Friday, September 9, 2011

Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation

What is the difference between inspiration and motivation? is there any major difference in those two words? or just they are twins? let me explain it in plain way.

That's an interesting question. thinking about it, i think motivation is something that pushes me towards a goal, whereas inspiration is something different, its what inspires me to do something. 

I think maybe inspiration is like something that fills us up with a sense that we can do something, whereas motivation is about something that we are chasing.

Its a very subtle difference, i just looked in an online dictionary, and motivation was desscribed as an incentive, whereas inspiration was a sort of higher form of stimulation, that affects us as makes us want to create something. 

But in many ways we need both, as inspiration may give us a creative idea that we begin, but it is probably motivation that allows us to complete it.

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