Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pakistan Idol - My Favorite from Islamabad Zeeshan's First Release

Pakistan Idol one of the biggest Live Musical Reality Show getting maximum popularity throughout the Pakistan. Youth of Pakistan is getting crazy about it and social pages like Facebook and tweets on twitters are getting thunderstorm. Although people are criticizing the role of judges especially Hadiqa Kiyani who is showing clearly favoritism towards one participate.

My Favorite from Pakistan Idol was Muhammad Zeeshan from Rawalpindi who was heavily criticized by the three judges and I always disagreed with them. Zeeshan's first video song is launched which I want to share with my friends and followers and hope you all will like it.

Tu AJA bY Zeeshan (Zainy)... Pakistan Idol... by mr_aadi84


  1. Pakisatn Idol is geared up and now there are only 5 left - lets see who will be the First Pakistan Idol