Tuesday, March 22, 2011

India - Pakistan semifinal clash at Mohali?

 The prospect of high profile India-Pakistan semi final clash at Mohali, is it day dreaming or going to be a reality. If this match takes place it is going to be a great occasion and both the countries, India and Pakistan if not the whole cricketing world come to a stand still. 

Pakistan will most probably overcome West Indies seeing the present form of West Indies. It is going to be bit difficult for India as they have to overcome the defending champions not once but thrice in a row. 

Although the aussies are not the same force they used to be and India if they play to their potential can certainly win the match hands down. How about you guys looking forward to India Pakistan clash at Mohali in semi finals?

As you have been known that Australia is one of the tough and strong team when compare with India, especially in the bowling action and they have proved that at so many times in real game, again they are the only and one team has large number of records without any defeat in the world cup history and it has been broken by PAKISTAN in the year of 1999, again they have maintained their records from 1999 to till this year of 2011, and again it has been broken and beaten by PAKISTAN. 

So it is not so easy to win Australia and again this is a game and anything will happened and we have to wait and see the real result. With records to Pakistan they are one of the strongest mind peoples in this world and they can do anything if they are looking for especially to win the cup of this year 2011, so it is also tough and can wait for the good result. So everyone would need to wait for the real result with the record and to enjoy the feedback.

Well I am already seeing this match in mohali because I think India has the potential to defeat Australians. How? 

I Know That Australia will go all out to defend their Crown but they did not have enough Fighter's in their team. Their bowling is lethal but India have power blasters. 

What India have extra to defeat Aussie's? 

Its true Indian bowling is lacking ability to out opponent teams but they have ability to chase out any total which Australia lacking right now. 

So I think we are going to witness biggest Semi Final of all times in Cricket History. So get ready and have fun. cheers

Have a warm day.

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