Thursday, March 1, 2012

Banks are making Billions of Rupees within 1 day – How? Let me Explain.

From last 2 months I am observing one major problem which Banks are using as their incentive and who knows how long this Fraud is going on.

How they are Making Billions of Rupees?

First let me quote very famous wordings of Leonardo Di Vinci who said once, “Simplicity is a very sophisticated within itself”. I think our local banks has understood these words and planned that, “How they can Use this Simplicity?” .

Previous month I went to my UBL bank ATM Machine to take out some money. One person was already in the cabin that was using it. He came out of the cabin and he was counting money which he withdrawal and in his hand I saw HBL Visa Debit Card which is another bank. But when I put my card in the ATM it disallowed my withdrawal. I went to the Manager and told him the situation he replied with very childishly, “You can not withdraw your money from this machine right now because our network is down but others can because there backend has no problem right now.

I was unable to absorb this unprofessional response; I went towards another nearest bank ATM which was HBL and when I put my card in the ATM and ask for withdrawal, “That ATM Machine withdraw the required money immediately”. I went back to UBL bank and ask to the Bank Manager why HBL Machine worked properly for my withdraw instead of my own UBL? He gave me another very stupid reply which I was expecting already, “I think Backlink is established now so that is why you got the money” I asked him to come with me to the ATM, where I put my Card and asked for another withdrawal and guess what? ATM Machine replied, “Your backlink is not connected”.

So I call to my another friend who have Visa Debit Card of HBL to use any ATM machine of HBL near him and reply me if he get the money from it. After 5 minutes he replied with this answer, “My Backlink is not working right now” I asked him to wait over there for anyone else who have card of any other bank and check if they can get money form the same ATM?. After 10 minutes he replied, “One person Came with the MCB Visa Debit Card and got cash from the same ATM Machine and further questioned to me, “What is Going on?” I told him the story and response of the Manager of My bank and requested him to go and ask the similar questions to his Bank Manager, “LOL” he heared the similar story which I have mentioned above.

Now the Real Point is, “Banks Charge Rs.20 if the user is using other Bank Card” so banks are making money on the name of service charges from every person who is using ATM Machine. Most important thing is this situation can be witnessed during the 1 to 5th days of every month because these days are the busiest days for ATM Machines.

Now if we assume, “200,000 People use ATMs and paying Rs.20.00 as service charges in one day than it will be = 200,000xRs.20=Rs.4,000,000 per day banks are making in terms of Service Charges. Now Imagine if this number be 2 crore than, “20,000,000xRs.20 = Rs. 400,000,000 in just one day.

So did you ever notice how you are loosing your money without knowing that you have been robbed on the name of Service Charges?. This month I asked almost my 40 friends who are living in different cities from Karachi to Peshawar and Islamabad to Quetta to observe this problem and report me if similar happened on the 1st of March 2012.

Yes you are thinking in the right direction, All of my friends replied with one Word “YES” you are right. They are doing the same Trick on this month on the starting too. So If you are also using any ATM Card than keep an eye on this growing problem and must complain to Bank Manager because growing demand will remove this problem because our Administrators are sleeping. Nero Chain he ke Bansri Bata hai.


  1. Great information man; I had this problem over the years. Never had given it a thought. But now I can understand their cheating.

  2. Yes Akhter they are cheating us and we are unaware of it - we must spread this as much as we can soo get rid of this growing problem as soon as possible