Sunday, December 25, 2011

Father of Nation Qauid-e-Azam has Witnessed New Pakistan Today

Today I am very emotional When I am listening Makhdom Javed Hashmi's Speech in which he is saying very emotionally, "Haan mai Baghi Hoo" (Yes I am disobedient to this Fake System) in which rich is getting more rich and poor is getting more poorer.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Founding Father of Pakistan is witnessing this changing Pakistan and he will be very happy when he is seeing, "Youth is Demanding Change in Pakistan"

This Public gathering at Mazar-e-Quide will set the tempreture in the entire country and will define the demand of Change from Pakistan because today the whole Pakistan is saying only one thing, "Yes We are One" Today no one is Punjabi, Pukhtoon, Sindhi or Balochi but we all are nothing but "Pakistan".

Pakistan Political Scenario is Changing with Every Day Passing

Pakistan is one of the unique countries where no one can judge, what will happen next in political stage because changes are happening with every move of power holding forces.

But everyone is accepting that, “One man is going stronger and get more strength with every passing day” is Imran Khan who is Chairman of “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf” (PTI) new emerging force in the Pakistan Political Arena.
Big Names of Pakistani Politics are leaving their old parties and joining this “New Political Force” like crazy people jump in the flood.
The whole Pakistan is accepting Imran Khan as a Leader of Change but now some serious reservations also has been shown from some PTI Seniors and Independent observers as well like, “Imran Khan who started his political life with the slogan of Change in Pakistani Politics and change in the life of ordinary Pakistanis” can he bring this change with these old horses who was part of old culture of Pakistani Politics? These all big names who are joining Imran Khans hand after the Biggest Public Gathering in Pakistan’s Political history in Lahore, “How they can be loyal with Imran Khan when they are joining PTI on the price of leaving their old parties?. Are they securing their pie of the cake in coming days?”

Imran Khan, PTI chief along with Makhdoom Javed Hashmi addressing at a Press conference in Karachi.Also seen on the occasion are Shah Mahmood Qurteshi, Dr Arif Alvi, Jehangir Tareen and others. (Photo by Sohail Rafique)

People are pointing fingers on some recently joined names like a group of 30 big and well known people from Muslim League (Q) they always change their parties on instructions from Establishment Forces and some independent observers are saying they are the puppets of Establishment, so Imran Khan is losing his focus and playing in the hand of Establishment.

Imran Khan, PTI chief welcoming Javed Hashmi in his party at a Press conference in Karachi. (Photo by Sohail Rafique)But if we look towards Joining of Makhdoom Javed Hashmi who joins Imran Khan Today morning, “He is symbol of hard core antiestablishment leader and also belongs to antiestablishment party Pakistan Muslim League (N). So it is very difficult to say, “Who is Right and who is wrong?”
As per my own feelings and judgment or I can say my personal observation is, “Something is Wrong” because for change, “We must have New Tools” or “We Must have New Idea’s “ but these all old horses and old politicians cannot bring change because they cannot think or bring new idea. They all were part of the old political regime which is ruling Pakistan Since 1970. They have done nothing in past so how they can bring change in future?
So my conclusion is, “Imran Khan must take leave for 3 to 5 days after 25th December’s Public Gathering in Karachi and look back towards his struggle days and try to remember those honest and real people’s faces that was part of its Party Pakistan tehreek-e-Insaf. Today they have no voice because they are sitting on back benches. They are the real strength of PTI because they are loyal and honest from the day one and till now and will remain loyal in the future. So My Love and My hope Imran Khan you must revisit your strategy before it’s too late.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Media's Blackout against today's Public gatherings in Lahore, Peshawar and rawalpindi

I have one question for So called liberal and independent media, Why Today's Public Gathering at Lahore, Peshawar and in Rawalpindi are facing total blackout in Media? All Channels always show 4 hours noisy Heejra of MQm on TV but they don't have courage to show the huge public gatherings of Islamic Parties, Why? Sheikh Rasheed is addressing to the public right now when I am writing my questions but the whole media is trying to shut his voice which is not fair, What is your answer about my these questions?

What a Shameful Act by this so called Liberal and Vibrant Media, What is your point of View my Dear Readers?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome Party of New BOSS of JACC

Today we have received our new Boss Mr. Muhammad Afzal (Director General) of our Department Jawaid Azfar Computer Center, Planning Commission of Pakistan.

Mr. Muhammad Afzal has served on several positions in Punjab and joins Federal government in 2005. Till today he worked on very important and key positions in different Ministries. His last posting was at, “Access to Justice” as Director General and after that position he joined our Department.

I Welcomed him and wished him best of luck and in reply he gave his remarks by saying, “I am feeling very proud to seeing so many youngsters in my new department because youth always love to open new doors and for it they work really hard. I wish you all will help me to learn the new ways on which you all believe always so I can also believe on your dreams. I am really proud being part of your team and this is an historic moment for me which I will never forget in my remaining life.

Mr. Afzal further said, “We all will work together as one unit and like a one family to achieve our common goal so we can get success together, and I wish you all will give your full support to me so I can lead all of you in the right direction. We will work hard in coming years to give extra ordinary performance to our superiors so they can feel ease during decision making.

I wish him Good Luck in coming years and pray for his success.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

$700 Million Once or Every Week? Pakistan has to Decide Now

What a Joke..!!! US Congress Panel Freezes $700 Million Worth of Pakistan Aid..!!! Let me Tell you one thing today, "USA and his NATO Allies will Pay $700 Million every Week against the Services they get from Pakistan". How? Let me brief you how?

Let me brief you how it will happen:

Since 2001 when this “Fake War against Terror” has been started USA, NATO and his Allies have never paid a single cent against their Whole Supply Line.  What a Criminal act from the whole NATO countries.

Pakistan must not ask for Aid anymore but just impose service charges on every container which come to our Karachi Port and travel throughout the Pakistan and reach to Kabul, Afghanistan. Pakistan can also put Petrol Movement Charges as per United Nations Charter in which they are bound to pay us Rs.200 per gallon. Yes I am saying per gallon not per Container and daily more than 400 containers are moving in Pakistan filled of Petrol. Every Province has the power to put taxes in the shape of Toll Tax after 18th amendment, so NATO has to pay Toll as well. Also NATO is using so many terminals without paying a single cent so why not ask them for paying rent otherwise pick their goods and take them back to home it will also bring more revenue in our economy. We must also demand for insurance of our all transportation vehicles and peoples who are taking part in their supply line due to danger of life. So in my point of view just amount of insurance will be more than $700 millions. I am not a expert on these financial matters but I know how we can get $700 millions from USA per week if we put a price tag on our services only for this “FAKE WAR”.

I hope I clarified my idea and those people who are responsible for all these things must sit together and put some realistic figures and get $700 millions per week instead of just one time, “So Called Aid” (in reality this will be the bribe which they always put in the mouth of those pigs who are so called our policy makers).

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

$400 per gallon - Price of NATO Attack

People of Pakistan and the whole world is witnessed about Imran Khan's statement about, "Fake War against Terror" and he always condemned it and never supported.

After loosing more than 35,000 innocent Pakistani civilians lives our so called democratic government has reached to this conclusion, "This is Not Our war" when they have listened news of, "NATO attack on Pakistani Border Security Check Post.

Now when Bone Conference has been failed to achieve what they were thinking because Pakistan did not attend the Conference and boycott the all process which is US led forces and NATO is doing in Afghanistan.

As per US media, "One Gallon of Petrol which reach to them in Afghanistan, they are paying $400 for it". So in this financial crunch when people of USA are loosing their Homes and Jobs, can they justify this criminal act? Why not they try to solve problems of their peoples instead of fighting an un-ended Fake war?

We being Pakistani did not defend our act of blockage but, "Is it fair to drop Bombs on us when we are helping them? When we are trying our best to facilitate them?

If the US and NATO allies want a honorable exit from this war than they must listened to us and stop killing innocent humans in the both side of Border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. They must pull their forces out of our region and focus on their own people’s problem. Why they are spending $400 on one gallon for a fake war, why not they spent these $400 on their peoples who give them, "Vote and Money" in the shape of taxes.

If USA and its NATO allies think they can run away from killing of our innocent people, than they living in the World of Fools. Let me clarify that, I am just talking about One gallon Petrol but there are plenty of other necessities which they use on daily basis and I did not counted all of them. So you can imagine how high price they are paying for this "Fake War".

Imran Khan is Going to Address a huge gathering in Karachi on 25th December, they day of our Founding Father Quide-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah and also the day of "Jesus Christ" they day of Christmas and I am looking towards it and the way this coming event is building the momentum I wanted to share with you its one  picture. You must watch this video below to understand what I am saying: 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Obama after all feel’s the Pressure

After 8 days president Obama get the news that NATO has attacked on Pakistani Check post on Border and 28 Army personnel’s were killed in it.  Today as per News Channels US president Barrack Obama on Sunday telephoned President Asif Ali Zardari and offered condolences over the martyrdom of Pakistani soldiers in Nato air strike.

Is it Funny or he is now feeling the pressure because Pakistan has blocked NATO and US?

People who were claiming, “US army is trained to eat even humans” will not bow down to this kind of blockages but I think they have requested to their Supreme Commander to help them out before their stock of luxury items finish.

Yes I agree with my those friends who claim US army is the Best Army in the world who is expert in killing of innocent and unarmed civilian peoples but history is witnessed that, “Whenever they get the real Fight Back they Love to Avoid and even on many times they Never Agree to go in the War Zone”. Why I am saying that? Because I think they are useful to Luxury Environment of Army.

Well I am not feeling good to blame them because I think they as per their profession have to obey the orders.

The main question is what the hell they are doing in Afghanistan? Who want them to stay in difficult train on Afghanistan? Who is benefiting from this war? What the American People are getting from this Fake War?

I wish my American Friends must try to search about these questions and realize why their hard earned money is going into these wars? Because their taxes are used in these wars, so what kind of Benefit they are getting from this fake War?

Let me share my thoughts and little research with you all, “90% Army Transportation is Used for Drug Movement from Afghanistan to Europe” where the money is going from this Drug Trading? Please research a little bit you will find, “US Generals are Building their Homes in Different Cities in these days” and “Their Kids are investing in Different kind of Corporate Businesses”. To cover this Black Money they apply for Loans and after some months they pay their full loan in one payment with reduced interest.

If Black Money convert into White with giving a little fees in the shape of interest than this is not a big loss, what you think about this way of “Making Money from a Fake War?

But People of America who are suffering with Financial Crunch Got What?

I will share my point of view about my Last Question in my Coming Post but I hope to get your point of view about it.

Graveyard of 90,000 US Troops Seems to be Ready in Afghanistan

Since NATO have criminal attack on Pakistani Check post on Afghanistan border in which 28 Solders were killed without any reason, in response Pakistan has block their supply line. Now Russia has also given threat of blockage supply line from their root as well on the deployment of atomic missile on Russian European border from United State and the whole world knows about Iran US relations so, “It Seems 90,000 US troops are living in a Graveyard”.

NATO is not killing Pakistani soldiers but they are going to play key role in converting Afghanistan into Graveyard for US 90,000 Troops. Because of their criminal attack on Pakistan Border Forces has brought them into the situation where they were never before.

Let me analyze the situation of US troops in front of you, US Troops are in Afghanistan who’s borders is attached with Iran, Russia and Pakistan and right now these three countries are not ready to cooperate with US or NATO because they feel we are under threat because of these two occupying forces. So in result, those all 90,000 US troops and NATO forces are facing real life threat in coming days because they will die with hunger if those supply line remain closed. So Iran, Pakistan and Russian can win this triangle war without firing a single bullet. Afghanistan which is well known as, “Graveyard of Super Powers” who knows this will convert into their last destination.

In the last paragraph let me share the Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff exact word which he said to the solders, “Be assured that we will not let the aggressor walk away easily, he further said, “any act of aggression will be responded with full force regardless of the cost and consequences”.

Pakistan’s Army Chief further clarified that the troops could respond their own, when attacked without waiting for orders from the command, “I have full trust in your capabilities and resolve”. You can easily feel the real anger behind these statements which whole Pakistani nation is expressing on every forum of the world.

I think US President did not realizing the situation correctly or his cabinet is not showing him the clear picture and that is why he did not express a single word on this criminal act and neither he offers condolences but ready to sacrifice and buried his 90,000 solder in the Graveyard (Afghanistan).