Friday, September 9, 2011

What is More Important – Money or Love?

From my point of view both love and money has equal importance in life as you can’t enjoy money alone so you need a partner and without money there is no fun in life so money is needed to have a good life ,and for maintaing a good relationship money is its better you should concentrate on both love and money ,or find a good partner who is able to earn sufficient for both of you and love you..!

I have mixed thoughts on a lot of things. I’ve tried to focus on my career, become more stable, so I can enjoy life more. I know some people are able to concentrate and do both, but I’m not so sure how to manage them. I must admit I’ve been in a relationship most of my adult life. This is like the first time I have been single for a while and it’s kind of difficult. I wish sometimes when I accomplish things in my career, large or small targets, sometimes I wish I could share that with someone special, if you know what I mean. 
I’m not trying to brag on appearance, but I do not have a problem finding a new partner. I really want to improve my financial situation. I’m not sure if I should spend my time trying to meet new people. I know it’s hard to find a good partner and I’m not sure I’m ready. I want my life to get together to live more comfortable financially. I’ve been in bad situations in the past because of finances. I do not want to experience that situation again. So I try to learn from my mistakes. So I try to concentrate on my work because I want to enjoy a good life. 
I know that life is short, but it’s like I know money is important, but it is not everything, because we can not take with us when we die. However, we can, the memories of our relationship with ourselves. I know that some people can balance to find love and build their careers. I do not know if I should concentrate on my career or love or both. So I’m just confused now. Can you give me any advice on how to handle it?
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