Wednesday, December 7, 2011

$400 per gallon - Price of NATO Attack

People of Pakistan and the whole world is witnessed about Imran Khan's statement about, "Fake War against Terror" and he always condemned it and never supported.

After loosing more than 35,000 innocent Pakistani civilians lives our so called democratic government has reached to this conclusion, "This is Not Our war" when they have listened news of, "NATO attack on Pakistani Border Security Check Post.

Now when Bone Conference has been failed to achieve what they were thinking because Pakistan did not attend the Conference and boycott the all process which is US led forces and NATO is doing in Afghanistan.

As per US media, "One Gallon of Petrol which reach to them in Afghanistan, they are paying $400 for it". So in this financial crunch when people of USA are loosing their Homes and Jobs, can they justify this criminal act? Why not they try to solve problems of their peoples instead of fighting an un-ended Fake war?

We being Pakistani did not defend our act of blockage but, "Is it fair to drop Bombs on us when we are helping them? When we are trying our best to facilitate them?

If the US and NATO allies want a honorable exit from this war than they must listened to us and stop killing innocent humans in the both side of Border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. They must pull their forces out of our region and focus on their own people’s problem. Why they are spending $400 on one gallon for a fake war, why not they spent these $400 on their peoples who give them, "Vote and Money" in the shape of taxes.

If USA and its NATO allies think they can run away from killing of our innocent people, than they living in the World of Fools. Let me clarify that, I am just talking about One gallon Petrol but there are plenty of other necessities which they use on daily basis and I did not counted all of them. So you can imagine how high price they are paying for this "Fake War".

Imran Khan is Going to Address a huge gathering in Karachi on 25th December, they day of our Founding Father Quide-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah and also the day of "Jesus Christ" they day of Christmas and I am looking towards it and the way this coming event is building the momentum I wanted to share with you its one  picture. You must watch this video below to understand what I am saying: 

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