Saturday, October 17, 2015

Affiliate Marketing - Free Affiliate Marketing Tutorials

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a concept in which we the people who want to make money as a legit and Passive way we promote products of different vendors and companies and earn commissions by redirecting the traffic from our sources of traffic generation.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Online Money Making Journey in Niche Marketing

Today I am going to share my journey from a Free Blog called, “IsloooTalkingPoint” where I just put all sort of events which are happening in Islamabad which we residents call Islooo as well. This was my beginning in the online content world and like any beginner I put all sort of contents without knowing the importance of them.
After a while when I got some knowledge, tips and instructions from my well wishers to make content writing as a profession and I must start from Niche Marketing to make some extra bucks as well from my writing passion. So I thought why not make some money as well from it. So I started my first Niche Blog called, “Stuhrling Watch Review” in which I started to write Review of Stuhrling Watches.
In the beginning I monetized my Stuhrling Watches Review site with Google adsense to make some money to utilize it for my domain and hosting bills and found myself successful. I got my first $100 check within first 3 months from Google which gave my confidance a huge boost and encouraged me to do more. During that period one of my best friend asked me to monetize my Stuhrling Original Watches Review blog with Amazon too to make more money rolling from my first Niche Blog. So I thought let’s givr It a try as well. That was turning point for me because I never thought it will work as a huge success for me because in first month of monitizing with Amazon I earned almost $123 without doing anything extra. So this was the path which never thought will make me an full time Niche Marketer which I am right now.
As I above mentioned about my first love, “IsloooTalking Point” I thought why not make it my permanent online Home? So I bought the domain with the same name and started to share what I learned in this journey with my friends and followers. I put everything about, “Your Niche Building Source” step by step in which I explained from What is Niche Marketing and how to choose a Niche to Promote? What is the best niche to promote etc.
Than I started my third project which is called, “Niche for Income” where I planned to telecast a video series about my Niche Case Study as a journey starting from scratch to a successful and money making Niche Website.
Long story short, Now I have more than a dozen Niche websites which are making me an handsom amount of passive income to pay my all bills regarding my online projects and also it improved my living dreams as well. My this Journey is still going on because my believe is “Learning is the Real Earning” and I am earning in both ways because I am not only making money for me and my family but I am learning new technologies, ideas and skills as well.
Want to know more anbout me than just click “About Me” and I will be at your service by sharing everything about me so you can know me more.