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India Vs Pakistan - Biggest Semi Final of Cricket History

Cricket Fever is on his peak not only in India and Pakistan but around the globe and "Biggest Semi Final" of "Cricket World Cup History" is going to held on 30th March 2011. Lots of team comparison is going on right now around the globe. I am going to present two opinions across the border from India and Pakistan. Judgement is on you. Here they are:-

From India's point of view:

1. Pakistan will be in pressure as they will be surrounded by Indian crowd. 

2. Pakistan strong point is their spin bowling line and every body know India can play spin bowling in well manner. 
3. Pakistan batting line is not as good compare to Indian batting line. 
4. Last, Sehwag performance against Pakistan is always dangerous one or what we need..? 

From Pakistan's point of view:

You built nice list of home advantage but I want to share comments from our beloved 1992 World Cup lifter Captin Imran Khan who was giving an interview on Geo TV. His comments goes like... 

1. India will be under pressure because of its own crowed. 
2. India will be more under pressure because of big game Semi Final. 
3. India will goes much more under pressure because he is playing against Pakistan 
4. India will goes under extra pressure because they have to defend their unbeaten run against Pakistan in any World cup. 


1. Pakistan has the history to break records like they did against Australia by broking their unbeaten run in World Cup 2011. 
2. Pakistan pace attack is more better than India and Shoiab Akhter who is playing his last match will be the key person of this match. 
3. Pakistan's fielding which was always weaker has been improve because of youngsters in the team which play an vital role in the Semi Final. 
4. Pakistan batting line is now in the rethym which can produce mirecle. 
So I think which points are you describing as an plus points maybe they are the weakness in front of Pakistan. 
But my sayings are "Best Team will Win" so it can fight in the Final as a Leader of subcontinent. 

From India's point of view:

1.Crowd pressure is not new for India whereas Pakistan is playing in India after a long time. Such huge crowds will make their youngsters nervous and panicky. 
2. Afridi has fulfilled his promise of reaching the semis so his team will be psychologically prepared for a loss. 
3. Anyway Pakistanis want to defeat India at all cost whereas India is playing to win the world cup. So Pakistan's emotional attitude vs India's professionalism and never say die spirit. Pakistanis are excited and jittery , Indians are cool and focused with plenty of self belief. 
4.India will love to extend the unbeaten record so where is the question of fear? 
5. Pace attack, just Gul and don't joke about Akhtar the world can see he is unfit and cannot last 50 overs. as to bowling his quota of 10 overs it will be a surprise if Afridi gives him more than 5 overs, and where will you hide him in the field. 
6.Yes Pakistan has so many records but most of them are of the dubious kind like pitch tampering, biting the ball, captain involved in match fixing, taking drugs, wicket keeper running away on tour and seeking asylum in foreign country, captain abusing the players openly in the ground,whereas India's recent past is full of positives. 
7. You have two decent bats in Misbah and Younus Khan and afine stroke player in Umar Akmal but rarely have they clicked together. 
8. Your best bowler is Ajmal but Afridi is reluctant to play him in the eleven and as far as Afridi is concerned Indians may choose to play him out and go after the others but even then Afridi will go for at least 50 runs. 

Yeah the better team will win and the Pakistani captain knows that. One great advantage is that Afridi has always batted well in India so he will be hoping to find some form with the bat.

Pakistan's point of view:

1. Afridi has fulfilled his promise but he is eager to fulfil his dream which is pending yet. 
2. So you very rightly said he will have no fear of defeat instead of preparing his boys to go for win. 
3. Well :D do professionals don't go for win on any cost? if it i s like that than we have already win this Semi Final :D lol. 
4. If Pakistanis are excited and jittery than I am glad to own these titles because without these two qualities a single game can not be complete. Its beauty of any game. 

4. Every Team honour its records because without hard work no one can achieve them so fear of loosing them is always in their minds. 
5. Shiab Akhter will give this answer with his performance and I left this to him. 
6. Well as per match fixing or other crime's are concern than I have only one saying and it is, "Who was kept only he is the thief" otherwise everyone knows how Australian used abusing power for their wins but.....The biggest cricket gambling place is India in the shape of IPL or whatever you call the 2nd league. 
7. you wish Misbah, Younus and Akmal will not click on the same day otherwise you know the result. 
8. Boom Boom is on hid full gloom so be careful :D 
9. Maybe Pakistani team's youngster never seen big crowed but they have hunger in them to shine like a star and against India they can become star in Pakistan within one match. so they will see it an golden opportunity in hand which must be capitalized. 
In the last but not least, the way this discussion is going on and I wish to be continued till the judgement day. You can easily imagine how tense this game going to be and how much passion and excitement is involved in it already. 
So I love to be called excited and jittery. 

India's point of view:

That is a spirited response and all i can say is let us not get jittery, not good for health you know. LOL.
The Indians are praying for Akhtar's inclusion which means 70 runs from his bowling and 20 runs from his fielding.If Misbah, Younus click Pakistan will finish at 230 maximum they cannot hit the big strokes. Umar and Afridi are the ones who can push the score beyond 270. But Boom Boom is going to implode and not explode.IPL is club cricket but they don't want the Pakistani players so you feel it is gambling sounds like a case of sour grapes. But that is because of the security hassles mainly. So if you want Pakistan players to play in India and also have matches in Pakistan then you have to stop trying to blow up a bus carrying your opponent players. It almost happened with The SriLankan team and one should realize that Pakistan is lucky to be playing international cricket after all this.
Pakistan was Lucky in 92 like India was in 83 but now times have changed and India is playing a better standard of cricket whereas Pakistan is still depending on skill alone. Talent can only take you so far after that it is dedication , training, advanced methods. Pakistan is full of talented players in fact the most talented players in this world but your cricket admin belongs to the dinosaur ages. Even now I am sure there are far better and younger players than akhtar, razzack but they can't come through because of poor management by the board.
Pakistan can win but seems unlikely. If your team wins you will be over the moon, the Indians will be be disappointed but will quickly accept it and congratulate your achievement against all odds but if you lose for you guys it will be the end of the world. Since you guys are so emotional let me wish you the very best, Inshallah but remember to win our hearts by your play.

Pakistan's point of view:

In your heart deeply you love Pakistan Cricket team and love to watch our excitable and jittery character, plzzz admit it. :D lol
Well grapes are sour not only for us but for those too who love exciting cricket in which Pakistan is rich enough. So its not loss of Pakistani players but the cricket loving audience and owners of tournament too.
You can not hide behind the wall of security but you must admit it was political decision rather than security.
Well Pakistan is facing so many international agencies which are operating within Pakistan in the cover of diplomats. So there is no proof that Pakistani people attacked on Sri Lanka team and if a person who have little mind than he can easily conclude, "How a country can bring such huge incident on them in which everything they are loosing?. So please do not come harshly on this topic.
Well I agree with you on the point you made regarding our bosses in cricket otherwise we have so much talent which can easily fulfil every place.
Yes we will be over the moon after win because it is one more step towards lifting the world cup which is our biggest dream right now.

Thanks for your best wish and yes Insha Allah we are ready to lift this world cup although cricket and we are unpredictable ;)

What is your point of view? Share with us

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