Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marvi Memon - New Emerging Voice of Pakistani People

During last election we have witness that so many new faces are coming in our political arena. Some of them are emerging on very fast track because of their boldness regarding the core issues which Pakistan is facing right now.

Marvi Memon is one of them and even I am not member or lover of his political party but I admit she is very brave, intelligent and trusted lady in political corridors. She is emerging as a voice of poor people of Pakistan who have no voice in the parliament before. She is the one and only female politician who supported Imran Khan’s sitting against US Drone attacks on Pakistani soil at Peshawar and came to attend the event with injured leg.

Right now she is sitting on opposition bench when her Political Party is part of the government because of her principal stand regarding corruption against on Pakistan Peoples Party government. Also she is demanding the details of Pak US deals on War against Terror. I never get a chance to met or see her live but I have seen her speeches and comments regarding on going issues in Pakistan on National Channels and I admit she inspired me. I wish people like her lead us towards our sovereignty and bring peace to our loving country. Ameen

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