Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pakistan must redefine its relation with US

By : isloooboy
Friday 26th 2011

Since the incident of Rymond Davis happened, the International media quoted and published that CIA is working in Pakistan and helping those who are fighting against Government of Pakistan. These International news shocked Pakistani people and the hate level against USA has rise dramatically to highest most stage.

Local media is already highlighting US personnel’s illegal movements in Pakistan. Black Water Organization name already published in local and International Media’s regarding its criminal activities in Pakistan. The foot prints of the bomb blasts in Mosque’s and Shrines also lead to the CIA personnel like Raymond.

Now the questions arise:

What the hell is doing United State of America with his front state ally in war on terror?

Why Pakistan should continue to support NATO and US in Afghanistan?

Why Pakistan keep loosing $5,81,39,534.88 monthly for US War on Terror which is nothing but hoax?

Has US been paying fully for the services rendered by Pakistan for the war on terror?

No! But US has been stabbing Pakistan in the back. The daily occurrences of drone attacks and across border infiltrations ISAF personnel, shelling  without any provocation, air space violations and now the efforts of CIA to destabilize her key ally reported by the international media is enough to eye opener for the Muslim World in general and the Pakistani nation in particular.

There is one very popular saying in Pakistan, “US is dangerous but it’s more dangerous when he is your friend.

Latest proofs of more dangerous US when he was a friend are, Saddam Hussain and Hosni Mubarik’s end who were the biggest allies of US in their time of power. Who was asking them to leave the power and palace of their country when they needed US most?

The worrying point for US is that yesterday in Karachi a German Official’s Car was hit by another car. When media was questing him he was mentioning one word continuously, “I m not US citizen I am German”. So it means they also know how much hate for US in Pakistan right now and US is doing something wrong so they are creating distance from US.

This is curtail time for both countries and their relations. I think there are so many things to be redefined and for it both sides must sit together and start the strategy once again from Zero.

If present Pakistani government tried to favor US in Raymond case than they will face an million march like Mubarik Faced in Egypt and US will loose Pakistani support for war on terror. So be careful….

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