Tuesday, December 13, 2011

$700 Million Once or Every Week? Pakistan has to Decide Now

What a Joke..!!! US Congress Panel Freezes $700 Million Worth of Pakistan Aid..!!! Let me Tell you one thing today, "USA and his NATO Allies will Pay $700 Million every Week against the Services they get from Pakistan". How? Let me brief you how?

Let me brief you how it will happen:

Since 2001 when this “Fake War against Terror” has been started USA, NATO and his Allies have never paid a single cent against their Whole Supply Line.  What a Criminal act from the whole NATO countries.

Pakistan must not ask for Aid anymore but just impose service charges on every container which come to our Karachi Port and travel throughout the Pakistan and reach to Kabul, Afghanistan. Pakistan can also put Petrol Movement Charges as per United Nations Charter in which they are bound to pay us Rs.200 per gallon. Yes I am saying per gallon not per Container and daily more than 400 containers are moving in Pakistan filled of Petrol. Every Province has the power to put taxes in the shape of Toll Tax after 18th amendment, so NATO has to pay Toll as well. Also NATO is using so many terminals without paying a single cent so why not ask them for paying rent otherwise pick their goods and take them back to home it will also bring more revenue in our economy. We must also demand for insurance of our all transportation vehicles and peoples who are taking part in their supply line due to danger of life. So in my point of view just amount of insurance will be more than $700 millions. I am not a expert on these financial matters but I know how we can get $700 millions from USA per week if we put a price tag on our services only for this “FAKE WAR”.

I hope I clarified my idea and those people who are responsible for all these things must sit together and put some realistic figures and get $700 millions per week instead of just one time, “So Called Aid” (in reality this will be the bribe which they always put in the mouth of those pigs who are so called our policy makers).

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