Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finally Australia lost the match in World Cup

Congratulation to pakistan team for defeating australia in a world cup. Australia is undefeated in world cup since 1999 and coincidently It was pakistan who defeated australia in 1999 and today same pakistan team defeated them.

I want to thank you to all of you for your nice and cheerfuller comments regarding Pakistan and its Team.

Pakistan's team with the label of unpredictable team has proven that once again they have the ability to beat good teams when they are fully charged.

The way Pakistan started today's match it was clearly written on their faces, "they are in the ground to beat Australia" although batting needs more effort to reach to perfection but over all they were good in every department today.

I must say, "Pakistan has an good combination of youngsters and experienced players" which was the key of today's win. Also Pakistan has good combination of bowling and batting.

Still there are plenty of hard work must be done from them if they want to lift this world cup because there are no more error's chance left when game enter in the knockout stages. Although they got another solid technical batsman in the shape of Asad Shafique who is showing very good temperament to stand on one end but still there are some very bad errors done by batsman's during today's innings.

Being a Pakistani I am feeling very proud on today's record breaking win but still there are 3 more tough games left to win to lift this world cup. So they must forget today's win as soon as possible and keep their focus on coming game and repeat their today's good performance.

Once again thanks guys and congratulations to you too. Cheers

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