Sunday, November 7, 2010

Join Hands against the Artificial Raising in Commodity Prices, Will You ?

Every day when I wakeup I see more raising in Commodity prices and no one is available to help us in this regard.

This Artificial Price boost is making our life more miserable every day and I feel our life is very difficult because of this shameless act of some corrupt administration and Politician friendship.

So Why not we make an Friendship against them and mobilize our youth to convey the message or educate our neighbor's and friends and family to go for boycott them ?.

I think we should start from one item and try our best to make an massive impact boycott of that one chosen item for a test and give an realization to people like us, ordinary people's original power.

Now my questions is,

"How we can mobilize our community for one item boycott ? for instance Sugar boycott ?

"What will be the core element for starting this Nobel Cause?

"Is this action can give us the positive result? if yes then how we can use it for permanent basis?

Looking for your views and suggestions.

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