Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome Party of New BOSS of JACC

Today we have received our new Boss Mr. Muhammad Afzal (Director General) of our Department Jawaid Azfar Computer Center, Planning Commission of Pakistan.

Mr. Muhammad Afzal has served on several positions in Punjab and joins Federal government in 2005. Till today he worked on very important and key positions in different Ministries. His last posting was at, “Access to Justice” as Director General and after that position he joined our Department.

I Welcomed him and wished him best of luck and in reply he gave his remarks by saying, “I am feeling very proud to seeing so many youngsters in my new department because youth always love to open new doors and for it they work really hard. I wish you all will help me to learn the new ways on which you all believe always so I can also believe on your dreams. I am really proud being part of your team and this is an historic moment for me which I will never forget in my remaining life.

Mr. Afzal further said, “We all will work together as one unit and like a one family to achieve our common goal so we can get success together, and I wish you all will give your full support to me so I can lead all of you in the right direction. We will work hard in coming years to give extra ordinary performance to our superiors so they can feel ease during decision making.

I wish him Good Luck in coming years and pray for his success.

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