Thursday, March 24, 2011

Subcontinent Seat in the Final is confirm

Now my Second Team out of Four Semi Finalist is confirm when India beat Australia by 5 wickets. Now two more teams South Africa Vs Sri Lanka are left and I am quite confident they will be on their places very soon.

The Biggest Event, Blockbuster of World Cup 2011 Second Semi Final of World Cup Between Pakistan and India is coming on 30th March 2011. My request to all of you is bring Flags of both Countries in the Ground so we can hit a "Sixer of Peace" together.

Cricket is not only game but it can bring Unity among us, Cricket provide us events like this Semi Final where we can spread Love, Harmony and Peace.

So my wish for this Semi Final is, "We must Celebrate This Grand fixture of Mega Event as opportunity of bringing Peace in the region especially Peace between our two countries. 

So who will hit this Sixer of Peace with me?

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