Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brasil will forget this defeat easily?

Ooh my God, what the hell these German's have created.......the whole world is mesmerized with their amazing and historic performance. The way they have beaten the Brazil in his own country no one was imagining that bad as bad the result has came after the last minute of the match whistle.

The whole nation of Brazil is stunned and in shock and no one is ready to believe what they have saw yesterday. The whole media and even every single person in Brazil were missing Nymar as their main striker BUT........................

Who will defend them from German Strikers? Thiago Silva who is captain and Main Defender of Brazil team and let me say it here very calmly and wisely that, "Thiago Silva was the luck and Charm of Brazil" which was missing in the Semi Final against Germany and that was the one and only thing which I missed a lot during the match.

If Nymar is injured and there is no one to score a goal but who will stop goals that was the main concern for the coach and that is why appealed to the FIFA as well to lift that one match ban from him but..................

German has written the history of FIFA football world cup and that is fact which we all Brazilians and Brazil fans has to accept now.

Let's take a look some sadist moments which are will show you how the entire nation was feeling on the judgment day. I hope you feel really sad if you are a fan of Brazil but if you are German Football lover even you will feel the same way because German team after winning with huge goal margin were seems to be unhappy to break the heart of the hosting nation.

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