Monday, March 28, 2011

Do you feel it is a right decision to open WAGAH border in the name of cricket?

Don't you feel that government of India is risking the life of its citizen by opening theWAGH Border (also known as Berlin Wall of Asia) i.e. the only road crossing India and Pakistan and it lies on the Grand Trunk Road (also called as GT Road) between the cities of Lahore (in Pakistan) and Amritsar (in India). 

In most of the occasion it has been found that among the total number of people visiting from Pakistan to India, 20% don't return to Pakistan though there visa's have expired. And then their are illegal entries. And when we know that our neighbors are not so friendly creatures. 

Don't you feel that our national security is in risk and at the end of the day only the common man needs to pay for it and not Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh.

My Answer to this question is : 

Well I found your comments harsh in this environment of Love, Peace and harmony which created by the gesture of your Prime Minister. So I am not feeling that you are an friendly creature who is not believing on your own countries Intelligencer agencies which are fully aware of anything during these travelings. 

So please spread the word of Peace and joy rather than questioning on our Love. I hope my words not heart your feelings even I am heart from your words.

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