Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do you think Facebook is that powerful?

I am member of Mylot which is an powerful tool for discussion, debate and also you can earn some extra money while questioning and answering on different topics.
After my previous topic which is right below this topic, "I went to Mylot and posted an question:
"I was reading an News regarding Egypt Unrest I found they were mentioning Facebook and Twitter role in this Unrest. Do you think Facebook is that powerful?".
In reply to my question I found so many answer's but I choose 3 best answer's to post in my this topic.

What is left there to think if Face Book is that Powerful or not? It is obviously very powerful tool as most of the people using the net must be visiting this site atleast one time a day. The popularity of this site is well known to all. It has made orkut and other social sites to bite th dust! The success story of this site has been made into the movie!
Undoubtedly the effects which have taken placce in the Egypt have their origin in the Face book. I am not recollecting the name of the girl who has uploaded her speech on the Face book,but I had the opportunity to hear the speech on the TV which was mentioning that they have collected this speech on You tube from the Face Book! Under the vulnerable and frustrating conditions such provoking lecature reaching million of people at the same time can definitely initiate a response! 
More over face book is a discussion forum where the views can be exchanged so this has made the things much easier to spread accross the country. Had it been a one way communication, possibly the things wouldhave been bit different! 
So in my opinion Face Book is a powerful tool to convey any message to the masses and to know the response from them! This has been proved time and again because of which many people are using this site to pomote their business. And recent events happening in Egypt are the recent/current things to imply its efficacy! 
I think that the likes of Facebook and Twitter are proving to very powerful as this seems to be the tool now that people use when they try to arrange meetings whether controversial or not and everyone tends to respond! There are a lot of people that have a facebook or twitter account now and it's very easy to communicate with everyone using this method.
You put some kind of message out on facebook then chances are that there will be a multitude of people having access to your message. There was the story of some girl and she was a bit irresponsible, she wasn't thinking right! Anyway, she posted online that she was having a party and well, the consequences of her decision were futile. She ended up having total strangers arrive at her home and ultimately her home was trashed and ruined.
There's no doubt that facebook is being used to gather the crowds so to speak in relation to protests and disputes and so forth. It's a shame but very true I think! Andrewhappy
I think where ever there's many literate in computer, facebook and the internet could make a big difference in their life. Technology can fast pace life and this is what happening in Egypt. Messages are send and received faster than a wink of an eye. Ideas flow and connect easily. People communicate and actions are taken faster. This is the power of facebook and I think Egypt is a nation full of computer literate people!
During this whole conversation I found an fear regarding our online Freedom because I think after these kind of Incidents now every Government around the Globe will be thinking keeping one question in mind, "Do we setup a Check on Facebook & Twitter Activities?. In coming days or months get ready for that kind of news from so many countries across the globe.

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