Sunday, December 4, 2011

Graveyard of 90,000 US Troops Seems to be Ready in Afghanistan

Since NATO have criminal attack on Pakistani Check post on Afghanistan border in which 28 Solders were killed without any reason, in response Pakistan has block their supply line. Now Russia has also given threat of blockage supply line from their root as well on the deployment of atomic missile on Russian European border from United State and the whole world knows about Iran US relations so, “It Seems 90,000 US troops are living in a Graveyard”.

NATO is not killing Pakistani soldiers but they are going to play key role in converting Afghanistan into Graveyard for US 90,000 Troops. Because of their criminal attack on Pakistan Border Forces has brought them into the situation where they were never before.

Let me analyze the situation of US troops in front of you, US Troops are in Afghanistan who’s borders is attached with Iran, Russia and Pakistan and right now these three countries are not ready to cooperate with US or NATO because they feel we are under threat because of these two occupying forces. So in result, those all 90,000 US troops and NATO forces are facing real life threat in coming days because they will die with hunger if those supply line remain closed. So Iran, Pakistan and Russian can win this triangle war without firing a single bullet. Afghanistan which is well known as, “Graveyard of Super Powers” who knows this will convert into their last destination.

In the last paragraph let me share the Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff exact word which he said to the solders, “Be assured that we will not let the aggressor walk away easily, he further said, “any act of aggression will be responded with full force regardless of the cost and consequences”.

Pakistan’s Army Chief further clarified that the troops could respond their own, when attacked without waiting for orders from the command, “I have full trust in your capabilities and resolve”. You can easily feel the real anger behind these statements which whole Pakistani nation is expressing on every forum of the world.

I think US President did not realizing the situation correctly or his cabinet is not showing him the clear picture and that is why he did not express a single word on this criminal act and neither he offers condolences but ready to sacrifice and buried his 90,000 solder in the Graveyard (Afghanistan).

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