Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What is Ground Reality About Drone Attacks in Pakistan? | Newsflavor

What are Ground realities for Pakistan?

Pakistan is the biggest looser of War on Terror in so many terms. First of all the foremost is the compromise on her sovereignty. She has sustained very big losses to here economy life its citizens and also to their properties. The loss in financial/economic terms has already crossed the figure of $80 billion and has already lost more than 60,000 human lives as a front state on “War against Terror”. She is supposed to be almost standing on the verge of failed State. Her people are living in permanent fear of being killed either by the American drones or the suicide bombers. Their daily life has been made a hell by the ever increasing inflation, power outages, day to day increases in the prices of POL products and natural fuels. All this has plunged the Pakistani nation into the severe unemployment crunch which is resulting in frustration, intolerance, psychological disorders, despondence to their future and general hopelessness. USA claims extending huge financial aid to Pakistan in her life time but the actual aids comes to only 18 to 20 percent of the all the financial aid disbursed to Pakistan.

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