Monday, April 7, 2014

Do you think Shoaib Khan is Going to be the First “Pakistan Idol”?

Pakistan Idol last episode was the best episode so far we have witnessed. The way all five contestants sung their heart out was amazing but Shoaib Khan’s Performance was one of the BEST in all five (it is my opinion and people can disagree with me) the way he sung and perform was his best performance so far from the day one of Pakistan Idol.

What was unique and outstanding in his performance on which basis I am claiming, “Shoaib is going o be the First Pakistani Idol”. The way he sung the song was full of real essence of the Ali Zafar’s song. He was the one and only who justified his performance by putting the audience mesmerized with his performance which was full of passion and happiness.

See the Performance of Shoaib Khan in “Pakistan Idol” Once again and then comment about it

Source: Mobilink Music

Most importantly, “Ali Zafar” who is very well established Singer and Actor in Pakistan and India he knows what Shoaib has done and that is why he gave him the standing aviation. He felt Shoaib has understood the soul of the song and his actions put life in the poetry. Today entertainment industry loves those who not only sing but show what they are singing.

What is your opinion, Am I saying right? Or you have someone else is your favorite? Share your view3s about the last episode of Pakistan Idol. 

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