Monday, May 16, 2011

Pakistan Was Thinking to Get Rid of This Choreographed War Against Terror | Socyberty

Well Iran's Foreign Minster gave statement in which he claimed that they have proof that Osama bin Laden was dead in 2004. My opinion is near to them and when US got confirmation regarding his death they created this thriller action movie. So how Osama can speak after this incident when he is already dead...

Did you notice that there is no major reaction till now from any Islamic Movement or any Jihadi network because they all new almost 6 or 7 years ago because they buried him according to Islamic way

This was nothing but to pressurize Pakistan to do more and provide US a safe way to exit from graveyard of Super Powers. They mentally accepted defeat from Afghan's whom they are calling Al-Qaeda or Taliban but they are none other than Afghans.

Mistrust was developed against US when they architect Mass Destruction weapons drama and because of it they killed more than 10,000,000 innocent Iraqi people. They hanged Sadam Hussain on Eid-ul-Azha (Day of sacrifice for Muslims) and shown his death live to threaten others than how they missed Osama bin Laden's death who was the biggest enemy of US? Also 911 was the same story now there is so many videos are available on internet about their lies. So its really very hard to believe on them don't you think so?

So we think they are created environment in which they can take hard line against Pakistan who is already suffering because of their fake war against terror. Almost more than 35, 000 innocent Pakistanis has lost their life's more than 5000 solders are already victim of this so called war. Financially Pakistan has lost more than $70 billion, there is no activity regarding business. Everyone is living with a fear being killed in bomb blast. Drone attacks are also killing innocent peoples of Pakistan in majority.

I think Pakistan was in the thinking process of get rid of this choreographed war against terror and US officials were know that so they stage this thriller action to stop them to say good bye to fake war. Now the way they are trying to threatened Pakistan this is proof what I am writing in this article.

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