Monday, October 17, 2011

You will loose nothing but Your Chains

Today when I was watching Pictures of Protestors of “Occupy Wall Street Movement” I found one very interesting slogan and can not resist writing about it.

Slogan was, “You will Loose Nothing but Your Chains”.

What is the meaning of Chains?

Let me explain as per my little knowledge; whenever we vote our so called Leader who shows us Dreams of Our Future betterment and about changing of our life. We start believing on him and give our priceless “VOTE” to him. But we don’t have power to see those peoples who are hidden behind him.

Who are they? They are those Multi National Corporations who fund (Invest) our so called Leader whom we vote. Before Funding (Investment) in that particular person they get assurance from him to get profit against there investment.

In the end result, they both get richer and richer because the policies our so called leaders make in the shape of legislations they provide benefits to only those Multinational Corporations. They never bring a legislation which provides benefit to us.

For Example, “Operation Iraq Liberation” was clearly started for “Oil” and Bush and Dick Cheney’s Investors got assurance before they win the election regarding their Oil Profits. Now whole worlds know they all are richest of the Country.

So where are those Chains?

They tide us in the Chains of huge Taxes, debts and made us Donkey because we have to work atleast on two spots to survive. So this, “Occupy Wall Street Movement” brought a chance for us to break those chains and get free from their greedy system. We must support them and make our future safe.