Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tremendous Achievement by the Pakistani Team

It is difficult not to admire Afridi for the way he accepted his team's fate. Its impossible for one man to win a match on his own. If Sachin had been dismissed on his score of 27 India would not have crossed 140. Instaed your generous fielders gave him 4 lives and the two review that went in his favor proved that it was not Pakistan's day today. Kamran Akmal was so hopeless behind the wicket. 
From the Indian side the best parts were in the start when Sehwag blasted poor Gul out of the bowling attack and towards the end when Raina dragged India past 250. 
And we all enjoyed the 4 lives you guys gave to Sachin. BTW sachin also did not score the century, infact Yuvi simply did not trouble the scorers so Afrid's wish came true. 
I don't know what Misbah was doing today and Younus Khan has not done anything at all. In Razzack, younis, akmal kamran they have mere passengers. 
well, you must be sorely disappointed but India played lousy cricket and Pakistan showed they were afraid so they lost. A Miandad or an Inzy would have shown them how to do it.

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