Monday, April 14, 2014

Pakistan Idol – Semi Final is on Friday 18th April 2014

Pakistan Idol is reached to its Semi Final where only three contestants left. In next episode we will see the last elimination and than Final Gala will be set for the Pakistan’s First Idol.

Mohammad Shoaib accelerated his performance Level on the Right Time and he is increasing his stage presence as well. The way he got standing ovations form the whole panel of judges and guests it was amazing. Although according to my bad ears Zamad Baig was the real winner but the way judges appreciated Shoaib it shows how he proved his versatility in all singing formats.

Now I am going to my previous claim in which I already mentioned this question to my friends and followers, “Doyou think Shoiab Khan will be the First Pakistan Idol? And I shared what I thing and believe.

Now I am once again going to say, “Shoaib Khan will be the First Pakistan Idol”  Do you still disagree with me? Take a look to his last performance.

Source: Mobilink Music

Also I wish you must listen to Zamad Baig as well because I liked his performance more than Shoiab for the Qawalli Round.

Source: Mobilink Music


  1. Pathetic Shoaib .. who does not know what is sur... Just for one performance, u cant claim idolship. Look at Judges face whenever some1 other than shoaib was eliminated. He is just Lucky man who managed without having any real talent.

  2. Look I do not disagree with you when you say, "He is not pure professional" but what is the meaning of this reality show? the person who never go training but he has the voice he can win this competition. Another thing they are looking for complete entertaining package instead of just a singer which you have to keep in mind.