Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Computer is a Necessity or Addiction?

We can say first it was necessity but now we are addicted of computers. Influence of computers in our daily life is increasing day by day. Computers are necessity now and its part of our life. In my point of view computer has change our social life, our way of living, our priorities, our culture, our emotions & behaviors or maybe I can say computer has changed me totally.
In the past we were meeting physically and for it we have to travel which was a healthy practice. But now we meet our friends on computer. Our priorities are also changed regarding friends and relatives, we love only those who can chat with us online instead of coming to our home and disturb our online workings and activities.
There is no doubt computer is a heaven for learners. Whatever we want to learn or want to know we can with movements of our finger tips. The whole world is open in front of us just like a book and we have absolutely full control and command regarding our own choice and wishes. So we can see, we can read, we can develop our skills, we can make Friends, We can take Part in anything “What we Want” but……
We are loosing our health physically and mentally in both ways. We are loosing our relations physically and emotionally as well. We are loosing every event which needs physical activities. We are working just like robots. We are loosing watching and feeling the Natural beauty.
We have to manage our daily life with a plan in which we clearly decide and restrict ourselves regarding usage of computer. I know it will not be an easy task for addicted people like me but we must follow our plan and try to be healthy not only physically but mentally as well.


  1. I fully agree the above statements but i can say about the computer as a learning student of computer that computer is best for those students who use it in positive way and site for their benefit and betterment of their life. It they use it in a negative site they must wasting their time. So i like the statement as well as computer.
    Qaim Abbas Bangash (Usterzai Bala)