Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shoaib Malik Vs Sania Mirza - Who Will Win Today?

I started an discussion at mylot regarding the topic and I got some really funny comments which I want to share with you all:

My Topic

I made this topic for fun only - Please provide your Funny Comments about this great Finale. Don't loose Manners - :D Cheers

So who Will win Shoaib Vs Sania ?

I don't want to see shoaib in the kitchen once again - lol :D


1. Always remember, the wife is always right. :) So Sania will win the bet and that would mean that India will win the match. 


2. Kaise devar ho bhaijaan, koi shak hai kya , bhabhi hi jeetengi apke bhayya ko marna hai kya? how was that isloooboy?

3. Abey yar kehan phanswa diya apney bhai ko, bechara to bemot mar jai ga :D or sath he humain bhee le doobey ga :D lol

4. Have fun today. Kal to waise bhi rona hi hai.AApki Bhabhi international khiladi hai aur jeetna uski aadat hai aur aapke bhaijaan to team se bahar hi rehte hain to where is the competition? If he does not want to go to the kitchen then ask him to pray for Pakistan's defeat because if the team loses then he will have a chance to come back , is'nt it? LOL

5. Yar yeh ghalt topic chir giya mujh se :D lol 

Hum asian jo hai woh man dominent socity hai yeh to tum sub mano ge nah?

Shiab ko bhabi ko manana aata hai agar har ker naraz ho gai to koinkey woh bhut acha cook bhee hai :D

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