Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Muslims Hate USA?

My So many American Friends ask me why Muslims hate United State of America, What we have done? What is wrong with them(Muslims)? We send millions of Dollars to support them by trying to remove poverty, providing them sources to get basic education, Jobs so they can also get the basic necessities of daily life. 

I tried my best to share my personnel experience to elaborate it with accurate words but still unable to make them satisfy. My Simple answer is, "Why not your Government mind there own business and let us live the way we want."
Now I am going to shares some burning issues which was happen due to US Solders in last 3 to 4 weeks. They Burned Holy Quran copies to make fun of Muslim Believes and than people were demonstrated public rallies they open fire on them and killed more than 30 civilians. These are the criminal acts of US forces which spread hate against them. More importantly this kind of news never get attention of so called Liberal Western Media. So how people of USA can understand about that why Muslims Hate them more than anything on this planet. 

These pictures which I share below this article are from Qandhar Afghanistan where American Solders killed old men and women's along with their little children's while they were sleeping at their home peacefully. why they done that? according to Afghan News Agency, they said "Just for Fun". "If I ever found this Bastard, I will Never Spare his Life" father of a child which was killed expressed his feeling on National Television of Afghanistan. What will you do if your kids killed just for fun?

This is only 2 incidents which I shared from recent weeks, there are so many other incidents are happening similar to above mentioned which are generating Hate for US. I hope now some of my friends will understand, "Why Muslims Hate US more than anything on this Planet".