Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What a Waste of Resources by Recent Politicians and Bureaucrats

I was watching a Program of GEO Television Network namely, “CAPITAL TALK” host by Hamid Mir and program was about Thar Coal Gasification Project. In the Panel was Dr. Samar Mubarikmand, Khurrum Dastigir PMLN, Nebator Baber Khan Ghauri MQM, Jamshed Dasti PPP and Shafqat Mahmood Khan of PTI.

Senator Baber Khan Ghauri of MQM gave guarantee of Funds by saying that; He will ensure that Thar Coal Gasification will get the required Funds.

Now I am going to share one “Very Sad News” from today’s meeting regarding Thar Coal Gasification project. Dr. Samar Mubarikmand was saying to the participants that, “For God Sake please provide me the require machinery otherwise this whole hard work will be wasted (Allah ke wastey mujhey Machinery provide kar de warna humari saree mehnat Zaya ho jai ge).

According to him, “Rental Power suppliers Mafia is not ready to provide cheap electricity to people of Pakistan and they are throwing huge money towards Politicians, Bureaucracy and every decision making platform. He was very disappointed from Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission who is not providing him the backup which he needs very badly right now.

He was literally crying and begging and my heart is Coming out of my chest – But I do not want to be part of this criminal act of those who always get the credit of Peoples Voice – Hamid Mir always bring burning issues but he also never took care of the victims till the end similarly Baber Khan Ghauri just shout on Television and never been part of any proper issue or solution. I am also fedup from Pakistan Tehreek Insaf “Imrans Khan” who is playing like a puppet and not taking any real peoples issue into consideration, I can assure anyone of Political leader one thing, “Who Will stand Behind this Nobel Person only he will survive” otherwise “Youth of Pakistan is Very well Aware and Educated Now” we know how to get our right”. Please make sure you spread this voice to all of “Pakistani Peoples – They Must Act Now”.