Friday, February 18, 2011

Pak US Relations - Everything is OK ?

The basic question which people of Pakistan is asking, "Can A killer easily run away from his crime because of Vienna Convention immunity? Is this fair ? Why Vienna Convention is talking against the basic Human Rights? Is this justifies the crime?

Since the Incident of Lahore happened PAK-US relations are in serious trouble and the very First Time Government of Pakistan is Saying, "No More" to US Demands.

The Us citizen who killed 3 people with automatic weapon in Lahore namely "Raymond Davis" no one knows his real identity yet which proves how active and informed both side's are. Well US government including President Obama and Senator John Karry is asking for “ Raymond Davis” belongs to diplomatic  consulate of Lahore and they are claiming immunity according to Vienna Convention for him.

The Punjab police and intelligence officials, however, claim that they have strong evidence proving that the three men are also high-profile ‘spies’ like Davis.

Former foreign minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Raymond Davis does not have blanket immunity, adding that if his stance proved wrong he could be hanged at the Regal Chowk of Lahore.

“The evidence was provided by Davis in his confessional statement during investigation,” a senior police official told The Express Tribune, requesting anonymity. “We have concluded that a gang of American spies is active in Punjab and other parts of the country,” he added.

The official said that “besides Davis’s confessional statement we have every reason to believe that the three absconding persons were his collaborators.”
“They must be involved in  spying like Davis. If this was not the case why did they flee the crime scene in panic,” the official said. “In their panic, they had crushed to death a motorcyclist under their SUV while fleeing the scene.”
The official questioned why nobody was demanding diplomatic immunity for the three men, if they were members of the US mission in Pakistan. “This criminal silence on the part of the Americans shows there is something fishy,” the official said.

The official believes that the mounting US pressure for Davis’s release was aimed at covering the three ‘agents’. “None of the US officials has spoken a single word about the three US nationals believed to be hiding in the US consulate-general in Lahore.” “Protecting the people wanted by police is a serious crime,” the official said and added that under the international laws, protectors of criminals are considered to be collaborators in the crime.

The Punjab police have requested the ministry of foreign affairs for help in getting the custody of the three US nationals but to no avail. The capital city police officer Lahore (CCPO) has also informed the ministry about the contents of the FIR registered against the ‘unidentified’ men travelling in the consulate’s Prado.

The Prado jeep is said to have a fake registration number, which was originally issued to a Suzuki Cultus car.

Investigators believe that the three American nationals who had come to Davis’s rescue are also US spies and they had come to the scene to take safe custody of secret documents and photographs from Davis.

“We have every reason to believe that Davis had called the three men to collect the ‘material’ which is now in the possession of police,” the official said.
The Punjab government’s unflinching stance on the issue stems from the fact that it is convinced of Davis’s involvement in anti-Pakistan activities, a source said.

So First time ever Government of Pakistan is saying, "No More to US" and US already started to threaten Pakistan by saying, "We will rethink our relationship boundaries".

So What kind of boundaries US is talking about? So right now there is a big question mark on Pak-US relationship is, "Everything is OK?.

Information Used from : Tribune Express

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