Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Do Some People Like to Smoke Though They Know It Harms? | Healthmad

I think it is more psychological action instead of need basis and some people who think Smoking is a fun and after a while they fall into deep love with it are the major victims who goes with it till the end.

Being a smoker I don’t know why I feel panic sometimes when I am working or thinking and ultimately I start smoking during the process. I think it is psychological instead of need.
One I was the hatter of smoking when I was a Football player and what a coincident I started smoking in the ground because there was so many people in our seniors who was smoking on that time. I think during the period of young age fantasy of a personality which you admire and you follow him blindly with his all worst part too because of fantasy around him, it is the key to get into this harmful arena. Media is also playing his part for spreading this disease when they present heroes in front of us who smoke during his big events with some unique and amazing styles. Followers of that fantasy based personality follow him blindly are the real victims.
In the last I know it is dangerous for my health but I don’t have will yet to get rid of it unless I start trying to quite from my this worst habit and stick with it with full devotion and passion.

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