Thursday, March 31, 2011

Letter From India After Semi Final - Aman Ka Chaka Laga

Hi Dear Islooboy! 

In fact I should have been the first person to respond to your discussion! But then since for a couple of days since the weather conditions at our locality is bit erratic,(that is too hot during day time and colder during night time) I am suffering from fever as I need to expose myself to both he weather conditions because of my job! Well now I am feeling bit better and this is the first discussion I am responding! 

First of all thank you very much for your friendly, sincerely appreciable gesture on congratulating the India on its win in the Semi Finals! In fact yesterday's match was some thing more than simple Semi Final World Cup Match! Almost every Indian was caught by the semi final fever and there was only one name on every body's talk. That was Pakistan! People were all in dilemma if India will make against Pakistan or not! Last three days were like some grand celebrations at the Punjab! 

Now there is no point of talking that Indian players did well over Pakistani players, Pakistani players dropped some good catches etc. as these will be discussed at length by others here. I just wanted to discuss about the brotherhood that was witnessed during the match and after the match! 

As I told you before hand nothing untowards has happened before , during and after the match! There was full joy, entertainment and enjoyment during the match! There were no tense moments because of security as it was expected by many people, every thing was just as normal as it could be! Who can say that there was so tight security looking at the manner the crowd was enjoying the match! People were allowed to carry flags, accessories, allowed to put on the make up etc just like in any match! 

There were big dignitaries like Prime Ministers of both the Countries, Big Industrialist,Ministers, Bollywood stars, families of the players and just name them and they were there and there was only one thing common to every one of these dignitaries weather they are from Pakistan or India,and that was Happiness!Every one was happy , every moment was being enjoyed as if there was no tomorrow. The jam packed stadium was some thing spectacular to see and enjoy! 

There match was played with full sportsmen spirit. There were no typical incidences of teasing one another amongst the players which we often used to get see in the past. There was seriousness towards the game and the faces of the players was all filled with confidence! I think nobody either in the crowd or on the field must have remembered any thing like terrorism and the repercussions as threatened by the terrorists! This speaks the fact that if two nations are genuinely interested in peace then a third party can't intervene to spoil the peace and the brotherhood and the intimate relationship! 

You must have observed big leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and many more were sitting in the crowd and enjoying the match while they could have done the same by sitting in the VIP enclosures! 

Chandigarh Airport was full with 46 chartered planes and there was no scope for further accommodation so the other flights were diverted to next nearest airports.Thus this event was attended by common people and VIPs with equal enthusiasm! 

You know Islooboy ! One person from Punjab has given his three tickets which he managed with very great difficulty to his Pakistani friends who were disappointed for they couldn't manage the tickets for the match! there must have been several such incidences which will come to light gradually to prove that, the common man of India and Pakistan are still the same as they were before the partition ,they have same brotherly feelings and affection and it is only the vested interests that are playing dirty politics to divide the two to reap the benefits! 

Last but not the least, it was very touching to see that people from Pakistan were saying that they were not feeling anything bad as Pakistan lost the match,as this is part and parcel of the game. They said if not this time it will be the next time! This gesture of theirs really filled up many hearts of Indians with joy and tears of happiness! 

Overall I think Islooboy, at least with this match the relationships which got tarnished after the Mumbai blasts between Pakistan and India, has restarted all afresh and with the young blood who got global exposure from both the country will understand the actual problem and hopefully help their respective countries and each other in fighting out the terrorism, which is a brainchild of some third party who want to reap the benefits by sacrificing people from both the countries who are still like brothers and sisters! 

Thanks for the discussion! As usual it was a fantastic one for me to respond! All the best!


AK Rao

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