Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shoaib is the First Pakistan Idol it is My Prediction, what is yours?

I am following Pakistan Idol with very detailed, critical and analyzing it on every stage and my prediction is, "Shoaib is the First Pakistan Idol" for me although Zamad Baig is a far better in term of Singing is concern but he lacks versatility which is going against him.

For me Pakistan Idol must have variety of different type of singing's in his arsenal which Shoiab had already showed through his song choices for every episodes. One more very important thing is our all three judges and the Guest Stars who came in the show are belong to the Pop Industry instead of one Qawal which means they all love the Singer cum Performer which is another edge for Shoaib. Thirdly, The Killing Smile of Shoaib which attracts the Majority of the Girls and Zamad is also lacking this little but a BIG favor of the Pakistan Idol voters.

Moment of the Last Episod - My Favorite Moment - Enjoy

Source: Mobilink Music

Finally, Pakistan Idol makers are looking for a raising star which must be sold able product rather than a singer without colors. Now you tell me, Are you agree with me or you have something better to say in favor of Zamad Baig? Feel free and write it down About Your First Pakistan Idol.

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  1. Well, I think you have some valid points which shows trend towards Shoaib but I still believe this is an singing competition rather than an acting so I think Zamad has the more chance than Shoiab,