Sunday, October 2, 2011

Do we Apart Now? Debate between USA & Pakistan

Well this is an debate which is going on in different online forums between US & Pakistani online friends which is growing with every day pass. So some facts and my point of view regarding the subject is……..

Aid? – $1.5 billion for what? killings? What about our money our financial losses? they are $60 billion. How much personnel you lost? 1500? We have lost more than 35000 civilians only, more than 6500 army personnel’s, for whom? for what? These are hot questions for me right now.

let me tell you the real secret behind this corporated war which is for continue supply of drugs with the help of US multinational companies who grows in popi crop in Afghanistan because the environment is very effective for popi crop and they never want to loss the money which they earn with these drugs production. Do you know how much they bring drugs from Afghanistan to USA and European countries monthly? please make a research on it. They are earning almost $300 trillions per annul which is minimum earnings because there are much more than that which is hided by people like meulon and Leon Paneta kind of stuff.
Another interesting thing is the whole NATO supply line is based on the help of Pakistan and do you know how much they pay for that all transportation ad corridor fee? Do you have any idea? well how could you know that lol because you people believe what they want to show you and what they want you to listen, let me tell you they are paying nothing…..none….not a single penny for it. what a shameful act. Do you know if we calculate how much we have loss in this regard? than your so called aid is nothing but a peanut against what US is geting back from us by not paying these original payable. I think in the bills which maybe presented in front of Finance Department of USA they include these non paid money in it too and where it is going you have to check.
One more thing, do you know how much containers which brings goods for US and NATO solders reach to them? just 37% the rest goods are selling in Pakistan’s markets. Who is selling them and where that money goes? did you ever asked that question to your administrators? your army is corrupt and your spy agencies are looting your money twice from you. Let me explain how? First they make money buying these good and than they made further money by selling these good in Pakistani markets and in the end you can easily find these your own tax payed money goods in the market of Dubai, Pakistan and India.
So please keep some research and look how they are making you fool, they don’t have money for social reforms in USA but they have enough money to give in the shape of so called “AID” to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, India, etc. They don’t have money to create more jobs for their own people living in USA but they have unlimited money to create market places in others countries why? They don’t have money for health reforms in USA but they have enough money to spread condoms in our countries through NGOs, why? They have no Social Safety nets for their own people but they are willing to distribute money to buy a bunch of 100 goats in Pakistan and Afghanistan, why?
You people must realize one thing. we are not your enemies but your administration who must have to look after you first, not to us but they are forcibly spending money on us which I never want to take neither any other Pakistani reluctant to take from them than why they are so keen to give it to me? 
I love US people’s because they are just like me who are looking for a normal life want a secure job, want to get married and raise kids have fun, love to listen to musci and discover the world by traveling and for all that stuff want enough money to earn from my job, what difference come between us? why the emotions are so high against one another? what is irritating us?
My Simple answer is, “Conflicts and Wars” we must unite to say one word to our administrations, “Enough is enough – We do not want more Wars”.
I hope I did not hurt feelings of anyone if, than excuse me in advance