Sunday, December 4, 2011

Obama after all feel’s the Pressure

After 8 days president Obama get the news that NATO has attacked on Pakistani Check post on Border and 28 Army personnel’s were killed in it.  Today as per News Channels US president Barrack Obama on Sunday telephoned President Asif Ali Zardari and offered condolences over the martyrdom of Pakistani soldiers in Nato air strike.

Is it Funny or he is now feeling the pressure because Pakistan has blocked NATO and US?

People who were claiming, “US army is trained to eat even humans” will not bow down to this kind of blockages but I think they have requested to their Supreme Commander to help them out before their stock of luxury items finish.

Yes I agree with my those friends who claim US army is the Best Army in the world who is expert in killing of innocent and unarmed civilian peoples but history is witnessed that, “Whenever they get the real Fight Back they Love to Avoid and even on many times they Never Agree to go in the War Zone”. Why I am saying that? Because I think they are useful to Luxury Environment of Army.

Well I am not feeling good to blame them because I think they as per their profession have to obey the orders.

The main question is what the hell they are doing in Afghanistan? Who want them to stay in difficult train on Afghanistan? Who is benefiting from this war? What the American People are getting from this Fake War?

I wish my American Friends must try to search about these questions and realize why their hard earned money is going into these wars? Because their taxes are used in these wars, so what kind of Benefit they are getting from this fake War?

Let me share my thoughts and little research with you all, “90% Army Transportation is Used for Drug Movement from Afghanistan to Europe” where the money is going from this Drug Trading? Please research a little bit you will find, “US Generals are Building their Homes in Different Cities in these days” and “Their Kids are investing in Different kind of Corporate Businesses”. To cover this Black Money they apply for Loans and after some months they pay their full loan in one payment with reduced interest.

If Black Money convert into White with giving a little fees in the shape of interest than this is not a big loss, what you think about this way of “Making Money from a Fake War?

But People of America who are suffering with Financial Crunch Got What?

I will share my point of view about my Last Question in my Coming Post but I hope to get your point of view about it.

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