Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pakistan is a Peace Loving Country

All Pakistan Political Parties conference is going on right now in Islamabad and they are going to announce one common deceleration in which they will give a road map against US threats to Pakistan.

President of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed Said, Pakistan Is a Peace loving country, we want relations with all world but not on price of our freedom. Keep in mind that we are ready for any kind of threat or even for a war. So do not ask for, "Do More" because now our decision is, "No More".

President of Pakista tehreek-e-Insaf Mr. Imran Khan said, it is enough now we have to decide to get rid of this fake war against terror of USA. They are laying with us so why we remain on board with them?. If they tried any misadventure we will take it as an attack on Pakistan and will respond as our enemy.

This conference was based on one point agenda which was, "Threats From USA". As per Media Spokeswomen of Government of Pakistan Fardus Ashiq Awan, "We give briefing to all Political leaders and parties regarding the situation and latest development in Pak-US relations in recent days. She also described that, Chief ISI Ahmed Shuja Pasha has also gave presentation to all members of National Conference.

She also said, "All Parties have agreed on bullet points of the Conference.

As a Peace loving country Pakistan want relations with all countries on equal basis. We are in the favor of Peaceful and sovereign Afghanistan which can play active role in the region. So we think we have the right to demand back similar respect and coordination.

Haqani Network is based in Afghanistan and they are controlling 3 major provinces out of 7 which indicate that US and NATO forces are fail to stop them and they are unable to control Afghanistan. Now they are trying to blame Pakistan to hide their failure which is an childish act they are showing on Electronic and print media. We reject all allegations against Pakistan and its security agencies.

US and NATO must negotiate with Taliban to resolve the Afghan Problem instead of looking for a escape goat and accept their failure with open heart and mind.

They want to transfer their Fake war against terror into Pakistan ad our saying is they already pushed this war into Pakistan and that's why we have suffer Economically and loss of human lives as well. So when US administrators say, We are not serious in war the actually ignore our efforts and loss which is hurt our feelings and we are true when we think they used us and now they want to leave us once again in the middle of crises which is their old habit.

Twist in Islamabad Blast

A new twist in the story of blast people who were injured from this blast are the family of Orakzai Agency political staff personnel and his family. So there is still chance of terror act. keep reading because latest details are coming .......slowly

Latest about Bomb Blast in Islamabad

As per bomb disposal squad it seems that a gas leakage was in third floor room and maybe someone try to light his ciggaret and it went explode.

Injured peoples name's are Arifa Bibi, Zeenat bibi, Nasreen bibi, Kamran shah, Hussain Shah all injured's are out of danger.

Bomb Blast in Islamabad Blue Area Islamabad

As per experts and the smell which is around us it seems happened because of gas Leakage. I talked to the security guard he said this is not an suicide attack but it is happened in side the hotel and he also think it was because of gas cylinder blast.

Till now 7 peoples are reported injured 4 are seriously injured and others are out of danger. As per Inspector General Islamabad Bin Yamin, it is because of some gas leakage.

Security was high alert in Islamabad because of National Conference so there is no chance of any kind of terror act. It is a low dentistry blast.

Bomb Blast in Islamabad - Details are coming

We heard a bomb blast in a hotel name City Hotel blue area Islamabad at 10.40 PM. as I am seeing right now it is happened on third floor of hotel. Till now I have witnessed 5 injured in which 2 are women and 3 men's. Interior minister is already arrived, I must admit he responded very quickly. All injured are transferred to the nearest hospital which is PIMS. All windows are broken of the hotel and other buildings near this hotel.

This is a very crowded area and known as a hot dining spot of Islamabad. Further details are coming......

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Do Some People Like to Smoke Though They Know It Harms? | Healthmad

I think it is more psychological action instead of need basis and some people who think Smoking is a fun and after a while they fall into deep love with it are the major victims who goes with it till the end.

Being a smoker I don’t know why I feel panic sometimes when I am working or thinking and ultimately I start smoking during the process. I think it is psychological instead of need.
One I was the hatter of smoking when I was a Football player and what a coincident I started smoking in the ground because there was so many people in our seniors who was smoking on that time. I think during the period of young age fantasy of a personality which you admire and you follow him blindly with his all worst part too because of fantasy around him, it is the key to get into this harmful arena. Media is also playing his part for spreading this disease when they present heroes in front of us who smoke during his big events with some unique and amazing styles. Followers of that fantasy based personality follow him blindly are the real victims.
In the last I know it is dangerous for my health but I don’t have will yet to get rid of it unless I start trying to quite from my this worst habit and stick with it with full devotion and passion.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Download Latest Movies Free The Right Way

Most of the time people around me always talk about upcoming latest movies and when their favorite movie release they rush towards the Movie Downloading sites which provide them complete details of movie and also provide "download latest movies here" kind of links.

One of my very good neighbour who dont have internet connection but has knowledge of all kind of Movies sites which he have gain using our nearest Net Cafeyet. He came to me yesterday and after hello hi and reuqested me to, "Download Latest Hindi Movie" in which he said our Pakistani Super Star Singer Ali Zafar is a hero. I said tell me which movie you want me to download. He give me the name of Latest HIndi Movie, "Merey Brother ki Dulhan". I promised him about downloading this movie and start searching different Movie Downloading Sites online.

After a long and good search I find one very amazing and extra ordinary website on which we can Download Latest HD Quality Movies which Iwanted to share with my Triond Friends as well who love and have craze to Download Latest HD Quality Movies Free.

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I hope you all who never miss latest movies to watch first in your friends and family will find this site very useful and will get advantage of watching Latest HD Quality Movies Free.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Energy Shortage in Pakistan - What is the reason behind?

Today, 6:13 pm in the evening I was chatting with one of my football club colleague who is residing in Liverpool, UK right now. Suddenly heavy rain started with bang and after 6 or 7 minute later electricity was also gone (Our country Pakistan is facing the power shortage and it is now normal for us).
I thought how to utilize this spare time till the electricity come back? I looked my laptop battery which showed me 90% is in the reserve. So I decided to write down about this energy shortage problem which is part of our life now and almost we are living with it as accepted, “We have to live with it”.
What I do normally when electricity is not available? For me it is the most consumable time for writing articles for Triond……yes you read absolutely right.
First thing which I always make sure, my laptop battery must be full on arrival of load shading (electricity off). I am using DSL wireless which is also electronic based product so its natural I have no internet available so I choose one topic and start writing about it and keep writing until the electricity come back which is normally a hour long. Some times when during load shading rain also start and cause problem for transformers this duration convert into 3 hours which hurt me very badly because another problem start with it which is, “how to pass these 3 long hours?”.
Why we are facing this power shortage this is the very crucial question and everyone is trying to know the answer. The common answer which we all know is, we did not build a single dame in the last 60 years.  Some politicians who started an issue to gain some political votes from those people who will be victims of this one of the huge South Asian Dam if it built. They misled the people of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (Frontier) by saying that this dam will bring drought in Sindh and will raise water level in Frontier which will deplete agriculture 70% which means more than 40% population of frontier will be loose their land and jobs as well. If I present facts than these two provinces are major victims who are facing natural disasters after every 2 year and losing more than what they thought will lose if dam built.
Well, whatever they think it is not the major cause of power shortage but it is part of it. Every government which came into power after 1968 they never thought about building other dams instead of Kalabagh Dam. They ignored it criminally and I blame all of them for these crises which start with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Zia ul Haq, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharief, Shoukat Aziz, Ch. Shujaat Hussain and Parvez Musharraf. I hate all of them because in real life we (Pakistani people) are the real victims of this Energy Shortage.
Oooh it came back today so early …… WooHoo

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FUN with Google You Will Love It

Just follow some simple steps on internet and you will be amazed on what you will see. Do give it a try.

1. Go to your browser’s address bar and type

(Note: This trick will work on every browser except Internet Explorer)

2. Type “Google Gravity” in the search box and hit enter.

3. When the results are displayed, open the first result.

4. You will notice something cool happens in your computer’s browser.

5. Now again type something in the same Google search box

6. You will get to see another set of cool stuff in your computer’s browser.

7. Have fun!!!!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

What is More Important – Money or Love?

From my point of view both love and money has equal importance in life as you can’t enjoy money alone so you need a partner and without money there is no fun in life so money is needed to have a good life ,and for maintaing a good relationship money is its better you should concentrate on both love and money ,or find a good partner who is able to earn sufficient for both of you and love you..!

I have mixed thoughts on a lot of things. I’ve tried to focus on my career, become more stable, so I can enjoy life more. I know some people are able to concentrate and do both, but I’m not so sure how to manage them. I must admit I’ve been in a relationship most of my adult life. This is like the first time I have been single for a while and it’s kind of difficult. I wish sometimes when I accomplish things in my career, large or small targets, sometimes I wish I could share that with someone special, if you know what I mean. 
I’m not trying to brag on appearance, but I do not have a problem finding a new partner. I really want to improve my financial situation. I’m not sure if I should spend my time trying to meet new people. I know it’s hard to find a good partner and I’m not sure I’m ready. I want my life to get together to live more comfortable financially. I’ve been in bad situations in the past because of finances. I do not want to experience that situation again. So I try to learn from my mistakes. So I try to concentrate on my work because I want to enjoy a good life. 
I know that life is short, but it’s like I know money is important, but it is not everything, because we can not take with us when we die. However, we can, the memories of our relationship with ourselves. I know that some people can balance to find love and build their careers. I do not know if I should concentrate on my career or love or both. So I’m just confused now. Can you give me any advice on how to handle it?
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Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation

What is the difference between inspiration and motivation? is there any major difference in those two words? or just they are twins? let me explain it in plain way.

That's an interesting question. thinking about it, i think motivation is something that pushes me towards a goal, whereas inspiration is something different, its what inspires me to do something. 

I think maybe inspiration is like something that fills us up with a sense that we can do something, whereas motivation is about something that we are chasing.

Its a very subtle difference, i just looked in an online dictionary, and motivation was desscribed as an incentive, whereas inspiration was a sort of higher form of stimulation, that affects us as makes us want to create something. 

But in many ways we need both, as inspiration may give us a creative idea that we begin, but it is probably motivation that allows us to complete it.

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Hard Drive Encryption Tools

Before start we must know, what is hard drive encryption? As per technical language it is a term used to elaborate the process of how to avoid an illegal and unauthorized access to a storage medium. As such, there are plentiful causes of why you would desire to encrypt wholly your hard drive.

As a consequence, the prime reason being for the most aspirant identical issue is security. Protecting your documents from the out-of-doors world in order to surrendering with the happening of a robbery, else other scheme has well thought out one of the important and major task users desire whilst encrypting their hard drives.

Further more, the use of hard drive encryption tools is imperative to carry out this task. Some of the globally renowned tools have been listed to get a brief description about them.

Accurate Crypt
Accurate Crypt has been considered as one of the best hard drive encryption device around the globe. Additionally, it is an open source which can be approachable absolutely free. This device permits you to encrypt the entire computer disk. Most amazingly, it is user-friendly and can be used by those users too who are even unskilled and they can set up a canister and location for the documents desired to encrypt in it within a minute.  

Safe House Explorer Encryption
Even though this device as quality wise, is one of the best and very helpful but it might not easy to use for inexperienced users because of strict functions. On the other hand, for those who have enough experience can make use of Windows explorer to do the encryption process. This device can protect your documents by simple utilization of 256-bit encryption. Furthermore, it has an easy to use interface which has exceedingly useful option of drags and drops.

Deckard Private Disk
this device includes those tools which provide us an easy to use steering control. It also has powerful 256-bit encryption. This tool can encrypt full partitions or separate files as well. Furthermore, it is so straight forward to set of connections and very fast, to secure documents found on the hard disk of your computer.

Checkpoint Full Disk Encryption
This tool is also one of the best and easy to use devices for hard drive encryption. Checkpoint has been plentiful safe keeping programs and inventions which are already available in the market. Most of the majority tools are chopping for instructive with good devices built in within. Therefore, this hard disk encryption device is not similar to the others. It has considered one among the best tool available for sale in the market.

Win Magic Data Security Secure Document
WMDSSD is one of the superior and improved hard drive encryption devices available for sale in the market. This tool has real power to encrypt your document and boasts a very good supporting method. The device in itself resembles like several of the other devices in the market. Instantaneously, the documents on Win Magic are creditable of much supplementary recognition than just a transient wiggle. More so, the encryption it tenders is one of the largest accessible to the public and the tool is amazingly easy to use. But worst part is this device is not available for downloadable on its website. Users required communicating with the site owner for obtaining an accurate duplicate, and for that you have to provide your details by filling an form as per their requirement.  

My conclusion is, by simply bearing in mind getting one of your hard drive encryption devices recorded above your head, any user will indisputably considerably make advance in safety issues of data. Nonetheless, this is supportive barley for the online deep-seated world but in addition, in the authentic world where robbery can make acknowledgment allotments of essentials and numbers if you don’t have the appropriate hard drive encryption device installed on your computer.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pir Sohawa Most Amazing and Fascinating Tourist Spot of Islamabad

I was very excited on this Eid ul Fitre holidays because my Uncle Zulfiqar sent an invitation to me for a trip to Pir Sohawa one of the most amazing and fascinating tourist spot located in Margalla Hills Islamabad. Pir Sohawa is an upland scenic rural location, at an elevation of about 5000 ft, popular for recreational walk and picnics in Islamabad and is located close to Monal village which exists on the slope towards Islamabad city.
Actually Pir Sohawa is a village located at border of Islamabad and district Haripur of Khyber Pakhtoonkhaw Province, formerly called North Western Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan.
Right now a restaurant named as "Monal Restaurant" which is located at Pir Sohawa is converted into the hot spot to visit for the tourists not only form Islamabad but from whole Pakistan and now foreigners are also coming to see this amazing restaurant which was completed in 2006. Its spacious terraces provide a breathtaking view of Islamabad in clear day light and a stunningly beautiful show of the city lights at the bottom, after sunset. One can enjoy the breeze and fragrance, especially during summer's hot days, of thick forest present all around.
This is a unique point where one can compare the urban and rural Pakistan simply by turning the head from one side looking at Islamabad to other side looking towards rear lush green valley with villages, flowing streams and mountains beyond.
Pir Sohawa attracts tourists in winter, as the elevation (+5000 ft) is sufficient for occasional snowfall. Its a popular place among the citizens of Islamabad, as well as the foreign visitors and tourists.
This place is connected to Islamabad by a road, on which is located Daman-e-Koh, a fantastic forest-garden and a picnic point worth visiting. It is a destination point for a hiking trip from the bottom of Margalla Hills climbing 3000 ft almost vertically straight up from the village of Saidpur, Islamabad.
Historically, when there were no roads available, Pir Sohawa top was a midway resting point for travellers of Hazara areas north of Islamabad, ascending and descending the Rear Mountains and heading towards Rawalpindi.
We started our tour on a four wheel Jeep specially built for hilly tracks. My Uncle also arranged a goat for our wild lunch during this fascinating tour.

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