Thursday, March 31, 2011

Letter From India After Semi Final - Aman Ka Chaka Laga

Hi Dear Islooboy! 

In fact I should have been the first person to respond to your discussion! But then since for a couple of days since the weather conditions at our locality is bit erratic,(that is too hot during day time and colder during night time) I am suffering from fever as I need to expose myself to both he weather conditions because of my job! Well now I am feeling bit better and this is the first discussion I am responding! 

First of all thank you very much for your friendly, sincerely appreciable gesture on congratulating the India on its win in the Semi Finals! In fact yesterday's match was some thing more than simple Semi Final World Cup Match! Almost every Indian was caught by the semi final fever and there was only one name on every body's talk. That was Pakistan! People were all in dilemma if India will make against Pakistan or not! Last three days were like some grand celebrations at the Punjab! 

Now there is no point of talking that Indian players did well over Pakistani players, Pakistani players dropped some good catches etc. as these will be discussed at length by others here. I just wanted to discuss about the brotherhood that was witnessed during the match and after the match! 

As I told you before hand nothing untowards has happened before , during and after the match! There was full joy, entertainment and enjoyment during the match! There were no tense moments because of security as it was expected by many people, every thing was just as normal as it could be! Who can say that there was so tight security looking at the manner the crowd was enjoying the match! People were allowed to carry flags, accessories, allowed to put on the make up etc just like in any match! 

There were big dignitaries like Prime Ministers of both the Countries, Big Industrialist,Ministers, Bollywood stars, families of the players and just name them and they were there and there was only one thing common to every one of these dignitaries weather they are from Pakistan or India,and that was Happiness!Every one was happy , every moment was being enjoyed as if there was no tomorrow. The jam packed stadium was some thing spectacular to see and enjoy! 

There match was played with full sportsmen spirit. There were no typical incidences of teasing one another amongst the players which we often used to get see in the past. There was seriousness towards the game and the faces of the players was all filled with confidence! I think nobody either in the crowd or on the field must have remembered any thing like terrorism and the repercussions as threatened by the terrorists! This speaks the fact that if two nations are genuinely interested in peace then a third party can't intervene to spoil the peace and the brotherhood and the intimate relationship! 

You must have observed big leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and many more were sitting in the crowd and enjoying the match while they could have done the same by sitting in the VIP enclosures! 

Chandigarh Airport was full with 46 chartered planes and there was no scope for further accommodation so the other flights were diverted to next nearest airports.Thus this event was attended by common people and VIPs with equal enthusiasm! 

You know Islooboy ! One person from Punjab has given his three tickets which he managed with very great difficulty to his Pakistani friends who were disappointed for they couldn't manage the tickets for the match! there must have been several such incidences which will come to light gradually to prove that, the common man of India and Pakistan are still the same as they were before the partition ,they have same brotherly feelings and affection and it is only the vested interests that are playing dirty politics to divide the two to reap the benefits! 

Last but not the least, it was very touching to see that people from Pakistan were saying that they were not feeling anything bad as Pakistan lost the match,as this is part and parcel of the game. They said if not this time it will be the next time! This gesture of theirs really filled up many hearts of Indians with joy and tears of happiness! 

Overall I think Islooboy, at least with this match the relationships which got tarnished after the Mumbai blasts between Pakistan and India, has restarted all afresh and with the young blood who got global exposure from both the country will understand the actual problem and hopefully help their respective countries and each other in fighting out the terrorism, which is a brainchild of some third party who want to reap the benefits by sacrificing people from both the countries who are still like brothers and sisters! 

Thanks for the discussion! As usual it was a fantastic one for me to respond! All the best!


AK Rao

Tremendous Achievement by the Pakistani Team

It is difficult not to admire Afridi for the way he accepted his team's fate. Its impossible for one man to win a match on his own. If Sachin had been dismissed on his score of 27 India would not have crossed 140. Instaed your generous fielders gave him 4 lives and the two review that went in his favor proved that it was not Pakistan's day today. Kamran Akmal was so hopeless behind the wicket. 
From the Indian side the best parts were in the start when Sehwag blasted poor Gul out of the bowling attack and towards the end when Raina dragged India past 250. 
And we all enjoyed the 4 lives you guys gave to Sachin. BTW sachin also did not score the century, infact Yuvi simply did not trouble the scorers so Afrid's wish came true. 
I don't know what Misbah was doing today and Younus Khan has not done anything at all. In Razzack, younis, akmal kamran they have mere passengers. 
well, you must be sorely disappointed but India played lousy cricket and Pakistan showed they were afraid so they lost. A Miandad or an Inzy would have shown them how to do it.

Pictures from Islamabad During Semi Final Between India & Pakistan

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

India Won the biggest Semi Final of the Cricket History

Best team Has won the Biggest Semi Final of the cricket history by 29 runs at the end. I want to congratulate all my Indian brothers and sisters. 

Celebration has already started in the India I know and in Pakistan we all are very disappointed but the way Pakistan Team has perform in the tournament we feel proud on them because they have done good job even they were in the very bad patch since last 4 or 5 months. 

My dream was World Cup stay in the South Asia which is fulfilled because both teams in the Final are from our region. We outclass all other regions with our rich and excited cricket which must be appreciated as much as we can. 

Afridi is still my hero and I want to say him keep it up and the way wahab riaz bowled today was excellent. Pakistan Batting line up did not played up to the mark. 

Once again I want to congratulate all of you. 

Have fun 


Is 260 enough for Pakistan?

Well, the hype and talks about this match was so much in the air that 260 is not a score. People expected more than say 360 or more.

Things would go in India's favor had Shewag not out so early and the main run earner did not flop. Yes, another 20 to 30 runs would have been better.

Now its up to Pakistan bating line to prove their skills.

Wahab Riaz New Star has been Born

I was very disappointed when I saw Shoaib Akhter is not in the playing team which is going to play Semi Final.

But the way wahab Riaz bowled today was marvellous  he sent 5 Indian batsman back to the pavilion. Some one wrote topic regarding born of new Star in this semi Final I think Wahab Riaz is a strong contender for this title after his performance.

Afridi Stopped Runs Machine Tendulkar - No Century This time

As per Afridi's Statement he Stopped Tendulkar at 85 although once everyone thought Tendulkar is out before 50 but RDI favoured Tendulkar. He also stopped all Indian Guns to make an huge total. Best bating line of India finished on just 260 which is achievable total. 

So Afridi's fufill what he said, Now its on the Batting line to perform according to plan and get Pakistan to the victory Stand. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shoaib Malik Vs Sania Mirza - Who Will Win Today?

I started an discussion at mylot regarding the topic and I got some really funny comments which I want to share with you all:

My Topic

I made this topic for fun only - Please provide your Funny Comments about this great Finale. Don't loose Manners - :D Cheers

So who Will win Shoaib Vs Sania ?

I don't want to see shoaib in the kitchen once again - lol :D


1. Always remember, the wife is always right. :) So Sania will win the bet and that would mean that India will win the match. 


2. Kaise devar ho bhaijaan, koi shak hai kya , bhabhi hi jeetengi apke bhayya ko marna hai kya? how was that isloooboy?

3. Abey yar kehan phanswa diya apney bhai ko, bechara to bemot mar jai ga :D or sath he humain bhee le doobey ga :D lol

4. Have fun today. Kal to waise bhi rona hi hai.AApki Bhabhi international khiladi hai aur jeetna uski aadat hai aur aapke bhaijaan to team se bahar hi rehte hain to where is the competition? If he does not want to go to the kitchen then ask him to pray for Pakistan's defeat because if the team loses then he will have a chance to come back , is'nt it? LOL

5. Yar yeh ghalt topic chir giya mujh se :D lol 

Hum asian jo hai woh man dominent socity hai yeh to tum sub mano ge nah?

Shiab ko bhabi ko manana aata hai agar har ker naraz ho gai to koinkey woh bhut acha cook bhee hai :D

You can also comment regarding this topic .

Monday, March 28, 2011

Afridi very much confident and betting the little master Sachin Tendulkar

I read in the newspaper that Afridi saying that he and his team is very much confident and will win the match against India. he told that his team will not allow any Indian batsman to have a good innings and especially he said that he will not allow Sachin the little master and best and ever player cricket would not allow to score his 100th century. What do you think is this Afridi's over over confidence and betting Scahin that he will not make his 100th century and what do you feel? I feel that for sure Sachin will score his 100th century on next match against Pakistan. What do you think?

Will INDIA lose the match if Sachin scores a century?

Some people say that if Scores a hundred, India will lose the match.

51 Test International Hundreds
Lost - 9
Won - 22
Draw - 30

49 One Day Hundreds
Lost - 13
Won - 33
Tied - 1
No result - 1

So, according to this what do you about Sachin in the Semi - final match?

Do you feel it is a right decision to open WAGAH border in the name of cricket?

Don't you feel that government of India is risking the life of its citizen by opening theWAGH Border (also known as Berlin Wall of Asia) i.e. the only road crossing India and Pakistan and it lies on the Grand Trunk Road (also called as GT Road) between the cities of Lahore (in Pakistan) and Amritsar (in India). 

In most of the occasion it has been found that among the total number of people visiting from Pakistan to India, 20% don't return to Pakistan though there visa's have expired. And then their are illegal entries. And when we know that our neighbors are not so friendly creatures. 

Don't you feel that our national security is in risk and at the end of the day only the common man needs to pay for it and not Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh.

My Answer to this question is : 

Well I found your comments harsh in this environment of Love, Peace and harmony which created by the gesture of your Prime Minister. So I am not feeling that you are an friendly creature who is not believing on your own countries Intelligencer agencies which are fully aware of anything during these travelings. 

So please spread the word of Peace and joy rather than questioning on our Love. I hope my words not heart your feelings even I am heart from your words.

Who will be the 30 March Khan?

I was busy in preparation work of SARRC meetings regarding MDGs so I was not commenting during these days on any topics sorry for that. :D.

Today when I was thinking regarding the 30th March Semi Final one of my friend tried to give me an speech regarding 30 mar khan. So suddenly this Idea click in my, "Who will be the 30 March Khan?".

I was also thinking regarding atmosphere in that particular day around the globe especially in India and Pakistan. I found some interesting terms which are using by media for this jam pack match which I feel very interesting and want to share with you. Please share your country media's terms too which they are using right now.

Here are some of them:

"Excitement of people - Googlies - Bouncers - Sixer's"
In all of these beauties of the game - Who will be the 30 March Khan?

So Tell me are you know the 30 March Khan?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Biggest upset of world cup - South Africa out of the tournament

The Proteas have always been tagged as the 'Chokers' which they proved to the hilt in yesterdays match against the Black Caps. I wouldn`t say it is the biggest upset, i feel India knocking the Aussies was the biggest one.It remains to be seen how the New Zealanders fare in the semis,incidentally the 6th time that they are entering, as they have been knocked out everytime in five encounters in WC semis.I feel that the Lankans have the upperhand in todays match, but you never know.Sri Lanka have Murli who can spin a web against the Black caps but this WC has produced quite a few surprises and maybe this time NZ may be lucky.

Pakistan's Record at Mohali - Do you know about it?

At Mohali Cricket ground Pakistan has played just two matches and their record of success is 100%. Means Pakistan has won both their matches on this lovely ground. So I think Pakistan will maintain its record at Mohali, What do you think?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Will new Star will Emerge from India Pakistan Semi Final?

If I see towards Pakistani team than I found so many new faces rather than Indian team who is full of stars already but forgive me to say that, "Indian Stars already shinned so much" so new star from India is a rare chance. India have only one new face is Ashwin new spin bowler.

So if new star going to be born from this biggest event than it must be a Pakistani New Face. I cant predict a name here but some of them are, " Asad Shafique, Umer Akmal, Muhammad Hafeez, Atta-ur-Rehman and Junaid Khan.

Although Junaid Khan even did not get a single chance but he got 13 times 5 wicket in a single match in National league.

Yes this is the very excited and tense game and I must admit, "Cricket Fever" will go on his peack.

But take it as a game and try to bring Harmony, Love and peace out from this Game which we need more than anything right now. 

Mosque in Japan Completely safe during Earthquake


THIS INCREDIBLE PICTURE WILL NEVER BE PUBLISHED IN THE 'WESTERN MEDIA'...(i put my head on the block , it will be overlooked).....only muslims will understand & appreciate 'the power of 'Allah'(SWT)...
Look who has the power !!
"Surely my salaah, all my acts of worship, my life and my death are for Allaah, the Rabb of the universe. He has no partner. With this have I been commanded and I am the first of those who surrender. [Surah An'aam, verses 161, 162 and 163] 

India Vs Pakistan - Biggest Semi Final of Cricket History

Cricket Fever is on his peak not only in India and Pakistan but around the globe and "Biggest Semi Final" of "Cricket World Cup History" is going to held on 30th March 2011. Lots of team comparison is going on right now around the globe. I am going to present two opinions across the border from India and Pakistan. Judgement is on you. Here they are:-

From India's point of view:

1. Pakistan will be in pressure as they will be surrounded by Indian crowd. 

2. Pakistan strong point is their spin bowling line and every body know India can play spin bowling in well manner. 
3. Pakistan batting line is not as good compare to Indian batting line. 
4. Last, Sehwag performance against Pakistan is always dangerous one or what we need..? 

From Pakistan's point of view:

You built nice list of home advantage but I want to share comments from our beloved 1992 World Cup lifter Captin Imran Khan who was giving an interview on Geo TV. His comments goes like... 

1. India will be under pressure because of its own crowed. 
2. India will be more under pressure because of big game Semi Final. 
3. India will goes much more under pressure because he is playing against Pakistan 
4. India will goes under extra pressure because they have to defend their unbeaten run against Pakistan in any World cup. 


1. Pakistan has the history to break records like they did against Australia by broking their unbeaten run in World Cup 2011. 
2. Pakistan pace attack is more better than India and Shoiab Akhter who is playing his last match will be the key person of this match. 
3. Pakistan's fielding which was always weaker has been improve because of youngsters in the team which play an vital role in the Semi Final. 
4. Pakistan batting line is now in the rethym which can produce mirecle. 
So I think which points are you describing as an plus points maybe they are the weakness in front of Pakistan. 
But my sayings are "Best Team will Win" so it can fight in the Final as a Leader of subcontinent. 

From India's point of view:

1.Crowd pressure is not new for India whereas Pakistan is playing in India after a long time. Such huge crowds will make their youngsters nervous and panicky. 
2. Afridi has fulfilled his promise of reaching the semis so his team will be psychologically prepared for a loss. 
3. Anyway Pakistanis want to defeat India at all cost whereas India is playing to win the world cup. So Pakistan's emotional attitude vs India's professionalism and never say die spirit. Pakistanis are excited and jittery , Indians are cool and focused with plenty of self belief. 
4.India will love to extend the unbeaten record so where is the question of fear? 
5. Pace attack, just Gul and don't joke about Akhtar the world can see he is unfit and cannot last 50 overs. as to bowling his quota of 10 overs it will be a surprise if Afridi gives him more than 5 overs, and where will you hide him in the field. 
6.Yes Pakistan has so many records but most of them are of the dubious kind like pitch tampering, biting the ball, captain involved in match fixing, taking drugs, wicket keeper running away on tour and seeking asylum in foreign country, captain abusing the players openly in the ground,whereas India's recent past is full of positives. 
7. You have two decent bats in Misbah and Younus Khan and afine stroke player in Umar Akmal but rarely have they clicked together. 
8. Your best bowler is Ajmal but Afridi is reluctant to play him in the eleven and as far as Afridi is concerned Indians may choose to play him out and go after the others but even then Afridi will go for at least 50 runs. 

Yeah the better team will win and the Pakistani captain knows that. One great advantage is that Afridi has always batted well in India so he will be hoping to find some form with the bat.

Pakistan's point of view:

1. Afridi has fulfilled his promise but he is eager to fulfil his dream which is pending yet. 
2. So you very rightly said he will have no fear of defeat instead of preparing his boys to go for win. 
3. Well :D do professionals don't go for win on any cost? if it i s like that than we have already win this Semi Final :D lol. 
4. If Pakistanis are excited and jittery than I am glad to own these titles because without these two qualities a single game can not be complete. Its beauty of any game. 

4. Every Team honour its records because without hard work no one can achieve them so fear of loosing them is always in their minds. 
5. Shiab Akhter will give this answer with his performance and I left this to him. 
6. Well as per match fixing or other crime's are concern than I have only one saying and it is, "Who was kept only he is the thief" otherwise everyone knows how Australian used abusing power for their wins but.....The biggest cricket gambling place is India in the shape of IPL or whatever you call the 2nd league. 
7. you wish Misbah, Younus and Akmal will not click on the same day otherwise you know the result. 
8. Boom Boom is on hid full gloom so be careful :D 
9. Maybe Pakistani team's youngster never seen big crowed but they have hunger in them to shine like a star and against India they can become star in Pakistan within one match. so they will see it an golden opportunity in hand which must be capitalized. 
In the last but not least, the way this discussion is going on and I wish to be continued till the judgement day. You can easily imagine how tense this game going to be and how much passion and excitement is involved in it already. 
So I love to be called excited and jittery. 

India's point of view:

That is a spirited response and all i can say is let us not get jittery, not good for health you know. LOL.
The Indians are praying for Akhtar's inclusion which means 70 runs from his bowling and 20 runs from his fielding.If Misbah, Younus click Pakistan will finish at 230 maximum they cannot hit the big strokes. Umar and Afridi are the ones who can push the score beyond 270. But Boom Boom is going to implode and not explode.IPL is club cricket but they don't want the Pakistani players so you feel it is gambling sounds like a case of sour grapes. But that is because of the security hassles mainly. So if you want Pakistan players to play in India and also have matches in Pakistan then you have to stop trying to blow up a bus carrying your opponent players. It almost happened with The SriLankan team and one should realize that Pakistan is lucky to be playing international cricket after all this.
Pakistan was Lucky in 92 like India was in 83 but now times have changed and India is playing a better standard of cricket whereas Pakistan is still depending on skill alone. Talent can only take you so far after that it is dedication , training, advanced methods. Pakistan is full of talented players in fact the most talented players in this world but your cricket admin belongs to the dinosaur ages. Even now I am sure there are far better and younger players than akhtar, razzack but they can't come through because of poor management by the board.
Pakistan can win but seems unlikely. If your team wins you will be over the moon, the Indians will be be disappointed but will quickly accept it and congratulate your achievement against all odds but if you lose for you guys it will be the end of the world. Since you guys are so emotional let me wish you the very best, Inshallah but remember to win our hearts by your play.

Pakistan's point of view:

In your heart deeply you love Pakistan Cricket team and love to watch our excitable and jittery character, plzzz admit it. :D lol
Well grapes are sour not only for us but for those too who love exciting cricket in which Pakistan is rich enough. So its not loss of Pakistani players but the cricket loving audience and owners of tournament too.
You can not hide behind the wall of security but you must admit it was political decision rather than security.
Well Pakistan is facing so many international agencies which are operating within Pakistan in the cover of diplomats. So there is no proof that Pakistani people attacked on Sri Lanka team and if a person who have little mind than he can easily conclude, "How a country can bring such huge incident on them in which everything they are loosing?. So please do not come harshly on this topic.
Well I agree with you on the point you made regarding our bosses in cricket otherwise we have so much talent which can easily fulfil every place.
Yes we will be over the moon after win because it is one more step towards lifting the world cup which is our biggest dream right now.

Thanks for your best wish and yes Insha Allah we are ready to lift this world cup although cricket and we are unpredictable ;)

What is your point of view? Share with us

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Subcontinent Seat in the Final is confirm

Now my Second Team out of Four Semi Finalist is confirm when India beat Australia by 5 wickets. Now two more teams South Africa Vs Sri Lanka are left and I am quite confident they will be on their places very soon.

The Biggest Event, Blockbuster of World Cup 2011 Second Semi Final of World Cup Between Pakistan and India is coming on 30th March 2011. My request to all of you is bring Flags of both Countries in the Ground so we can hit a "Sixer of Peace" together.

Cricket is not only game but it can bring Unity among us, Cricket provide us events like this Semi Final where we can spread Love, Harmony and Peace.

So my wish for this Semi Final is, "We must Celebrate This Grand fixture of Mega Event as opportunity of bringing Peace in the region especially Peace between our two countries. 

So who will hit this Sixer of Peace with me?

Dancing people after Quarter Final Win of Pakistan in Islamabad

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Celebrations in Blue Area Islamabad After Quarter Final Win

Like all over the country giant big screen's are also fixed in Blue Area Islamabad to watch World Cup Cricket matches togather at one places. Yesterday on 23rd March 2011 which was our National Day too thousends of people gathered in front of Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) building to watch Qurater Final live. Atmosphere was Amazing and it feel'd we are in the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium and charing our team live. Youngsters were dancing on National Song's and was chanting Pakistan Zindabad. 

I can't describe feelings in words so if you want to enjoy Semi Final than you must come to Islamabad Blue Area in front of ISE building where an huge and very very giant screen is installed along with extra high volum speakers.

Celebration Pictures of Blue Area Islamabad

See ya till Semi Final 


Pakistan Confirms its place in Semi Final

They went into the World Cup 2011 as the sixth best team, yet after the quarter final stage, Pakistan has emerged as undoubtedly the best side in the mega event. From a side that didn't have its main opening batsmen Salman Butt and opening bowlers Mohammad Aamir and Mohammad Asif, Shahid Afridi's men have come a long way by reaching the last four.

It is how they reached the last four that is more interesting. Luck deserted the West Indian skipper Darren Sammy as soon as he decided to bat first on the pitch where they bowled out Bangladesh for just 58 runs. Despite the inclusion of Chris Gayle, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Kemar Roach, the West Indians fell like a pack of cards when they batted. Not only were they unable to match the guile of Umar Gul but were bamboozled by the spin trio of Pakistan. Mohammad Hafeez opened the bowling - as well as the batting later - and kept the batsmen in check. He accounted for Devon Smith and Darren Bravo to finish with figures of two for 16 in 10 overs. Umar Gul's 7 overs cost him 13 and got him the prized scalp of the danger man Chris Gayle. Saeed Ajmal claimed 2 wickets for 18 runs on his return while Abdur Razzaq got one in his 3 overs. The show was ruled by the Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi who took his 4th haul of four or more wickets during the event to dismantle the West Indian batting as well as take his tally of wickets to 21, the highest in the tournament this year. He was instrumental in restricting the clueless visitors from the Caribbean to just 112, their third lowest score in the history of the World Cup.

Pakistan seemed like a changed team when it was their time to chase the modest target. Never a good chaser in one dayers, the two openers Mohammad Hafeez and Kamran Akmal stood still as if the very existence of Pakistan depended on them. They scored 113 runs without being dismissed, managing to keep the bad balls away and keeping themselves away from the good ones. For the first time in the history of the mega event, Pakistan defeated the former world champions by the margin of 10 wickets. They had lost 6 matches to them out of 8 before this match, but today they lessened the margin by batting with resolute and common sense. 

Mohammad Hafeez was declared the Man of The Match for his lion-hearted performance. He gave his best performance as did the other 10 members of the squad, and if they continue to do well, there is nothing in this world that could stop Pakistan from regaining the Cup that was once theirs!.

Source : The News

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

India - Pakistan semifinal clash at Mohali?

 The prospect of high profile India-Pakistan semi final clash at Mohali, is it day dreaming or going to be a reality. If this match takes place it is going to be a great occasion and both the countries, India and Pakistan if not the whole cricketing world come to a stand still. 

Pakistan will most probably overcome West Indies seeing the present form of West Indies. It is going to be bit difficult for India as they have to overcome the defending champions not once but thrice in a row. 

Although the aussies are not the same force they used to be and India if they play to their potential can certainly win the match hands down. How about you guys looking forward to India Pakistan clash at Mohali in semi finals?

As you have been known that Australia is one of the tough and strong team when compare with India, especially in the bowling action and they have proved that at so many times in real game, again they are the only and one team has large number of records without any defeat in the world cup history and it has been broken by PAKISTAN in the year of 1999, again they have maintained their records from 1999 to till this year of 2011, and again it has been broken and beaten by PAKISTAN. 

So it is not so easy to win Australia and again this is a game and anything will happened and we have to wait and see the real result. With records to Pakistan they are one of the strongest mind peoples in this world and they can do anything if they are looking for especially to win the cup of this year 2011, so it is also tough and can wait for the good result. So everyone would need to wait for the real result with the record and to enjoy the feedback.

Well I am already seeing this match in mohali because I think India has the potential to defeat Australians. How? 

I Know That Australia will go all out to defend their Crown but they did not have enough Fighter's in their team. Their bowling is lethal but India have power blasters. 

What India have extra to defeat Aussie's? 

Its true Indian bowling is lacking ability to out opponent teams but they have ability to chase out any total which Australia lacking right now. 

So I think we are going to witness biggest Semi Final of all times in Cricket History. So get ready and have fun. cheers

Have a warm day.

Three matches to win, can England do it?

England has had to struggle the hardest to reach the QF and all the struggle will not go in vain. If only they had managed to retain the services of Broad and Pieterson they really would be the dark horses at this stage. I think England can do it, what you say?

England is one team which has seen ups and downs in this WC and still managed to make it to the QF. It is credit worthy to have defeated SA and tied with India. Let us forget their losses to the minnows BD and Ireland. 

The only thing that bothers me is the absence of Broad and Pieterson , those two would have been handy from here on. I think they are a dangerous side and have the motivation to knock out the Pakistanis who have out performed themselves. But the bubble has to burst and England should be the team to burst the bubble. 

But their problem is consistency and the non performance of Collingewood.

The way they are coming out from hard matches I think they have luck with them. So some times team who seems to be struggling can burn all dreams of opponents. So I think do not take England lightly although their previous record they are the looser's in big games but who know's, Its Crazy Cricket which you never can predict.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shivsinha killed parrot because he predict Pakistan Will win World Cup 2011

One of my Friend from Dubai have given me this news, "Shivesenha called an predictor who predict about future with the help of his parrot regarding World Cup 2011. Parrot came out 3 times with the Name of Pakistan as Winner of World Cup 2011. He also said that they killed that innocent parrot for such a prediction.

I want to confirm from my Indian friends is it true?

See Complete discussion by cliking link below
Shivsinha killed parrot because he predict Pakistan Will win World Cup 2011

Junaid Khan - Is he can be a Lethal Weapon of Pakistan Attack in coming Matches?

Pakistan has Junaid Khan left arm medium fast bowler in there squad who already got 13 times 5 wickets in one match. As Imran Khan said on yesterday Pakistan must go with 5 bowlers in next matches. So they have hide this lethal weapon in their squad for coming knock out round crunch matches? What do you think about this young man? Do you know him?

I just saw today complete squad of Pakistan and found details about this young fellow which are very attractive.

Why Herbhijan is not in the best bowler list?

myLot - Why Herbhijan is not in the best bowler list?

Asad Shafique - A new shining star has been born

Asad Sgafique who played only 2 matches in this world cup event and showed good temperament. He was playing basic cricket shots with very calm mood and with ease. I think a new Star has been born on a screen of world cricket. What you think about this little master?.

Yes he is new but Pakistan always needed an player who can stay on creez and at least hold one end during crucial time of the match when wickets are falling down. So Asad is doing very well by holding one end. He will learn the art of run rate maintaining with the time I think.

myLot - When will Afridi learn..?

myLot - When will Afridi learn..?

Finally Australia lost the match in World Cup

Congratulation to pakistan team for defeating australia in a world cup. Australia is undefeated in world cup since 1999 and coincidently It was pakistan who defeated australia in 1999 and today same pakistan team defeated them.

I want to thank you to all of you for your nice and cheerfuller comments regarding Pakistan and its Team.

Pakistan's team with the label of unpredictable team has proven that once again they have the ability to beat good teams when they are fully charged.

The way Pakistan started today's match it was clearly written on their faces, "they are in the ground to beat Australia" although batting needs more effort to reach to perfection but over all they were good in every department today.

I must say, "Pakistan has an good combination of youngsters and experienced players" which was the key of today's win. Also Pakistan has good combination of bowling and batting.

Still there are plenty of hard work must be done from them if they want to lift this world cup because there are no more error's chance left when game enter in the knockout stages. Although they got another solid technical batsman in the shape of Asad Shafique who is showing very good temperament to stand on one end but still there are some very bad errors done by batsman's during today's innings.

Being a Pakistani I am feeling very proud on today's record breaking win but still there are 3 more tough games left to win to lift this world cup. So they must forget today's win as soon as possible and keep their focus on coming game and repeat their today's good performance.

Once again thanks guys and congratulations to you too. Cheers