Thursday, May 19, 2011

Farewell Party of Mr. Qaiser Sohail Director General JACC

Today I have witnessed an farewell party in the honor of our beloving Mr. Qaiser Sohail Director General Jawaid Azfar Computer Center, Planning and Development Division.

When I joined JACC way back in December 1999 I met him first time. He was such nice, polite and very kind person who was very keen to help to his colleagues and subordinates.

I must admit I learn so many new skills under his supervision and now when I think I am an established professional in my field all credit belongs to him. He was very kind for me and whenever I found myself in any trouble I found him firmly standing behind me. For me he was like a big brother who teaches me how to survive in this competitor world.

I will miss him very much


  1. i Find this Post .by Seaching Mr. Qaiser Sohail

    its Awesome.
    Now I have Completed My Presentation.on
    Pakistan Computer Bureau
    He is Also Director General of This Above Bureau.
    Ahmad Bilal. 0313-4173399
    BS Electrical Engineering, GC University, Lahore. Dated : 17 June- 2012

  2. Thanks for sharing such value able comments for a great personality and most helpful and cooperative personality. Actually I had around one year working experience with him and found him always positive and If i could say that he may life too by giving a great platform to perform under his supervision. The day I left JACC and till now I remember him as my boss, brother and well wisher. I really wish him to meet again and to see him smiling like always,
    Thanks Sir Qaiser for support you provided me working under you and being my ideal in computer field.

    M.A. Hafeez Khan
    Manager IT DC, PTCL