Thursday, February 24, 2011

Horrible Anthem of the Cricket World Cup 2011

For me it is nothing but just some bunch of boys are shouting together during the match. Indian Music being such a huge Music Industry they totally messed up with the 2011 anthem. Although I am not an big fan of that kind of sports related music but I know about melody and lyrics a little bit and I must say words of this anthem are not touching the soul of the people its nothing but just like junk food. 

My all time one and only favorite anthem regarding any sport was sung by an Australian Music band for the 1992 world cup I dont remember who it was but the lyrics were:

"The world is coming down and the flags are up who's gona be number one who's gona take up the cup. Who'll ruled the world who'll be the king. Its a once in a life time chance. yeah rule the world gotta see who rules the world." 

The opening line of this song just builds a phenomenal momentum and as the songs carry on you feel real energy in your body, in your soul and in your mind. The anthem make you to dance. But 2011 anthem for me is like there is an Punjabi marriage ceremony is going on and people are trying to pretend very hard to show how happy they are for Groom or Bride.

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