Monday, April 28, 2014

Pakistan Idol - Not a Single Prize for the Runner Up, What was That?

Zamad Baig become First Pakistan Idol by defeating Mohammad Shoaib Khan who was my favorite and I also predict about him in previouse post where I said, "Shoaib is the First Pakistan Idol it is My Prediction, what is yours?".

But my today's topic is, "Not a Single Prize for Runner Up" what the hell was that?. Well lime light is always the right of winner but what about the person who provide this beautiful fight by putting his all efforts to make Pakistan's First Idol. If the runner ups performances and efforts have nothing to worth?

Already he just got defeated and than no body was even looking towards him, "What a sad end for the Runner up" I think this was the biggest mistake or a blunder made by the Pakistan Idol Team or GEO Team. In the end I want to congratulate Zamad Baig for becoming First Pakistan Idol.

Once Again the last Sixer from Zamad Big which got maximum vote for him

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Shoiab Khan's Sixe in the last performance He sung really beautiful but..... :-)

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shoaib is the First Pakistan Idol it is My Prediction, what is yours?

I am following Pakistan Idol with very detailed, critical and analyzing it on every stage and my prediction is, "Shoaib is the First Pakistan Idol" for me although Zamad Baig is a far better in term of Singing is concern but he lacks versatility which is going against him.

For me Pakistan Idol must have variety of different type of singing's in his arsenal which Shoiab had already showed through his song choices for every episodes. One more very important thing is our all three judges and the Guest Stars who came in the show are belong to the Pop Industry instead of one Qawal which means they all love the Singer cum Performer which is another edge for Shoaib. Thirdly, The Killing Smile of Shoaib which attracts the Majority of the Girls and Zamad is also lacking this little but a BIG favor of the Pakistan Idol voters.

Moment of the Last Episod - My Favorite Moment - Enjoy

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Finally, Pakistan Idol makers are looking for a raising star which must be sold able product rather than a singer without colors. Now you tell me, Are you agree with me or you have something better to say in favor of Zamad Baig? Feel free and write it down About Your First Pakistan Idol.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pakistan Idol – Semi Final is on Friday 18th April 2014

Pakistan Idol is reached to its Semi Final where only three contestants left. In next episode we will see the last elimination and than Final Gala will be set for the Pakistan’s First Idol.

Mohammad Shoaib accelerated his performance Level on the Right Time and he is increasing his stage presence as well. The way he got standing ovations form the whole panel of judges and guests it was amazing. Although according to my bad ears Zamad Baig was the real winner but the way judges appreciated Shoaib it shows how he proved his versatility in all singing formats.

Now I am going to my previous claim in which I already mentioned this question to my friends and followers, “Doyou think Shoiab Khan will be the First Pakistan Idol? And I shared what I thing and believe.

Now I am once again going to say, “Shoaib Khan will be the First Pakistan Idol”  Do you still disagree with me? Take a look to his last performance.

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Also I wish you must listen to Zamad Baig as well because I liked his performance more than Shoiab for the Qawalli Round.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pakistan Idol - Rose Spread the Fragrance of its Life Time

Pakistan Idol has lost its fragrance after loosing the one and only Rose in the Show, "Rise Merry". She sung her heart out in the last episode by saying, "Alwida (GoodBye)". We wish him best of luck for his coming successful future.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Do you think Shoaib Khan is Going to be the First “Pakistan Idol”?

Pakistan Idol last episode was the best episode so far we have witnessed. The way all five contestants sung their heart out was amazing but Shoaib Khan’s Performance was one of the BEST in all five (it is my opinion and people can disagree with me) the way he sung and perform was his best performance so far from the day one of Pakistan Idol.

What was unique and outstanding in his performance on which basis I am claiming, “Shoaib is going o be the First Pakistani Idol”. The way he sung the song was full of real essence of the Ali Zafar’s song. He was the one and only who justified his performance by putting the audience mesmerized with his performance which was full of passion and happiness.

See the Performance of Shoaib Khan in “Pakistan Idol” Once again and then comment about it

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Most importantly, “Ali Zafar” who is very well established Singer and Actor in Pakistan and India he knows what Shoaib has done and that is why he gave him the standing aviation. He felt Shoaib has understood the soul of the song and his actions put life in the poetry. Today entertainment industry loves those who not only sing but show what they are singing.

What is your opinion, Am I saying right? Or you have someone else is your favorite? Share your view3s about the last episode of Pakistan Idol. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pakistan Idol - My Favorite from Islamabad Zeeshan's First Release

Pakistan Idol one of the biggest Live Musical Reality Show getting maximum popularity throughout the Pakistan. Youth of Pakistan is getting crazy about it and social pages like Facebook and tweets on twitters are getting thunderstorm. Although people are criticizing the role of judges especially Hadiqa Kiyani who is showing clearly favoritism towards one participate.

My Favorite from Pakistan Idol was Muhammad Zeeshan from Rawalpindi who was heavily criticized by the three judges and I always disagreed with them. Zeeshan's first video song is launched which I want to share with my friends and followers and hope you all will like it.

Tu AJA bY Zeeshan (Zainy)... Pakistan Idol... by mr_aadi84