Saturday, July 14, 2012

Islamabad - One of the Greenish Metropolitan City of the World

I am glad you chooses Pakistan to visit well I will love to be your guide and will share all kind of information with you. I am living in Islamabad which is a metropolitan city very well planned surrounded by Green Margalla hills, valley's and full of sky scraper buildings.

Islamabad has a diversified culture which include people from all over the country and from abroad as well. Being a capital it has artistically approached in all developments which has the given a unique and classical touch. 

Islamabad has everything which a modern city demand from night clubs to Food Streets, from five star hotels to medium staying guest houses for family adventures. Islamabad has the some prominent places to which falls in must watch category for example, 3rd biggest Park in Asia, Biggest willed life park of the world stand in top 10, more than 3000 years old village with look of old and modern at the same time which is located in valley and called Saidpur. Monument park of Pakistan which show the entire historical life of Pakistan.

Pakistan's biggest Sports Complex is also located in Islamabad which have witnessed SAARC Games twice and a big number of international events as well. Islamabad has the biggest Shopping Market of the Asia which is based on more than 6 km long area. Islamabad has the recognition in the category of Biggest Mosque of the world where it stand in top 10 with namely, "Shah Faisal Mosque" an artistic design.

Now Islamabad is witnessing some amazing stylish sky scrappers which are going to be ready within few months and some will be in next year as well.
As per your need I want you to google some of prominent hotels in Islamabad or you can visit this blog about Islamabad which is full of all kind of information regarding the Capital of Pakistan.

I hope it will show you the real picture of Islamabad, Pakistan and you will take a good look of your distination. Looking for reply