Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pakistan must redefine its relation with US

By : isloooboy
Friday 26th 2011

Since the incident of Rymond Davis happened, the International media quoted and published that CIA is working in Pakistan and helping those who are fighting against Government of Pakistan. These International news shocked Pakistani people and the hate level against USA has rise dramatically to highest most stage.

Local media is already highlighting US personnel’s illegal movements in Pakistan. Black Water Organization name already published in local and International Media’s regarding its criminal activities in Pakistan. The foot prints of the bomb blasts in Mosque’s and Shrines also lead to the CIA personnel like Raymond.

Now the questions arise:

What the hell is doing United State of America with his front state ally in war on terror?

Why Pakistan should continue to support NATO and US in Afghanistan?

Why Pakistan keep loosing $5,81,39,534.88 monthly for US War on Terror which is nothing but hoax?

Has US been paying fully for the services rendered by Pakistan for the war on terror?

No! But US has been stabbing Pakistan in the back. The daily occurrences of drone attacks and across border infiltrations ISAF personnel, shelling  without any provocation, air space violations and now the efforts of CIA to destabilize her key ally reported by the international media is enough to eye opener for the Muslim World in general and the Pakistani nation in particular.

There is one very popular saying in Pakistan, “US is dangerous but it’s more dangerous when he is your friend.

Latest proofs of more dangerous US when he was a friend are, Saddam Hussain and Hosni Mubarik’s end who were the biggest allies of US in their time of power. Who was asking them to leave the power and palace of their country when they needed US most?

The worrying point for US is that yesterday in Karachi a German Official’s Car was hit by another car. When media was questing him he was mentioning one word continuously, “I m not US citizen I am German”. So it means they also know how much hate for US in Pakistan right now and US is doing something wrong so they are creating distance from US.

This is curtail time for both countries and their relations. I think there are so many things to be redefined and for it both sides must sit together and start the strategy once again from Zero.

If present Pakistani government tried to favor US in Raymond case than they will face an million march like Mubarik Faced in Egypt and US will loose Pakistani support for war on terror. So be careful….

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Horrible Anthem of the Cricket World Cup 2011

For me it is nothing but just some bunch of boys are shouting together during the match. Indian Music being such a huge Music Industry they totally messed up with the 2011 anthem. Although I am not an big fan of that kind of sports related music but I know about melody and lyrics a little bit and I must say words of this anthem are not touching the soul of the people its nothing but just like junk food. 

My all time one and only favorite anthem regarding any sport was sung by an Australian Music band for the 1992 world cup I dont remember who it was but the lyrics were:

"The world is coming down and the flags are up who's gona be number one who's gona take up the cup. Who'll ruled the world who'll be the king. Its a once in a life time chance. yeah rule the world gotta see who rules the world." 

The opening line of this song just builds a phenomenal momentum and as the songs carry on you feel real energy in your body, in your soul and in your mind. The anthem make you to dance. But 2011 anthem for me is like there is an Punjabi marriage ceremony is going on and people are trying to pretend very hard to show how happy they are for Groom or Bride.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pak US Relations - Everything is OK ?

The basic question which people of Pakistan is asking, "Can A killer easily run away from his crime because of Vienna Convention immunity? Is this fair ? Why Vienna Convention is talking against the basic Human Rights? Is this justifies the crime?

Since the Incident of Lahore happened PAK-US relations are in serious trouble and the very First Time Government of Pakistan is Saying, "No More" to US Demands.

The Us citizen who killed 3 people with automatic weapon in Lahore namely "Raymond Davis" no one knows his real identity yet which proves how active and informed both side's are. Well US government including President Obama and Senator John Karry is asking for “ Raymond Davis” belongs to diplomatic  consulate of Lahore and they are claiming immunity according to Vienna Convention for him.

The Punjab police and intelligence officials, however, claim that they have strong evidence proving that the three men are also high-profile ‘spies’ like Davis.

Former foreign minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Raymond Davis does not have blanket immunity, adding that if his stance proved wrong he could be hanged at the Regal Chowk of Lahore.

“The evidence was provided by Davis in his confessional statement during investigation,” a senior police official told The Express Tribune, requesting anonymity. “We have concluded that a gang of American spies is active in Punjab and other parts of the country,” he added.

The official said that “besides Davis’s confessional statement we have every reason to believe that the three absconding persons were his collaborators.”
“They must be involved in  spying like Davis. If this was not the case why did they flee the crime scene in panic,” the official said. “In their panic, they had crushed to death a motorcyclist under their SUV while fleeing the scene.”
The official questioned why nobody was demanding diplomatic immunity for the three men, if they were members of the US mission in Pakistan. “This criminal silence on the part of the Americans shows there is something fishy,” the official said.

The official believes that the mounting US pressure for Davis’s release was aimed at covering the three ‘agents’. “None of the US officials has spoken a single word about the three US nationals believed to be hiding in the US consulate-general in Lahore.” “Protecting the people wanted by police is a serious crime,” the official said and added that under the international laws, protectors of criminals are considered to be collaborators in the crime.

The Punjab police have requested the ministry of foreign affairs for help in getting the custody of the three US nationals but to no avail. The capital city police officer Lahore (CCPO) has also informed the ministry about the contents of the FIR registered against the ‘unidentified’ men travelling in the consulate’s Prado.

The Prado jeep is said to have a fake registration number, which was originally issued to a Suzuki Cultus car.

Investigators believe that the three American nationals who had come to Davis’s rescue are also US spies and they had come to the scene to take safe custody of secret documents and photographs from Davis.

“We have every reason to believe that Davis had called the three men to collect the ‘material’ which is now in the possession of police,” the official said.
The Punjab government’s unflinching stance on the issue stems from the fact that it is convinced of Davis’s involvement in anti-Pakistan activities, a source said.

So First time ever Government of Pakistan is saying, "No More to US" and US already started to threaten Pakistan by saying, "We will rethink our relationship boundaries".

So What kind of boundaries US is talking about? So right now there is a big question mark on Pak-US relationship is, "Everything is OK?.

Information Used from : Tribune Express

US vetoes UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements

The US has vetoed an Arab resolution at the UN Security Council condemning Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories as an obstacle to peace.
All 14 other members of the Security Council backed the resolution, which had been endorsed by the Palestine Liberation Organisation.
It was the first veto exercised by the Obama administration which had promised better relations with the Muslim world.
A Palestinian official said the talks process would now be "re-assessed".
Washington was under pressure from Israel and Congress, which has a strong pro-Israel lobby, to use its veto.
Stalled negotiations
The Obama administration's decision risks angering Arab peoples at a time of mass street protests in the Middle East, the BBC's Barbara Plett reports from the UN.
It had placed enormous pressure on the Palestinians to withdraw the resolution and accept alternatives, but these were ultimately rejected.
While stating that it opposed new settlements, the administration argued that taking the issue to the UN would only complicate efforts to resume stalled negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians on a two-state peace deal.
"Unfortunately, this draft resolution risks hardening the positions of both sides," said the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice.
The resolution, sponsored by at least 130 countries, declared Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories were illegal and a "major obstacle to the achievement of a just, lasting and comprehensive peace".
Speaking from Ramallah in the West Bank, PLO secretary general Yasser Abed Rabbo said the US veto was "unfortunate" and "affected the credibility of the US administration".

Free Facebook Credits Will Expire February 15th for Some Users

Originally posted By Josh Constine

Facebook distributed free Credits last summer to increase awareness of its new “universal” virtual currency, but is now informing users that these promotional Credits will expire on February 15th, 2011. Users who received free promotional Credits but never spent them are seeing a notification informing them to use their Credits before they disappear.
The expiration will please developers because they can’t redeem free Credits spent in their games for cash from Facebook as they can with traditionally purchased Credits. However, it will also anger some gamers who will feel ripped off.
Last June, Facebook began offering users 5 free Credits for installing Crowdstar’s Hello City game. The promotion was designed to familiarize users with the Credits system and maintaining a balance. It also helped make them more comfortable spending Credits. This would benefit developers in the long run, but also led to an immediate loss of revenue. It expanded the promotional Credits more broadly in the weeks afterward.
Since then, Credits has matured and is now the exclusive direct payment method for 22 of the top 25 Facebook games, including those from Zynga, Disney/Playdom, EA/Playfish, and many others. All developers will be required to switch to Credits on July 1st, 2011.
Some developers reported that up to 70% of the Credits being spent in their games were promotional Credits that didn’t earn them money. This led some developers to increase prices to exclude those users with only small number of promotional Credits.
Other developers were impacted less, with only .05% to 15% of incoming Credits being promotional ones. Still, Facebook has been trying to improve its standing with developers, and removing free Credits from the virtual economy will accomplish this.
Facebook’s Help Center has details about the free Credits expiration. Purchased Credits won’t be affected, and users can keep any virtual goods they”ve bought with free Credits before February 15th. Facebook protected itself from legal challenges to the expiration by changing its Payment Terms in September to include the statement “If you receive free or promotional Credits, we may expire them at any time.”
Facebook tells us that users will see a combination of notifications, home page ads and canvas navigation reminders that their credits are expiring until February 15th. It’s possible that Facebook will seed users with free promotional Credits again in the future, though for now its focusing on offering discounts on in-game purchases made with Credits through the new Buy With Friends deal sharing system.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

US trying to Convert Egypt Peaceful Protest into Deadliest?

I was Reading news regarding Egypt Unrest on CNN and I found this shocking video on their website in which they are claiming, "A Van Crushed People during Protest on Thursday was belong to Embassy of United States of America in Cairo". Now my question is, "Are US Trying to Convert this peaceful protest into Violante ? See the video below and give your comments below this Topic thanks.

Although we are hearing Obama is supporting protesters cause but so many time they change their statements regarding their position in which I must say they seems to be little confuse to me. They are not clear enough yet about whom they support fully and openly. Please post your comments.

Do you think Facebook is that powerful?

I am member of Mylot which is an powerful tool for discussion, debate and also you can earn some extra money while questioning and answering on different topics.
After my previous topic which is right below this topic, "I went to Mylot and posted an question:
"I was reading an News regarding Egypt Unrest I found they were mentioning Facebook and Twitter role in this Unrest. Do you think Facebook is that powerful?".
In reply to my question I found so many answer's but I choose 3 best answer's to post in my this topic.

What is left there to think if Face Book is that Powerful or not? It is obviously very powerful tool as most of the people using the net must be visiting this site atleast one time a day. The popularity of this site is well known to all. It has made orkut and other social sites to bite th dust! The success story of this site has been made into the movie!
Undoubtedly the effects which have taken placce in the Egypt have their origin in the Face book. I am not recollecting the name of the girl who has uploaded her speech on the Face book,but I had the opportunity to hear the speech on the TV which was mentioning that they have collected this speech on You tube from the Face Book! Under the vulnerable and frustrating conditions such provoking lecature reaching million of people at the same time can definitely initiate a response! 
More over face book is a discussion forum where the views can be exchanged so this has made the things much easier to spread accross the country. Had it been a one way communication, possibly the things wouldhave been bit different! 
So in my opinion Face Book is a powerful tool to convey any message to the masses and to know the response from them! This has been proved time and again because of which many people are using this site to pomote their business. And recent events happening in Egypt are the recent/current things to imply its efficacy! 
I think that the likes of Facebook and Twitter are proving to very powerful as this seems to be the tool now that people use when they try to arrange meetings whether controversial or not and everyone tends to respond! There are a lot of people that have a facebook or twitter account now and it's very easy to communicate with everyone using this method.
You put some kind of message out on facebook then chances are that there will be a multitude of people having access to your message. There was the story of some girl and she was a bit irresponsible, she wasn't thinking right! Anyway, she posted online that she was having a party and well, the consequences of her decision were futile. She ended up having total strangers arrive at her home and ultimately her home was trashed and ruined.
There's no doubt that facebook is being used to gather the crowds so to speak in relation to protests and disputes and so forth. It's a shame but very true I think! Andrewhappy
I think where ever there's many literate in computer, facebook and the internet could make a big difference in their life. Technology can fast pace life and this is what happening in Egypt. Messages are send and received faster than a wink of an eye. Ideas flow and connect easily. People communicate and actions are taken faster. This is the power of facebook and I think Egypt is a nation full of computer literate people!
During this whole conversation I found an fear regarding our online Freedom because I think after these kind of Incidents now every Government around the Globe will be thinking keeping one question in mind, "Do we setup a Check on Facebook & Twitter Activities?. In coming days or months get ready for that kind of news from so many countries across the globe.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Facebook, Twitter Role in Egypt Unrest

I always try to stick with my subject in this blog and my subject you all know is, Islamabad whom I call islooo with my love and thats why my most friends and colleagues call me Isloooboy too. But I am unable to get rid of thoughts regarding Egypt unrest and roll of Facebook in this movement.

Today is 11th day of this Unrest which is going on at Tehrir Squre in the capital of Egypt Cairo. More than thousand people are injured and almost more than 20 people are killed till now which is very sad part of this Unrest. I want to analyse the role of Facebook and Twitter in this whole scenario.

Facbook & Twitter Role in Egypt Unrest

In light of the current turmoil on the streets of Egypt, the co-director of Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society has called upon Facebook and Twitter to announce and abide by a code of conduct that prioritizes user rights in the face of government crack downs.
“Twitter and Facebook have played a crucial role in almost any mass protest in the last few years,” co-director John G. Palfrey ’94 said. “They are taking on a special role, [so] they have special responsibilities.”
Palfrey called upon Twitter and Facebook to either come out with a code of conduct on their own or to join the Global Network Initiative—whose members include Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo—which created a code of conduct for companies in responses to crises like the current uprising in Egypt.
The GNI, of which Facebook and Twitter are not members, provides guidelines for how websites should “respect, protect and advance user rights to freedom of expression and privacy, including when faced with government demands for censorship and disclosure of users’ personal information,” according to the their website.
Though websites are bound to follow local law in the countries in which their users reside, local statutes sometimes conflict with the core values of the sites, said Jillian C. York, a project coordinator for the Berkman Center.
For example, if the Egyptian government petitioned Facebook to release names of all citizens who organized protests on the site, Facebook would be obligated under local law to comply, Palfrey said.
Although neither Twitter nor Facebook have joined the GNI or publicly announced codes of conduct, the two networking giants have responded differently to the uprising in Egypt.
Twitter worked with Google and SayNow to ensure that Egyptians had a way to access the social networking site during the internet blackout.
On Jan. 31, the three companies announced a service called “Speak2Tweet,” which allows users to call one of three international lines and leave a message. Workers then dictate the message, translate them to English, and make the posts public on the “Speak2Tweet” Twitter account. York said that staffers at the OpenNet Initiative—which partners with the Berkman Center—have helped to translate the messages, which have been posted on a separate Twitter account called “AliveInEgypt.”
Facebook, which critics allege has been more hesitant to fight government filtering than companies like Google, said in a statement that the turmoil in Egypt “is a matter for the Egyptian people and their government to resolve” and that “no one should be denied access to the Internet.”
Despite Facebook’s alleged passivity during the Egyptian uprising, Facebook membership in the country is at an all-time high at five million. In the past two weeks in Egypt, 14,000 pages and 32,000 groups were made by Egyptian users.
Media reports indicate that Facebook has been a critical tool for organizers behind the protests, which threaten to topple the long-time regime of Hosni Mubarak.
The Egyptian government’s move to shut off the internet from Jan. 27 to Feb. 1 was “rare” and “much more dramatic” than most other cases of government moves to control the Internet, Palfrey said.
While several dozen countries filter the internet—like China and Turkey—Palfrey said that the 2007 Safron Revolution in Burma was the only other incident in recent history where a country was taken completely off-line.
USA Role and Public Opinion

As the crisis in Egypt continues to provoke a flurry of web conversation, the talk on Twitter has been predominantly negative about the Obama administration's response.

According to a study by Crimson Hexagon, the vast majority of Twitter opinion is negative. Seventy-nine percent of opinions surveyed (of 11,582 relevant Tweets) believe the U.S. is doing a poor job.

A few different reasons appeared to account for these downbeat views. About 22 percent of opinions brought up the belief that the U.S. was too neutral. People also voiced the opinions that the administration was not outspoken enough and should oppose Mubarak more strongly. Another 12 percent of opinions found Obama to be hypocritical in some way. For example: ""Obama wants Egypt to have internet, but he wants his own kill switch here. What a hypocrite!"

A mere 11 percent of relevant Twitter conversation supported the U.S. response, with another 10 percent neutral.