its green character and pleasant environment.

He said the CDA had so far paid the construction company around Rs2 billion out of the total cost of Rs2.34 billion.

Talking to this agency, spokesman of Maqbool Associated Malik Shabbir expressed the satisfaction over the timely payment of bills.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

International Islamic University to hold MOOT on Women Universities

To explore the potential of women’s universities to bolster and strengthen females, the International Islamic University (IIU) will organise a two-day International Interdisciplinary Conference on ‘Women’s Universities as Agents of Change’ here on Friday (November 26).

Federal Minister for Information Qamar-uz-Zaman Kaira will be the chief guest and IIU Rector Professor Fateh Muhammad Malik shall preside over the ceremony, while IIU President Dr. Anwar Hussain Siddiqui will inaugurate the ceremony.

The multidisciplinary conference seeks to analyse the role of such institutions to strengthen women, a segment of society that has traditionally been marginalised. In view of an increasing realisation of the indispensable role of education in the promotion of meaningful social change, the conference will try to bring together researchers to discuss how women’s universities can serve as a centre-stage and launching pad for a programme to interrogate and redress gender inequality, to reduce the gender gap, to formulate a pedagogy which instills critical selfhood and consciousness in women and to promote higher education and skill development in women.

Some of the major themes in the conference include ‘Women’s Universities: Women’s Education, Female Empowerment and Social Change’, ‘Professional Development of Women’, ‘Gender Roles and Cultural Forms: Media and Literary Representation of Women’ and “Islam and Women’s Empowerment”.

The conference will bring together a group of 42 international as well as national speakers on a wide range of themes dealing with pedagogical, sociological, psychological, religious, literary and cultural issues related to women’s education, gender studies and female empowerment.

There are five key-note speakers from different parts of the world, including Dr. Maria Jaschok from the University of Oxford, U.K.; Dr. Sylvia Maier from the University of New York, USA; Dr. Nor Faridah Abdul Manaf from the International Islamic University, Malaysia; and Dr. Anees Ahmad (Riphah International University) and Dr. Shahid Siddiqui (Lahore School of Economics) from Pakistan. In addition, 37 speakers from Malaysia, England and all over Pakistan will be presenting their papers.

Shocking behaviour from ‘Responsible Persons’

Believe it or not, the picture of waste material you see the crows picking through is not of that from a slum area but a very posh one in Islamabad. And guess who threw it out? Someone sitting in an expensive car who needs to get some lessons that garbage needs to be disposed of in its proper place, so that the city remains clean.

You could expect such behaviour from uneducated persons who do not know the first thing about how important it is to keep the environment in which you live clean and green but when so-called ‘educated’ persons indulge in such carelessness it is truly shocking! This person or persons had probably come to an event in a nearby facility and wanted to ‘grab a bite’ as they say before entering the venue.

The remains of whatever was in the package must have been substantial (what a waste when people are starving) for the crows to collect and start picking at it. The bag had the name of a fast food outlet printed on it, so someone had probably bought a burger or some such item, eaten enough to satiate himself — or herself — and thrown the rest out along with the container and the plastic bag.

If they had to throw out the left over food that is somewhat acceptable because it is always cleaned up by scavengers like crows, mynahs, stray cats and dogs but to throw out the containers is almost a criminal act because it is against the norms of responsible behaviour.

We are constantly criticizing the civic authorities about the fact that they do not clear the garbage from the city but even if they try their best they cannot be successful if the people who live in the towns and cities do not care or are not accountable for their actions while disposing of their rubbish. After all it’s not only their job but ours as well to see to it that our cities remain clean so that we can be proud of the fact and not cringe every time we step out of the house and see heaps of garbage everywhere.

What is Forex?

What is Forex ?

I was looking towards some friends suggestions who was in Forex Trading and they are doing very good in Forex Money Making. My First Question to my Friends was what is Forex ?. I got so many replies in response of my this question which I want to Share with you. Here is the Most Comprehensive Answers:

1. What is forex? The full meaning of forex is; foreign exchange. Does that answer your question?Or maybe your question should be: what is forex trading? Well forex trading is like buying and selling of currency. You can check out other threads to grap the full meaning of forex trading. 

2. Just like what you have read here in the forum and in the web, Forex is is a worldwide decentralized over-the-counter financial market for the trading of currencies.. Forex and other leveraged trading involves significant risk of loss. If you are new to leveraged trading, ensure that you understand these risks by taking advantage of free education and information provided by forex related websites like hyrextalk. 

3. Forex means Foreign Exchange. It is like a protocol that lets you to exchange currencies by trading it in a pool which is collectively traded with the banks, in case you are a retail trader. 

4. Forex means Foreign exchange, which means when you trade Forex, the concept compares to a conventional stock trade. You can also use currencies comparison and buy the one that is cheaper, and sell it when its value is increased. 

These are the best answers which I got and I think it will help you all in easy way to understand about Forex.

15 ways to avoid losing money in Forex Trading

1. Wrong Broker : A lot of forex brokers are horrible; get a good one. Read forums and chats in several different places to get an unbiased opinion.

2. Trading During Off Hours Bank FX traders, option traders, and hedge funds have a huge advantage during off hours; they can push the currencies around when no volume is going through and the end game is new traders get fleeced trying to trade signals. There is only one signal during off hours it is better to stay out.

3. Trading Against Prevailing Trend There is a huge difference between buying cheaply on the way down and buying cheaply. What was a low price quickly becomes a high price when you 're trading against the trend.

4. Picking Tops and Bottoms - Looking for bargains works well at the supermarket but not trading foreign exchange; try to trade in the direction the price is going and your results will improve.

5. Not Trading Around News Time : Most of the big moves occur around news time. The volume is high and the moves are real; there is no better time to trade fundamentally or technically than when news is released; this is when the real money adjusts their positions and as a result the prices changes reflect serious currency flow (compared to quiet times when bank traders rule the market with their customer order flow).

6. Ignore Technical Conditions : Determining whether the market is over-extended long or over-extended short is a key determinant of near-time price action. Spike moves often occur when the market is all one way.

7. Lack of Confidence Confidence only comes from successful trading. If you lose money early in your trading career it's very difficult to gain true confidence; the trick is don't go off half-cocked; learn the business before you trade.

8. Being Too Smart : The most successful traders I know are high school graduates. They keep it simple and dont look beyond the obvious; their results are excellent.

9. Stop Losses : Putting tight stop losses with retail brokers is a recipe for disaster. When you put on a trade, commit to a reasonable stop loss limit that allows your trade a fair chance to develop.

10. Relying on Others : Real traders play a lone hand; they make their own decisions and dont rely on others to make their trading decisions for them; there is no halfway; either trade for yourself or have someone else trade for you.

11. Too Many Charity Trades : When you make money on a well thought-out trade, dont give back half on a whim; invest your profits from good trades on the next good trade

12. Too Much Detail : If you are trading more than 2 indicators, then you need to clean house. Having many indicators stifles trading and finds reasons not to trade. A setup and a trigger is all you need.

13.Overconfidence : Trading is not easy; statistics show a 95% failure rate. If your doing well dont take your success for granted; always be on the lookout for ways to improve what you 're doing.

14. Knowledge Deficiency: Most new forex traders do not take the time to learn what drives currency rates (primarily fundamentals). When some news or a statement is due out, they close out their positions and sit out the best trading opportunities; they are taught to only trade after the market calms down. So essentially they miss the whole move and then trade the random noise that follows a fundamental price move. Just think for a moment about technically trading the aftermath of a price move; there is no potential.

15. Rumors : Rumors are rumors almost 100% of the time; think about where in the motion you heard the rumor. If EUR/USD is up 50 points in last 15 minutes and the rumor is dollar negative, well then you missed it. Whenever you trade, determine where in the motion you are entering. 

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Sun Rise in Mangla Dam Part - II

We started our journey from Islamabad very late in the evening and reached at the Mir Pur after evening prayer. At Mir Pur, we were received by our local friend Mr. Nazir Thaikaidar (contractor), an accomplished angler who guided us to a spot in the Jairi Kas area of the Mngla Dam. Our arrival at the spot was very late in the night. Immediately after ground baiting and casting rods & lines, we pitched our tent and started preparing the dinner consisting of chicken and tandori (oven) bread. The dinner was extraordinarily delicious perhaps just because we were very hungry. Then tea was brewed and after taking the tea and refreshing the rods & lines, we went to the bed - the floor of the tent and blankets. The slumber was very deep although on the floor of the tent, just a water proof sheet of plastic just because of a long journey and the stress of the casting rods and lines.

 At dawn, we were awaken by the voice of the Moazzan (caller to prayer). After saying prayer, we checked the rods and lines. Luckily the first success was already achieved, a China Mahaseer of not a very good size. Perhaps the fish got hooked deep in the night. The party was very delighted and started to make hue and cry in happiness.

 During this whole time, the most awesomely beautiful and heart rending experience was the breaking of the dawn and rising of the sun. The given photographs are witness to it. I have no words to explain such an awesome experience. Only one can feel it who goes through this experience. The breeze was very pleasant and soft. At this time of the year, mid October, the weather gets very pleasant in upper Pakistan especially around Mangla Dam and that even in the morning. It is the time when migratory water fowl start descending on the lakes, rivers and all the water reservoirs of Pakistan in the wild. All these reservoirs become a paradise for the migratory bird at the start of the winter. It is a dream of the bird watcher that comes true at this time. Just pick a piece of binoculars and you are filled to the utmost with delight. The nature has bestowed all her beauties and charms on our homeland that one can enjoy them to the core of his/here heart.

 Now here I would like to share my experience with the anglers, especially novice ones, and put down some tips which could be beneficial to them. Bait the ground in the evening and have a full night sleep so that you could be fresh for the next day’s rigors. A few rods or lines of Chilwa or Luria could be productive for Singhara or Mallhi (cat fish) at night. Spinners, spoons of different colours (silver, brass, copper), plugs (chilwa or luria imitation) could also be productive for the cat fish and even for King Fish at the mouth of the rivers and streams (nallahs). Simple white flour (atta) is in vogue at Mangla Dam for carp. Earth worm (bunch) could be able to produce results also for Singhara or Mallhi. Scaly (carp) fish can be hooked on Atta, not exclusively but mostly. Earth worm also can be taken by scaly fish sometimes. For a trip lasting more than one day, a tent, cooking utensils, ample stock of cool water, gas cylinder, provisions, etc. are very essential. For all this weight to be carried at the spot, some sort of conveyance (vehicle) is also essential otherwise the whole affair would be body and soul breaking. As regards the lines, for rods, 20 pounder and for hand casting 28 pounder could be the best. Maruto (Made in Japan) hooks (original), for atta # 3 or 4 and for earth worm # 1 or 2, even 01/02, could be the best. Over stressing must be avoided otherwise result would the broken lines, broken/ straightened hooks or thrown away hooks. An ample depth is a must for Mangla fishing – bigger the depth, even bigger the catch. Shallow waters fail to produce results, especially at Mangla. Snake bite kits, God forbid, are also advised, especially for hotter months. A spare pair of clothes should also be kept handy for fishing and sleeping hours otherwise you would get spoiled your single pair of clothes. Gripper (joggers having strong grip on the mud) are essential especially in the draining season (when the water is drained out of the dam for irrigation purposes). Warm clothes of some sort could add to your comfort in the months of November and December, especially at night & in the morning, since the fishing season lasts long at Mangla.

As regards the fishing, it was very dull and the bites were very rare. It was a total disappointment to the action hungry anglers like us. So we decided to pack up in the noon and reached at Islamabad in the evening, with the mercy of Almighty, safe and sound. 

Written by : Muhammad Arshad

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Sun Rise in Mangla Dam

Evening of the Saturday I got call from my office colleague Mr. Muhammad Arshad and later from Mr. Saqlain bin Arif and they invited me for a trip to Mangla Dam. I was just arrived from an Family Trip of Zoo & Play Land in Islamabad and I was really tired. This trip was an outing for my kids and family and dealing with kids is not an easy job and when the trip is for Zoo and Play land you can imagine how tough this trip was.
Anyway, they just told me about trip and gaved me half hour to get ready because they were already on the way towards me to pick me up. I tried my best to avoid it but they were on fire and was not in the mood of sparing me.

I must say sometimes its good to not avoid that kinda trip which opens new doors of looking the things in different way and to explore the beauty of the nature on its peak. So I accepted the offer even I was so tired.
The Mangla Dam is the twelfth largest dam in the world. It was constructed in 1967 across the Jhelum River, about 67 miles (100 km) south-east of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad in Mirpur district of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The main structures of the dam include 4 embankment dams, 2 spillways, 5 power-cum-irrigation tunnels and a 1,000 MW power station.
In order to remedy the storage capacity decreases, the Government has decided to raise the dam by 40 feet to 494 feet high. This will increase the reservoir capacity by 18% and provide an additional 644 MWh of power, but will displace 40,000 people currently living near the reservoir.
We reached to the Mangla Dam at 8.00 PM and our Host Mr. Nazir Thaikedar was waiting on the point he told us. I got some relaxation during establishing our camp and at the same time our host was preparing Dinner for us.
I woke up because of some huge noises made by my friends because they catch an China Silver Fish and they were celebrating there first success. When I cam out from my tent and the senec was unbelievable which I am unable to  describe. Sun was ready to rise and the color of sun was intense red and Orange. I watched as the large glowing sphere rose slowly into the dull morning sky. Casting sunbeams in every direction making the sky more radiant as it climbed higher and higher into the sky. Sun can symbolize a new birth, a continuing of life, a new beginning, a fresh start. (To be continued....)
Sun Rise in Mangla Dam 4.55 am
Sun Rise in Mangla Dam 5.10 am
Saqlain bin Arif at Mangla Dam 5.15 am
Muhammad Arshad, Trip Organizer
Our Host of this trip Mr. Nazir Thaikedar - Sunrise in Mangla Dam 4.58 am

Zebgul (isloooboy) Writer of

Allama Muhammad Iqbal Day Celebrations

The 133rd birthday of poet philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbal will be celebrated on November 9 with customary enthusiasm and fervour across Pakistan with series of events, seminars and ceremonies.
The day will be a general public holiday and national flag will be hoisted on government and other important buildings. A traditional ceremony of change of guards will be held on Allama Iqbal’s ‘mazar’ in Lahore. People from all walks of life, political leaders, government officials and members of literary organisations will visit the ‘mazar’ to pay their respects to the Poet of the East and will offer ‘fateha’.
Allama Iqbal born in Sialkot on November 9, 1877 left a deep impact on the consciousness of Muslims and through his decades long poetic work in Urdu and Persian and then political struggle, he set a clear path for a state for Muslims.
Allama Iqbal envisioned the concept of Pakistan which was eventually translated into reality through the untiring efforts of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.Sir Syed Memorial Society in collaboration with Positive Pakistan would host 3rd Young Leaders Summit in Islamabad on November 9 to commemorate Iqbal Day.
The event will be held at Sir Syed Auditorium and over 500 youths will interact with experts on leadership, patriotism, citizenship and heroism in the daylong programme.National Language Authority (NLA) will hold a national dialogue ‘Fikr-e-Iqbal: Asar-e-Hazir key Tanazar Mein’ on November 8.
Television channels and radio stations will broadcast special programme to highlight various aspects of the personality of Allama Iqbal and his contribution for the welfare of Muslims of Indian sub-continent.
Schools, colleges and universities will hold debating contests and poetry competitions to make the younger generation familiar with the great poet’s literary work.Another feature of the day will be special exhibition of books and relics at Iqbal Museum Lahore, National Museum Karachi and Iqbal Manzil Sialkot.
Cinema houses will make arrangements to screen documentary films on Iqbal’s life. The academy of Lahore will arrange a book exhibition on the day.Iqbal was a strong proponent of the political and spiritual revival of Islamic civilization across the world, but specifically in South Asia; a series of famous lectures he delivered to this effect were published as The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam.
One of the most prominent leaders of the All India Muslim League, Iqbal encouraged the creation of a ‘state in northwestern India for Muslims’ in his 1930 presidential address. Iqbal encouraged and worked closely with Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and he is known as Muffakir-e-Pakistan (The Thinker of Pakistan), Shair-e-Mashriq (The Poet of the East), and Hakeem-ul-Ummat (The Sage of Ummah). He is officially recognised as the national poet of Pakistan.
In India, Iqbal is widely regarded for the patriotic song, ‘Saare Jahan Se Achcha’. In Afghanistan and Iran, where he is known as Eqbal-e-Lahoori (Iqbal of Lahore), and is highly regarded for his Persian works.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Visit to the Zoo and Play Land of Islamabad

My Son Muhammad Hussain who is student of Prep he came back from the school on Friday and started an campaign for coming holidays. This time he was demanding to take him to the Zoo because his teacher told him how many beautiful Animals and Birds can be seen in the Zoo. Most Importantly He want to see, "How Big Elephant is ?". He partnered his Mom and Grand Mother as well in his campaign so I accepted defeat and took them to the Zoo on this Saturday.
Before Starting our Journey I want to give you some brief about Islamabad Zoo.
The zoo previously Called Marghazar started in 1978 as a refuge to leopard, spotted deer and Indian gazelle found in the region and its under the administration of Capital Development Authority. Zoo in Islamabad is located at the foot of Daman-e-Koh view point in Islamabad. Zoo has more than 300 animals which includes more than 100 different kind of birds as well. It soon gained popularity and became a part of the Islamabad's most visited Places.
Later the half area of the Zoo which was empty wasl also developed by the CDA with the help of Japanese Government  which is now called Play Land.  The Capital Development Authority devised a plan in August 2008, to upgrade and extend the zoo as a recreational area and a wildlife sanctuary which is right now going on.

Join Hands against the Artificial Raising in Commodity Prices, Will You ?

Every day when I wakeup I see more raising in Commodity prices and no one is available to help us in this regard.

This Artificial Price boost is making our life more miserable every day and I feel our life is very difficult because of this shameless act of some corrupt administration and Politician friendship.

So Why not we make an Friendship against them and mobilize our youth to convey the message or educate our neighbor's and friends and family to go for boycott them ?.

I think we should start from one item and try our best to make an massive impact boycott of that one chosen item for a test and give an realization to people like us, ordinary people's original power.

Now my questions is,

"How we can mobilize our community for one item boycott ? for instance Sugar boycott ?

"What will be the core element for starting this Nobel Cause?

"Is this action can give us the positive result? if yes then how we can use it for permanent basis?

Looking for your views and suggestions.