Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pakistan is a Peace Loving Country

All Pakistan Political Parties conference is going on right now in Islamabad and they are going to announce one common deceleration in which they will give a road map against US threats to Pakistan.

President of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed Said, Pakistan Is a Peace loving country, we want relations with all world but not on price of our freedom. Keep in mind that we are ready for any kind of threat or even for a war. So do not ask for, "Do More" because now our decision is, "No More".

President of Pakista tehreek-e-Insaf Mr. Imran Khan said, it is enough now we have to decide to get rid of this fake war against terror of USA. They are laying with us so why we remain on board with them?. If they tried any misadventure we will take it as an attack on Pakistan and will respond as our enemy.

This conference was based on one point agenda which was, "Threats From USA". As per Media Spokeswomen of Government of Pakistan Fardus Ashiq Awan, "We give briefing to all Political leaders and parties regarding the situation and latest development in Pak-US relations in recent days. She also described that, Chief ISI Ahmed Shuja Pasha has also gave presentation to all members of National Conference.

She also said, "All Parties have agreed on bullet points of the Conference.

As a Peace loving country Pakistan want relations with all countries on equal basis. We are in the favor of Peaceful and sovereign Afghanistan which can play active role in the region. So we think we have the right to demand back similar respect and coordination.

Haqani Network is based in Afghanistan and they are controlling 3 major provinces out of 7 which indicate that US and NATO forces are fail to stop them and they are unable to control Afghanistan. Now they are trying to blame Pakistan to hide their failure which is an childish act they are showing on Electronic and print media. We reject all allegations against Pakistan and its security agencies.

US and NATO must negotiate with Taliban to resolve the Afghan Problem instead of looking for a escape goat and accept their failure with open heart and mind.

They want to transfer their Fake war against terror into Pakistan ad our saying is they already pushed this war into Pakistan and that's why we have suffer Economically and loss of human lives as well. So when US administrators say, We are not serious in war the actually ignore our efforts and loss which is hurt our feelings and we are true when we think they used us and now they want to leave us once again in the middle of crises which is their old habit.